Pension File

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab, submitted 19 Oct 2007
Original Application 23 pages
Pension Application #323048, #506302

20 MAY 1862
        Certificate of Disability for Discharge
        Private of Captain Philander R. Owen, Co. I, 14 Regiment Indiana Volunteers
        Enlisted 28 APR 1861 at Clinton, IN
        Mustered at Terre Haute, IN, 7 JUN 1861 to serve 3 years
        Born Logan Co., OH, age 27
        Description  5'6", florid complexion, black eyes, sandy hair
        Occupation  painter
Injuries  suffering from pain in breast, troublesome cough, and also expectoration for 5 months, loss of strength, emaciation, night sweats
        Station  Camp Mason, Harrisburg, VA       
        Discharged 20 MAY 1862
        New address for soldier  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
18 JAN 1883
        Declaration for Invalid Army Pension
        JAMES CAMPBELL  age 51
Complaints  contracted inflammation of the lungs from exposure.  Was treated by Surgeons GEORGE W. CLIPPINER and GEORGE W. McCUNE and was getting better after 5 or 6 weeks of treatment.  Went with the regiment to Huttonsville, VA, and continued with the regiment until it reached Paw Paw Tunnel, when from exposure had a relapse on or about 15 JAN 1862.  Was sent to the hospital at Cumberland where remained 10 weeks.  Was sent back to regiment at Camp Cove, VA, where was discharged.  Have suffered with disease since.
7 FEB 1883
        Affidavit from WILLIAM C. TAYLOR
        Served with JAMES CAMPBELL
        Claims he contracted disease from exposure while serving as soldier
11 DEC 1883
        Affidavit from FRANCIS M. BISHOP, age 49  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Has been acquainted with soldier since 1881
        Have labored with him since that time
        States JAMES CAMPBELL has not been able to perform manual labor over the time
27 DEC 1883
        Affidavit from BENJAMIN F. MOREY, age 55  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Has been acquainted with soldier since before he enlisted
At time of enlistment he was a stout, rugged, able bodied young man.  He has been in my employ during the time since. He has not been able to perform manual labor for more than half the time.
17 APR 1884
        Residence previous to enlistment was Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN for 5 years
        He has resided in Clinton since his discharge, occupation painter
Since his discharge he has been treated by Dr. J.B. HEDGES (now deceased) and P.R. OWENS (now deceased).  He has tried working at his trade since his discharge, but has been unable to almost 2⁄3 of the time.  He has not been in the service since then.
JOHN Q. WASHBURN  Witness  Known 7 years  Clinton, IN
JOHN W. SHEPHERD  Witness  Known 7 years  Clinton, IN
15 JUN 1885
Dr. JOSEPH McPHEETERS had resigned from service before his illness.  Dr. CLIPPINGER was the only regimental doctor that ever treated him, and he is now deceased.   GEORGE McCLURE of Montezuma being assistant surgeon says he cannot make an affidavit because he never treated him.  He does remember his sickness though.  The balance of surgeons was not in the regiment at the time of his sickness.
29 JUN 1885
Cannot furnish written statements from Dr. HEDGES and Dr. OWENS as they are both deceased.  Statement from Dr. CROZIER whose affidavit has been filed.
        JAMES CAMPBELL  age 54  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
9 JUL 1885
Want report of records of contraction of disease from War Department.  Was treated at Cumberland, MD JAN 1862
Evidently not on file in Regimental records
16 OCT 1885
        Return of information from War Department
19 OCT 1885
        Doctors statement
        Was family physician from birth of first child of JAMES CAMPBELL
Claimant is honest, truthful, industrious man, and has not enjoyed good health for the past 12 or more years.  Has prescribed medication to relieve his bronchitis and cough.  Has given medication at no charge.
        Dr. JAMES CROZIER  Surgeon
24 OCT 1885
        Affidavit from WILLIAM C. WILEY Sr., age 70  Clinton, IN
Has been acquainted with claimant since several years before Civil War.  At the time of his enlistment he was a stout, able-bodied man.  He has known him since, and has not since been a healthy man.  He has been unable to perform hard manual labor, and has been complaining of weakness of his lungs since.
20 AUG 1907
        Declaration for Pension
        JAMES CAMPBELL, age 75  Clinton, IN
        Born in Logan Co., OH in 1831
        Since service has lived in Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        JAMES O. SHEWEZ, Clinton, IN  has known him 12 years
        IRVIN BUSSARD, Clinton, IN  has known him 4 years
21 JUN 1908
        Pensioner dropped
        Died 21 JUN 1908
        Last payment $20 made 4 MAY 1908