Pension File

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab, submitted 19 Oct 2007
Original Application 19 pages
Pension Application #92196

20 APR 1868
        Resident of Newport, Vermillion Co, IN
        Aged 40 years
        Enlisted at Private Co. C 18 Indiana Volunteer Infantry
        Mustered as Sergeant  16 AUG 1861
        Made 1st Lieutenant  21 OCT 1862
        Made 2nd Lieutenant  15 JAN 1863
        Enlisted for 3 years
        Resigned 29 MAR 1864 due to disability from disease
                 Erysipelas of left breast and arm
                 Battle of Vicksburg, MS  22 May 1863
        Currently Sheriff of Vermillion County, IN
        Appointed BASKIN E. RHOADS Power of Attorney
                 JAMES A. BELL  Vermillion Co., IN
                 WESLEY CORDER  Vermillion Co., IN 
28 DEC 1868
        Declaration for Arrears in Pension
        Original application was denied
        Now resident of Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Appoints CARLIN HAMLIN of Indianapolis as his Attorney
                 ANDREW J. ADAMS  Newport, Vermillion Co, IN
                 FROST H. HEFFLEMAN  Newport, Vermillion Co., IN 
3 OCT 1882
        Disability affidavit
        Age 54 years
        Resident of Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Born in Vermont
        Came to Vermillion Co, IN at the age of 17
        Has lived in Vermillion Co, IN since then - except in California for 4 years
        Occupation Dry Goods Merchant
                 Occupation since service  sheriff and farmer
        Disability of left arm and breast
                 Erysipelas in left arm and breast
                 Caused by injury to left finger
                 Applies sugar and iodine
                 Flares up every summer and winter
                 ALANSON CHURCH
                 JOHN W. WASHBURN
4 MAY 1898
        Additional questionnaire
        Medical certificate 22 JAN 1862  also suffers from hepatitis and malarial fever
        Not married         Was married to HANNAH HASKELL  12 APR 1865 (died 1 JUN 1884)
                 OLIVER                  11 FEB 1868
                 STEPHEN                  16 DEC 1869
                 CLARA                           1 MAR 1872
                 ALMA                           27 MAR 1874
                 MARY                           27 NOV 1876
                 MABEL                           9 MAR 1879
10 FEB 1903
        Age 75
        Now a resident of Wichita, Sedgewick Co, KS
        More ailments
                 Damage to shin and ankles
                 Deaf in left ear
                 Erysipelas in left arm and breast
                 General debility
29 MAY 1903
        Affidavit as to leg and ankle injury
                 BENJAMIN S. FISHER  Capt. of Co. K, 18th IN Volunteers  age 65
29 NOV 1904
        Affidavit of total disability
                 O.W. DAILY  Wichita, Sedgewick Co., KS  age 35
                 T.J. MYERS  Wichita, Sedgewick Co., KS  age 75
31 JAN 1911
        Died 29 DEC 1910
        Pension of $20 per month
        Left no widow or child under 16 years of age
        Funeral expenses left to 2 daughters
        Wants pension to pay funeral expenses
                 4 NOV 1910  29 DEC 1910
        Signed ALMA CRANE  Wichita, KS
8 FEB 1911
        Dropped from pension rolls
13 FEB 1911
        Application for reimbursement of funeral expenses - $153.10
        ALMA I. CRANE  age 36  Wichita, Sedgewick Co., KS  daughter
        Cause of death  heart failure
        Sick for 2 months
        Nursed until death by daughters  ALMA and MABEL CRANE
        Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery  Wichita, Sedgewick Co., KS