Pension File
JOSEPH FOOS, 1838-1924

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab, submitted 19 Oct 2007
Original application 18 pages
Pension Application #124208

6 OCT 1866
        Marriage Certificate
        Date of License and Marriage  7 OCT 1866, Vermillion County, IN
        Filed in Vermillion County, IN by Justice of Peace JOHN VANDUYN
        Appears as Record #4, Page 235
24 APR 1869
        Application for pension
        Cause scrotal hernia
        Enrolled 1 JAN 1862  Newport, Vermillion County, IN
                 Co. D, 43 Reg IN Volunteers
                 To serve 3 years, or during the War
        Mustered in as Private 9 OCT 1861, Terre Haute, IN
        On muster roll MAY and JUN 1862
        Discharged 5 MAY 1862  cause scrotal hernia
14 MAY 1870
        Enrolled 7 JUN 1861  Terre Haute, IN
                 Co. I, 14 Reg IN Volunteers
                 To serve 3 years, or during the War
        Mustered in as private 7 JUN 1861, Terre Haute, IN
        On muster roll of Co. I, SEP and OCT 1861
        Discharged for disability 5 OCT 1861
        Name appears JOSEPH FOOS and JOSEPH FOOSE
4 MAY 1898
        Certificate #110742
        Married LOVISA ANN POTTER 7 OCT 1866, Helt, Vermillion County, IN
        Never received marriage certificate
        No other marriages
        Children living with birth dates
                 ALMETTA FOOS                  29 OCT 1868
                 EDGAR FOOS                           12 MAY 1871
                 BERT FOOS                           12 SEP 1873
                 BERTHA FOOS                           12 SEP 1873
                 ENOCH FOOS                           30 MAY 1875
                 KATE FOOS                           21 JAN 1880
                 JOE FOOS Jr.                           20 FEB 1883
                 EDITH FOOS                           18 NOV 1888
                 CLAUDE FOOS                           9 DEC 1892
25 JUN 1903
        Appeal to overturn original pension, to qualify under new law of 27 JUN 1890
        Now receiving $10 per month
        Appeal for additional disabilities  injury to back & breast, disease of left leg, general debility
        Witnesses to injuries incurred while in service
                 Captain CALEB BALES
                 2nd Lieutenant ELISHA PIERCE
                 1st Sergeant REN WHITE
                 Corporal JUSTUS ACKERMAN
        Rejected 9 FEB 1894 by Hon. WILLIAM LOCHREN  no record evidence filed at time of injury
        Affidavits received as to injuries
                 JAMES CHIPPS  neighbor
                 ROBERT J. HASTY  neighbor and Coroner of Vermillion County
        Cannot read and write
        Very poor
        Leg is useless, therefore cannot do manual labor
17 MAY 1912
        Application to be placed on pension roll under provisions of act of 11 MAY 1912
        Age 74, 5'8", complexion fair, eyes blue, hair light, occupation farmer
        Born 2 APR 1838 in Helt, Vermillion County, IN
        Has lived in Helt, Clinton, & Vermillion townships, in Vermillion County, IN
        Lived one year in Illinois
        Also enrolled at Clinton, Vermillion County, IN 11 AUG 1862
                 Wagoner, Co D, 85 Reg IN Volunteers Infantry
        Discharged at Washington, DC 12 JUN 1865
        Signed with an X
27 JUN 1913
        Pension received at rate of $30 per month
        Private and Corporal  Co I, 14th, and Co D, 85th, Regiments of Indiana Infantry
5 APR 1915
        Born 2 APR 1838  Helt, Vermillion County, IN
        Wife LOVISA ANN POTTER         Married 7 OCT 1866
        Children living or dead with birth dates
                 EMMA ALMETTA FOOS                  29 OCT 1868
                 EDGAR FOOS                                    12 MAY 1871
                 BERT FOOS                                    12 SEP 1873
                 BERTHA FOOS                                    12 SEP 1873
                 ENOCH FOOS                                    30 MAY 1876
                 KATE FOOS                                    21 JAN 1880
                 JOE FOOS Jr.                                    20 FEB 1883
                 BESSIE FOOS                                    3 JUL 1885
                 FANNIE BELL FOOS                           21 DEC 1886
                 EDYTH MARIE FOOS                           18 NOV 1888
                 CLAUDE MATHEW FOOS                  9 DEC 1892
                 ARCHIE FOOS                                    26 MAY 1896
15 MAR 1922
        Declaration for pension
        Same information as to Regiments served, description of self, etc.
        Signed with mark X
        Witnesses to signature
                 WILLIAM C. WAIT  Newport, IN
                 GEORGE D. SUNKEL  Newport, IN 
16 JUL 1922
        Pension increased to $72 per month
30 JUN 1924
        Death certificate  Date of death 30 JUN 1924
        Cause of death  diabetic coma
        Married  wife LOVISA FOOS
        Father  JOSEPH FOOS
        Mother  CHARLOTTE HINTON
        Buried  Newport, IN 3 JUL 1924
        Informant  CLAUDE FOOS
8 JUL 1924
        Dropped from pension rolls
14 JUL 1924
        Application for widow's pension
                 Born 8 JAN 1849  Clinton, Vermillion County, IN
        Age 75         Married 7 OCT 1866  Helt, Vermillion County, IN
        Signed by LOVISA ANN FOOS
                 LEWIS W. SIMS  Newport, IN
                 ROBERT A. NEWLIN  Newport, IN         Notarized by BARTON S. AIKMAN, Notary Public
2 AUG 1924
        Witness to signature
        Known applicant and husband for 20 years  neighbor
9 AUG 1924
        General Affidavit
        Pension claim #1221586
        Age 75 years
        Name also spelled in other records
        Correct spelling is LOVISA ANN FOOS
        None of my family ever served in WWI  neither in Army, Navy, or Marine Corps
        My deceased husband and I were never divorced and lived together as husband and wife