Pension File
JESSE FOOSE, 1842-1931

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab, submitted 19 Oct 2007
Original Application 22 pages
Pension Application #923249, #646347

18 JUL 1890
        JESSE FOOS, age 48
        Resides Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO
        Entered service - 5 JAN 1864
        Private Co. D, 85th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
        Discharged Louisville, KY  21 JUL 1865
        Description at discharge
                 Age 21, 5'11", Complexion  fair, Hair  Sandy, Eyes  Gray
        Ailments now
                 Disease of Kidneys, Rheumatism and Piles, General failure of health
17 OCT 1894
        Rank Private Co. D, 85th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
        Resides Long Lane, Dallas Co. MO
                 Age 52, 5'10", 145 pounds
Lumbago, heart normal, dyspepsia, complexion pale and anemic, external hemorrhoids, periodic drinker of alcohol, good appetite in cold weather, poor appetite when warm, disabled of time
        Receives $6.00 per month pension
28 SEP 1899
        Information Request
        Married to REBECCA TAYLOR FOOSE, 11 AUG 1868, Vermillion Co., IN
        No other marriages
        Living children and births
                 HARRIET F. FOOSE                  24 SEP 1870
                 COURTNEY FOOSE                  23 JAN 1875
                 CORA MYRTLE FOOSE                  27 MAR 1889
        Now residing, Conway, LaClede Co., MO
28 MAY 1900
        Declaration for increase in pension
        Resides Conway, LaClede Co., MO
        Receives $6.00 per month
        Suffers from rheumatism, indigestion, part deaf, catarrh of head
        Witnesses JOE WARREN - Conway, LaClede Co., MO
                    ADA MASSIE  Conway, LaClede Co., MO
26 OCT 1904
        Now receives $8.00 per month pension
        Enlisted 23 APR 1861  discharged 23 MAY 1862
        Enlisted 14 DEC 1863  discharged 21 JUL 1865
        Now has catarrh of head (nasal), rheumatism, disease of digestive organs
        Increase to $10.00 per month
                 Age 62, 5'9", 140 pounds, complexion  light, eye  blue, hair  brown
                 Occupation  farmer
27 FEB 1912
        Declaration for pension
        Resident of Hereford, Deaf Smith, TX
        Born 15 FEB 1842  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Lived Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO 1877-1897
        Lived Conway, LaClede Co., MO 1897-1909
        Lived Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., TX 1 NOV 1909-Present
        Age 70 years  pension increased to $15.00 per month
        Witnesses B.M. HESTER  Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., TX
                    BEULAH G. SCHRIMSHER  Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., TX
22 MAY 1912
        Declaration for pension
        Resident of Conway, LaClede Co., MO
        Enrolled Terre Haute, IN 15 APR 1861 Private - Co. B 14 IN Regiment Volunteers Infantry    Co. H 16 IN Infantry Volunteers
        Discharges Washington DC 15 MAY 1862
        Enrolled Indianapolis, IN about 25 JAN 1863 Co. D 85 Regiment IN Volunteers Infantry
        Discharged Louisville, KY about 5 JUL 1865
8 APR 1915
        Information Request
        Resident of Waverly, MO
        Married to REBECCA TAYLOR 11 AUG 1868  Vermillion Co., IN
        Never been separated
        Only one marriage
        Names and births of all children
                 JAMES O. FOOSE                           1 FEB 1869
                 HARRIET FRANCES FOOSE                  24 SEP 1870
                 CURTIS FOOSE                                    1 MAR 1873
                 COURTNEY FOOSE                           23 JAN 1875
                 MYRTLE FOOSE                           27 MAR 1889
18 APR 1917
        Pension increased to $40.00 per month  age 75
6 JAN 1926
        Pension increased to $72.00 per month  age 83
                 Vermillion Co., IN 1865-1871
                 Missouri 18 months
                 Vermillion Co., IN to 1877
                 Missouri 1909
                 Texas to 1912
                 Missouri 1918
                 Newport, Vermillion Co, IN to date
        Occupation  farmer, carpenter, painter  nor retired
        Ailments  rheumatism, kidney, bladder trouble, bronchitis, liver & bowel trouble
9 JUL 1928
        Letter explaining hardship  requires personal aid of another person since 31 AUG 1918
4 APR 1931
        Death Certificate JESSE FOOSE
        Age 89.1.19 male, white, married
        Died Newport, Vermillion Co., IN
        Cause of death  cerebral hemorrhage, arterio schlerosis, chronic nephritis
        Buried Thomas Cemetery, Newport, IN -  6 APR 1931
        Informant REBECCA TAYLOR FOOSE, wife
        Father  JOSEPH FOOSE, born Ohio
        Mother MARIAH HINTON, born unknown
8 APR 1931
        Declaration for Widow's Pension
        Born 19 DEC 1847  Vermillion Co., IN
        No surviving children under the age of 16
        Members of family serving 1917-1921
                 CHARLES A. ROBINETTE (son-in-law)
                          World War I  324 Infantry Co. H 81 Division
                          Enlisted 25 JUN 1918 Braden City, UT
                          Discharged 30 JUN 1919 Ft. DeRussell, WY                  THOMAS OTTO FOOSE (grandson)
                          Enlisted 1917  of Medford, OR
        Copy of Marriage Certificate
4 DEC 1936
        Death Certificate REBECCA FOOSE
        Age 88.11.15 female, white, widow, housewife
        Died Newport, Vermillion Co., IN
        Cause of death  uremic renna, chronic nephritis
        Born 19 DEC 1847 Indiana
        Buried Thomas Cemetery, Newport, IN  6 DEC 1936
        Informant HATTIE BUCKNER (daughter) of Houston, TX
                 Occupation housewife
        Father DAVID TAYLOR, born Indiana
        Mother REBECCA COOPER, born Indiana