Pension File

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab
Original application 12 pages

2 FEB 1880
        Application for Pension #274126
        Gustavus F. Gallagher
        Enrolled 1 JUN 1861  Dallas  Co. D, 215 IL Volunteers
                 To serve 3 years
        Mustered in as Private 4 AUG 1861 in St. Louis
        On rolls 21 DEC 1861
        Absent since 7 JAN 1862
        Company stationed Rolla, MO 2 FEB 1862
        Present MAR and APR to OCT, NOV and DEC 1862
        Absent without leave 16 DEC 1862
        Present JAN, FEB, AUG, SEP, OCT 1863
        Wounded and taken prisoner 19 SEP 1863
                 Battle of Chickamauga, GA
                 Slight wound in leg
        In hospital MAY and JUN 1864
        Mustered out 5 SEP 1864 at Springfield, IL
        Prisoner of War Records
                 Captured at Chickamauga, GA  19 SEP 1863
                 Paroled at Chattenooga, TN  29 SEP 1863
                          Remark "Wounded"
                 Reported at Benton Barracks, MO  14 DEC 1863
                 Sent to Regiment  17 MAY 1864
20 JUN 1888
        Affidavit by GUS GALLAGHER
        Suffers from diarrhea
                 Treated by Dr. TWEEDY of St. Bernice, Vermillion Co., IN
                 Now treated by Dr. HILL in Augusta, Butler Co., KS
        Has suffered since AUG 1861  Jefferson, MO
        Now works as farmer in Augusta, Butler Co., KS
3 DEC 1892
        Affidavit from GEORGE McLEWELIN  resident of Augusta, Butler Co., KS
        Has known GUS GALLAGHER since 1883
        Suffers continuously from diarrhea
6 JUN 1893
        Affidavit from JESSE FOOSE  resident of Long Lane, Dallas, CO, MO  age 51
        Lived near GUS GALLAGHER from time of discharge to 1877 in Vermillion Co., IN
        Served with him in Civil War
        States that GUS has chronic diarrhea
20 MAY 1912
        Declaration for Pension
        Resident of Augusta, Butler Co., KS
        Age 82 years         Enrolled at Danville, Vermilion Co., IL  1 JUN 1861
Private in Co. D, 25th IL Infantry Volunteers
Height  5'8"
Complexion  Fair
Eyes  blue
Hair  black
Occupation  Farmer
Born 17 MAR 1830 in Sandusky Co., OH
Lived since war
        Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN  since war until 1881
        Augusta, Butler Co., KS since then
                 W.R. PEAL
                 CAM CLUGGAGE
31 MAR 1915
        Additional information
        Born 17 MAR 1830  Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH
        Married to CHARLOTTE WESTON  August 2, 1891 by Rev. S. BRINK
        Previously married to ANNE FOOSE  1 JAN 1856
                 Died at Augusta, Butler Co., KS  14 DEC 1890
        Present wife was previously married to JOHN R. GARDNER  died 5 AUG 1887 at Augusta
                 Served in Co. C, 85th IL Infantry
                 Born 9 OCT 1851
        Children living or dead
                 ELIZABETH CRANE  born 8 NOV 1856
                 JESSIE WISHARD
                 CLARENCE GALLAGHER
                 FRANK GALLAGHER
11 DEC 1923
        Application for reimbursement
        Applied by CLARENCE D. GALLAGHER  Augusta Butler Co., KS  age 48
        GUS GALLAGHER outlived 2 wives
                 ANNE FOOSE  died 14 DEC 1900
                 CHARLOTTE GARDNER  died NOV 1920
        Deeded his home to his children about 1918
        Suffered from nephritis and myocarditis
        GUS GALLAGHER died 29 NOV 1923  cause old age
        Pension last paid 31 OCT 1923
        Cared for in last illness  CLARENCE and ESTELLA GALLAGHER
        Wants reimbursement for doctor expense and funeral expense - $123.00
                 HENRY SMITH
                 ED SPENCER
                 Dr. J.C. BUNTEN
14 JAN 1924
        Dropped from pension rolls
        Last payment $72 per month  4 NOV 1923