Pension File
Benjamin Pearman, 1824-1885

Vermillion Co., Indiana
Private Volunteer of D 85th Infantry
Pension File #168276

Transcription by Angeles Oakes to the best of my ability. The entire file was over 86 pages that will not be entirely transcribed. Only documents of significant or specific information has been transcribed all others have been extrapolated. Spelling of names has been transcribed to the best of my ability to read the hand writing. 




Claimant, Benjamin Pearman
P.O. Dana            County, Vermillion            State, Indiana
Rank, Private            Company, D               Regiment, 85 Ind. Volunteers
Attorney, B.F. Witt
Disabled by, Sore Eyes, Piles and deafness left ear.
Submitted, May 16th 1881            by A.M. Lachlen, Examiner

Enlisted, Aug. 6th 1862
Mustered, blank
Discharged, Sept. 2nd 1864
Declaration filed, Dec. 10 1875
Last material evidence filed, Jany 21, 1879            Not in military or naval service since Sept. 2nd 1864 when discharged.

Alleges in declaration filed, Dec. 10th 1875  That he was taken with sore eyes and piles, about Aug 1st 1863  and contracted deafness of left ear at the battle of Franklin Tenn. and that his whole system is torn down and shattered. (In the column is written) Claimant does not write.

(end page)


Soldier, Benjamin Pearman
P.O. Dana            County, Vermillion            State, Indiana
Rank, Private            Company, D               Regiment, 85th Ind. Vol
Rates, $ 2 -  per month, commencing Sept 3, 1864
Pensioned for, Piles

Name, B.F. Witt                                    Fee $10 crossed out 25 written in
P.O. Indianapolis, Ind                               Articles filed July 16, 1877


Submitted for,  Admission Sept 15, 1884 A.             Tigrthoff  special examiner
Disabled by, Piles

Approved for Piles                                        Approved for Piles

Disease of Eyes rejected on the ground that it existed prior to enlistment.
Partial deafness rejected on same ground.

Two reports of special examination &             Ctf in S.E. Rep.
report of board herewith.       
Signatures: J.C. Lathrop?                                  Illegible
Oct. 25, 1884            Legal Reviewer                                   Oct 28, 1884   E.A.B.  Medical Referee

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Claimant, Benjamin Pearman
P.O. Toronto            County, Vermillion            State, Indiana
Rank, Private            Company, D               Regiment, 85, Indiana Vol.
Attorney, B.F. Witt, Indianapolis Indiana            Fee $10.00             commencing September 3, 1864

Disabled by: Sore eyes, piles, deafness left ear and paralysis?
Submitted December 11, 1882 by S.W. McElderry, Special, Examiner.
for (medical term) as to eyes, for admission as to piles and defenses  paralysis?

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6 No. 168278
Applicant: Benjamin Pearman
Soldier: (blank)
Nature of Claim: Invalid
Residence: Dana
County: Vermillion,                   State: Ind.

For Investigation at , same place
on the following points: origin

Submitted to: M.A. Gelwick (Name crossed out)
Special Agent, March 15, 1882 (Agent crossed out and ex written in. Date crossed out)

Transferred to McElderry Aug. 22⁄82
Rec'd in Div. May 31, 1881
Nov 9/81 Cond to Atty.

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Benjamin Pearman
a Private Co. G 1st Bat
5th Reg't of (illegible)
Medical Director's Office, Northern Department
Aug 26, 1884
Signature Undecipherable
Surgeon U.S.A. and Medical Director
Adjutant General's Office
Oct 6, 1864
Duplicate for the Pension Office
Signature Stamped: Sam ?reck
Asst. Adjt. Genl



Benjamin Pearman a Private of Captain Stephen Martins Company, G of the 1st Bat. 5th Regiment of the United States V.R.C. was enlisted by Wm. Reider at Clinton, Indiana on the 6th day of August 1862, to serve three years; he was born in (blank) in the State of Kentucky, is thirty eight years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, Sandy complexion, blue eyes, Sandy hair and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days. Said soldier has not been able to perform duty during the last six months. I dont know the time or place the disease was contracted of which he complains. Was transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps by G. C. No. 48 Adjs- Genls Officer Aug 22nd (crossed out) 1864. Said soldier formerly belonged to Co. D 85 Ind Infty.

Station: Burnside Barracks
Date: August 16th 1864                    Signature: Stephen Martin, Capt. Co. G. 1st Bat. 5th Regt


    I Certify, that I have carefully examined the said  Benjamin Pearman of Captain Martins Company and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of* general debility consequent on protracted illness contracted in the service according to his statement & defective hearing. Has done no duty since transferred to I.R.C. not able for duty in Veterans Reserve Corps. Disability one half.

J.B. Tremeome (signature undecipherable)
Sct. Spt. Surgeon ?

Discharged this 2nd day of September 1864 at Indianapolis, Indiana
Signature: J.L. Simonson Col. W.S.A. Military Commander

The Soldier desires to be addressed at:
Town, Jones            County, Vermillion            State, Indiana

(end document)


Benj. Pearman Invalid Pension
Wm. Eggleston Atty.  Newport, Ind.
(Handwritten document)
State of Indiana}
Vermillion County}   SS

On this 16 day of August A.D. 1871 personally came before me James A. Bell clerk of the circuit Court in & for said county Benjamin Pearman, a resident of said county & State aged 47 years, who being duly sworn according to law declare that he is the identical Benjamin Pearman who enlisted in the service of the United States as a Private of Co. D, 85th Regt. Ind. Vols.  on the sixth day of August 1862 to serve three years or during the war, as shown by his discharge herewith presented, and was transferred to Co. G 5th Regt. Veteran Reserve Corps and was honorably discharged on the 2nd day of Sept. 1864. That while in the service aforesaid & in the line of his duty he received the following disability, to wit;

That about one year after he entered the U.S. Service to wit about the first of August 1863 he took the sore eyes & has had them ever since & that said disease originated in said service in line of duty. He further states that he took the Piles in said service on or about the same time & has had them ever since & that at the battle of Franklin, Tenn., on the day of _blank_ A.D. 186_ he lost the hearing in his left ear and it is in the same condition, & that he was so impaired in both ears that he is almost deaf. He further states that his whole system is so torn down & shattered by said service that he can scarcely labor any at all. That hes a farmer by occupation. That all of said diseases originated by exposure & hard marches, & dust, & dirt & cold. He further states that his Post Office address is Toronto, Indiana. He hereby appoints William Eggleston of Newport, Indiana, his atty. to present this claim for pension under the Act of July 14, 1862 & any & all other relative to his case, & he asks that his said atty., be allowed reasonable fees for his services in this case.

Benjamin X Pearman                      Witness: Samuel B. Davis

(His Mark)                                                Josiah Campbell


Also personally appeared

Josiah Campbell and Samuel B. Davis residents of said County of Vermillion & State of Indiana, persons whom I certify t be of lawful are & and credible & respectable persons, who being duly sworn say they were present and saw Benjamin Pearman the applicant sign his name by making his mark to the foregoing declaration & Power of Atty. They further state the have every reason to believe from the appearance of the applicant & their acquaintance with him that he is the identical person he represents himself to be & that they reside as above stated and are disinterested in this claim for pension & in its prosecution.

Signatures: Samuel B. Davis & Josiah Campbell

And I certify that I am in no way interested in this claim for Pension or its prosecution.

Signature: Jas. A. Bell, Clerk

(end document)


**The following is a list and general description of forms and letters included in the pension file but not completely transcribed.

14 September 1871  Form letter from Dept. of Interior Pension Office. Appears to be a request to furnish the pension office with military documents proving his service record as above stated.

25 September 1871 -  Form letter from Adjutant Generas Office. Verification of service is hand written and signed by J.P. Martin

24 April 1874  Handwritten postcard written on Benjamin Pearmans behalf by an unknown individual requesting the status of his pension claim and offering additional information if needed.

29 April 1874  Form letter from Pension Office. It is a detailed list of required information that must be submitted for approval. There are marks next to 8 of the 18 items listed that Benjamin has not submitted.

20 May 1874  Form Letter - Examining Surgeons Certificate  Examining Surgeon, C. Leavitt states;

Upon examination Benj. Pearman is one fourth, 3rd grade disabled by piles. He is age 52; 5 foot 9 inches; weighs 150; light complexion; pulse 78; respiration 19. Notes Benjamins eyes are impaired due to a medical term I could not translate.


Affidavit of Benjamin Pearman
(Handwritten document)
State of Indiana}
Vermillion County} SS

I Benjamin Pearman of Vermillion County, Indiana do swear that the following statement in regard to my application for Pension No. 168276 now pending in the department are true and that I constitute Robt. B. Sears of Newport, Vermillion County, Indiana in place of Eggleston & Harvey my attorneys to procure the same.

The Hospitals in which I was treated for the diseases named in my application are as follows the first at Nashville, Tennessee from there to New Albany, Indiana thence to Madison, Indiana and the last at Indianapolis, Indiana. Never was in the service before or since said enlistment.

Signature; Benjamin Pearman (his mark) Witness; Robert B. Sears

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17 December of 1874.

Chas. W. Ward
Notary Public, Vermillion Co., Indiana
Post Office, Newport, Vermillion County, Indiana

(end document)


Affidavit of Caleb Bales
(Handwritten document)
State of Indiana}
Vermillion County} SS

I Caleb Bales, late Captain of Co. D 85 Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry do swear that the mater set out in the affidavit of Benjamin Pearman are true as I verily believe.

Caleb Bales (His Mark)
Late Capt Co. D 85 Ind

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 17th day of December 1874
Chas. W. Ward
Notary Public, Vermillion Co., Indiana

(end document)


Affidavit of Dr. Cuthbert Keys
(Handwritten document)
State of Indiana}
Vermillion County} SS

Cuthbert Keys being a practicing physician of twenty five years standing do swear that the facts set forth in the application for pension of Benjamin Pearman No. 168276 are true, and that at the date of his enlistment in the United States Volunteer Service he was entirely free from said disease in every particular, that said disease was contracted while in said service and has so continued from the date of his discharge to the present time, that I as a physician have treated him for said disease.

I further swear that said disease from which said applicant is now suffering has not been nor is it now aggravated or prolonged by intemperance or any other bad habits.

Signature; Cuthbert Keys

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 11 day of November 1875
John Rogers J.P.

(end document)


14 December 1875  Form letter  Pension Office Report verification of locations of hospital but  Atkinson the commissioner complains there are no dates given by Pearman. He also lists that at the battle of Franklin, Tenn. Pearman lost his hearing in the left ear. Second page of this report requests location of Caleb Bates on August 1, 1863.

Adjutant General's Office
Washington, D.C. Dec. 20, 1875


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No. 168276, and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.

It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office that Caleb Bales was mustered into service as a 2nd Lt. in Co. D, 85 Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, On the Muster Roll of Returns of that Regiment for the months of July and August 1863, he is reported 2 Lt. present for duty Station Aug 1, 1863 ?Murfreesboro? Tenn. Subsequent promoted captain. Name Caleb Bates not corr.

Signed: (undecipherable) M. Vincent

(end document)


17 January 1876  Form Letter  Treasury Department verifies that the signature of Caleb Bales is authentic.

24 July 1876  Form - War Department, Surgeon Generals Office, Record & Pension Division;

States that Pearman was admitted to No. 3 General Hospital, Nashville, TN on 20 April 1863, transferred 5 May 1863. Was admitted to No. 5 General Hospital in New Albany, IN on 6 May 1863, transferred 24 July 1863. Was admitted to General Hospital at Madison, IN 24 July 1863 then returned to duty  on 1 Dec. 1863. It also notes that he was treated at Burnside Bks. P.H. at Indianapolis, IN various dates from 23 July 1864 to 2 Sept. 1864. Was granted certificate of disability for discharge on 16 Aug. 1864. Notation; Volume 39, No. 5567

Signed: J.J. Woodward
Assistant Surgeon U.S. Army

10 July 1877  Written letter from Rob. B. Sears attorney to pension office stating that B.F. Witt of Indianapolis will now be the attorney and agent for Pearman.

11 July 1877  Form Letter  Article of agreement between B.F. Witt, attorney and Benjamin Pearman for the sum of $25.00 to act as agent and attorney in application for pension.

20 July 1877  Form  Department of Interior, Pension Office requesting an affidavit from Benjamin Pearman stating when he acquired his injuries.

20 July 1877  Letter  Department of Interior, Pension Office requesting a letter of professional standing of Cuthbert Keys, M.D.

20 July 1877  Form Letter  Department of Interior, Pension Office requesting an affidavit of Benjamin Pearman stating when, where and under what circumstances the disabilities were received and an affidavit from the surgeon as to treatment of disabilities while in the service.

20 July 1877  Form Letter  Department of Interior, Pension Office requesting an affidavit from family physician prior to enlistment stating whether Benjamin Pearman was free from disabilities previous to enlistment and to submit any medical evidence showing physical condition at date of discharge to present.

26 July 1877  Written verification from John H. Bogart, M.D. for Cuthbert Keys, M.D.

20 April 1878  Written query from law office of B.F. Witt to pension office as to standing of Pearmans pension status.

29 May 1878  Form  Department of Interior, Pension Office requests that Benjamin Pearman report to John H. Bogart in Newport, Vermillion Co., IN for examination.

29 July 1878  Examining Surgeons Certificate  J.H. Bogart determines that after examination of Benjamin Pearman for disease of eyes, piles and deafness that he is permanently incapacitated for obtaining his subsistence by manual labor for a total of disability.

Doctor states that Benjamin is 56 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall and 140 pounds. He is almost blind in his left eye, suffers from serious piles and has chronic inflammation of middle left ear and is almost deaf in that ear. Signed by J.H. Bogart, M.D.

17 August 1878  Medical Testimony  Additional Evidence filed by B.F. Witt, Attorney for claimant. Testimony of Cuthbert F. Keys, of Vermillion County, aged 55 states that he has been a regular practicing physician of 30 years standing and has known Benjamin Pearman since 1839.

States he has not treated Pearman since his return from the Army and only knows that he suffers from sore eyes and piles. His physical condition at time of enlistment was good. Pearman does not drink nor is intemperate or have any other bad habits that would contribute to his illness.

Sworn and signed by Justice of Peace: John O. Rogers.

9 January 1879  Officers Certificate of Disability  filed by B.F. Witt, Attorney for claimant.

Caleb Bales of Dana, County of Vermillion, State of Indiana formerly Captain of Co. D, of the 85th Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers certifies: Benjamin Pearman was a Private in his company and that he was sent to a general hospital from Franklin, Tenn. on April 19, 1863 on account of an unknown disease which was contracted in the line of duty. Thereafter he does not know what became of Benjamin Pearman but he was a sound man at time of enlistment. Sworn and signed by Justice of Peace: John O. Rogers

17 January 1879  Additional Evidence  filed by B.F. Witt, Attorney for claimant.

Sworn affidavit by Benjamin Pearman: Aged 55 years states that he has had no medical treatment since the return from the Army. He was too poor to employ medical aid and too poor to employ help to work on his large farm. He was sent to the hospital 19 April 1863 in Nashville broken down with piles and disease of the eyes and deafness from cold and exposure. Afterward, he was sent to New Albany and placed in the invalid Corps, then to Madison, then to Indianapolis where he was discharged. He still suffers from these illnesses.

Witnessed by: Samuel Pyle and W.G. Lake  Sworn and signed by J.P. John O. Rogers

8 April 1879  Adjutant Generals Office  Statement of Service verified:

Benjamin Pearman, Private, Co. D., 85th Reg. of Indiana:
Mustered in 2 Sept. 1862 to 28 Feb. 1863 is reported present for duty
March & April 1863 reported absent sick in hospital at Nashville, Tenn.
May & June 1863 reported absent sick in hospital at New Albany, Ind.
To July 1864 name is dropped from roles.
Muster Rolls of Co. G, 5th Regt, VRC shows transferred 20 July 1864.
July & August 1864 reported present but sick in quarters

21 Sept 1864 he was discharged on surgeons certificate of disability.

25 November 1879  Letter from attorney Bennett F. Witt to the pension office requesting the status of the Pearman claim and if any other documents are needed.

30 Aug 1880  Letter from Pension office, Paul E. Williams to unknown party states that according to Dr. Keys, Frank Combs and Cole Bales , Pearmans brother-in-law, that Pearman suffered from sore eyes, deafness and piles prior to enlistment. (I do not find where any of these men are related to Benjamin Pearman and feel that Paul Williams reference to Cole Bales as a bro-in-law may be mistaken? Could Cole Bales also be Caleb Bales?)

23 Feb 1881  Post card from attorney B.F. Witt to pension office requesting status of claim.

16 May 1881  Note from F.W. Poor, Chief Indiana Director to the Commissioner of Pensions office stating that Paul Williams a specialist of the office furnished the names of persons who state that the alleged disabilities existed at enlistment and requests an investigation to begin before the claimant submits more information that would not be accepted without further investigation.

9 November 1881  Letter from Pension office declaring the case is held for Special Examination.

24 August 1882  Post card from attorney B.F. Witt to Pension office requesting status of claim and why the special examination has not proceeded.

26 August 1882  Post card from attorney B.F. Witt to Pension office requesting status of claim.  Clearly the content of the post card shows that B.F. Witt doesnt realize the information that Paul Williams provided to the pension office.

29 Nov 1882  Surgeons Certificate completed by C.E. Kuster

At the time of examination Benjamin is 60 years old, weighs 140 pounds and is 5 foot 8 inches tall.

He suffers from Piles, Paralysis and Sore Eyes. Piles are described and determined as disabled.

The doctor states, There is general paresis affecting especially the right half of his body. His speech is rendered unintelligible to strangers. Memory is greatly impaired&.. He is very feeble and he is totally disabled for any manual labor. The paralysis is in no way connected with his piles or other disabilities&..There is cloudiness of the cornea and incipient cataract of both eyes but worse in the right eye with which he can not recognize test type CC at any distance. With the left eye he can recognize familiar faces at close distances. He never learned to read. Total disability . His hearing is evidently much impaired, worse in left ear, although it is severe in both. Total disability .

December 11 1882  Letter from Special Examiner, S.W. McEldery, to the Pension office. A seven page hand written letter stating the results of his findings with 18 pages of affidavits and documents attached.

Upon reading the letter, depositions and affidavits I will only note here information that has not previously been covered and any sort of personal information that would be of genealogical value [Angela Oakes]


Deposition  21 November 1882 from Benjamin Pearman to S.W. McEldery;
Benjamin is age 60 and postal address is Toronto in Vermillion County.
This was his address previous to enlistment.
August 1880 he had a stroke.
This document has a clear signature of his wife spelled: Adah Maria Pearman
Also signature of Frank Hays and Benjamin Pearman's mark.

Deposition  21 November 1882 from Ada Pearman to S.W. McEldery;
Adah is age 47 and postal address is the same as husband.
She has known him since she was a small girl.
They married on 20 July 1856.
He had bad eyes when they were married but they were cured by the doctors about a year before he enlisted.
October 1880 he had a stroke and another one on 7 July 1882.
She signs her name: Adah Maria Pearman

Deposition  - 21 November 1882 from Dr. Cuthbert F. Keyes to S.W. McEldery;
Cuthbert is age 60 and postal address is Dana in Vermillion County.
He has been practicing medicine for 35 years and known Benjamin for 25 years.
Signature: Cuthbert F. Keyes

Deposition  22 November 1882 from John H. Stotts to S.W. McEldery;
John is age 76 and postal address is Toronto in Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
He has known Benjamin well since 1829 until his enlistment. Pearmans fathers place joined Johns place and Benjamin worked for him quite a bit.
Signature looks like: John H. Staats not Stotts as McEldery has written on the front page.

Deposition  22 November 1882 from Charles H. Smith to S.W. McEldery;
Charles is age 52 and postal address is Toronto in Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
He has known Benjamin since around 1840.
Benjamin worked for Charles and his father previous to enlistment. They lived no farther apart than 1 miles.
Signature of; Chas H. Smith

Deposition 22 November 1882 from Dr. H.C. Eaton to S.W. McEldery;
Dr. Eaton is age 53 and postal address is Toronto, Vermillion County.
He has practiced medicine for 17 years.
Signature: Henry C. Eaton M.D.

Deposition  22 November 1882 from Caleb Bales to S.W. McEldery;
Caleb is age 46 and postal address is Dana, Vermillion County.
He is a farmer and is the same Caleb Bales who was Captain of Co. D., 85th Indiana Volunteers.
He has known Benjamin since he was a small boy.
In 1873 Benjamin moved onto Caleb's father's farm.
Signature: Caleb Bals Late Capt Co. D 85 Ind Vol.

Deposition  22 November 1882 from Francis C. Combs to S.W. McEldery;
Francis is age 52 and postal address Toronto, Vermillion County.
He is a farmer.
He has known Benjamin for 25-30 years.
Francis states he lived in Park County until just a few years ago.
Signature: F.C. Combs

2 Feb 1883  Note from B.F. Witt attorney for claimant requesting status of claim.

3 November 1883  Letter from F.N. Austin requesting status of claim.
States that now Benjamin is so poor he has become a ward of the County.

25 August 1884  Letter from Special Examiner, A. Tegethoff to Commissioner of Pensions Wm. W. Dudley; A nine page, hand written summary of account from the depositions he had taken earlier in the year around June.  Tegethoff summarizes that he feels that there is not enough evidence to support the claim for sore eyes or deafness occurring during Benjamins service, and suggests to deny that portion of the claim. He does support an admission for piles and general disability to be accepted.

The complete file of this examiner is 32 pages. I will only note here what has not been previously disclosed and anything of genealogical value. [Angela Oakes]

Deposition A  3 June 1884 from Caleb Bales to S.H. Elliott
Caleb is age 47, resides Helt Township, postal address Dana in Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
Signature: Caleb Bales

Deposition B  17 July 1884 from Elisha Pierce to A. Tegethoff
Elisha is age 45 years postal address Clinton, Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
Signature: Elisha Pierce

Deposition C  21 June 1884 from Cooper Jackson to A. Tegethoff
Cooper is age 39 years, postal address Hillsdale, Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
Signature: Cooper Jackson

Deposition D  17 July 1884 from Ren White to A. Tegethoff
Ren is age 43 years, postal address Clinton, Vermillion County. He is a farmer.
Signature: Ren White

Deposition E  2 June 1884 from Cuthbert F. Keyes M.D. to S.H. Elliott
Cuthbert is age 62 years and resides in Dana of Vermillion County. He is a physician.
Two of Benjamin's children are afflicted with sore eyes.
Signature: Cuthbert F. Keyes M.D.

Deposition F  4 June 1884 from Charles H. Smith to S.H. Elliott
Charles is age 53 years and resides in Helt Township, postal address Toronto, Vermillion County.
He is a farmer.
Benjamin worked for Charles father prior to enlistment.
Charles states that he has read medicine and attended lectures and even received a diploma but never practiced medicine.
Signature: Charles H. Smith

Deposition G  2 June 1884 from Richard Malone to S.H. Elliott
Richard is age 68 years, Dana, Vermillion County.
Formerly a farmer now no occupation.
Benjamin worked for Richard as a farm hand for several months prior to his enlistment and has known him since Benjamin was a boy.
Signature: Richard Malone

Deposition H  21 June 1884 from William Pearman to A. Tegethoff
William is age 49 years, postal office is Hillsdale, Vermillion County.
He is a farmer.
He is the brother of Benjamin.
He states he has a brother living in Fountain County who has weak eyes.
He remembers his mother wore spectacles around the age of forty but doesnt believe his father ever did.
He also served in the Eastern Army at the same time Benjamin served and discharged in 1867.
Signature: William Pearman

Deposition I  21 June 1884 from Andrew Jackson to A. Tegethoff
Andrew is age 60 years, postal address is Hillsdale, Vermillion County
He is a farmer.
He is a boyhood friend of Benjamin.
Signature: Andrew Jackson

26 August 1884  Letter from Special Examiner, A. Tegethoff to D.J. White, Supervising Examiner.
States that there is not enough evidence given and requests an attempt to find other members who served with Pearman to verify the claim.

18 March 1885  Form Letter, Declaration for the increase of an invalid pension
Most notable is the signatures of B.T. Dugger of Toronto and David Pearman of Toronto validating Benjamin Pearmans mark.

19 June 1885  Widows Claim for Pension
Applicant is widow, Adah Pearman, age 50 years.
Date of Benjamin Pearman's death is 17 May 1885.
Date of Marriage was 20 July 1856 by Rev. Joseph Staats at Vermillion County, Indiana.
Benjamin was previously married and that wife died May 19, 1856.
The following children are in her charge:
Lucinda A. Pearman born 27 October 1872
Quincy S. Pearman born 8 March 1875
Rosa L. Pearman born 30 November 1877

5 August 1885  Affidavit of Armilda Sims
Swears that she is well acquainted with the claimants and that the aforesaid children of Mrs. Adah Pearman are still living. That she was present at the birth of Quincy S. Pearman and knows from positive knowledge that the said Quincy S. Pearman was born on the 8th of March 1875.
Signature: Armilda Sims  Notarized by W.F. Kerns

5 August 1885  Affidavit of Henry C. Eaton M.D. & wife Almeda Eaton
Dr. H.C. Eaton swears that he is a regular practicing physician and was present at the birth of Lucinda A., daughter of Mrs. Adah Pearman. He and Almeda Eaton his wife both swear that they were present at the birth of said Lucinda A. Pearman and that the same occurred on or about the 27th day of October 1872.
Signature: Henry C. Eaton and his wife's mark

13 August 1885  Affidavit of Aramanta Carico
Being sworn upon her oath says that she resides in Vermillion County, State of Indiana and her post office is Newport, Indiana. That during his life time she has been acquainted with Benjamin Pearman since the year 1876 and also with his wife, now his widow, during the same time. Affiant says that about  the 30th day of November 1877 in said county, she was present at the residence of said Benjamin and his said wife Adah Pearman in said county when their youngest childe whose name is Rosa Leona Pearman was born and affiant says she acted as mid-wife on the occasion of said birth.
Her mark is witnessed by: Martin G. Rhodes & John W. Parrett

14 August 1885  Certified Transcription of Marriage Certificate between Benjamin Pearman and Adah Combs on 20th July 1856 by Joseph Staats, Justice of Peace.

26 August 1885  Affidavit of additional evidence from Mrs. Amassa Smith stating that she was acquainted with Benjamin and Adah who lived as man and wife since their marriage in 1856.
She made her mark. X

27 August 1885  Affidavit of N.K. Smith
He attests that he was acquainted with the Benjamin and Adah for 20 years and that they lived as man and wife. Signature: N.K. Smith

24 October 1885  Death Return from the Office of M.L. Hall M.D. of Newport, Indiana
Office County Board of Health, Vermillion County, Indiana
This is to certify that the enclosed death return is a true and correct copy of the records in this office.
M.L. Hall M.D.
Secy Vermillion County Board of Health

Name of Deceased: Benjamin Pearman
Age: 63  Sex: Male  Color: White
Residence: Vermillion Co., Ind.
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Kentucky
Place of Death: Indiana
Duration of Disease: About five years
Date of Death: 17 May 1885
Father's Name: Sebert Pearman
Father's Birthplace: Kentucky
Mother's Maiden Name: Sarah Nichols
Mother's Birthplace: Kentucky
Date of Return: Sept 30, 1885
Reported by: Henry C. Eaton M.D.
Post Office: Toronto, Ind

17 December 1885  Affidavit of Mrs. Phebe McDowell & Mrs. Amassa Smith
They state that they knew Benjamins former wife who died on or about the 19th day of May 1856 and that Adah Pearman is the present wife and widow.
Signed: Phebe A. McDowell & the mark of Amassa Smith

22 December 1885  Affidavit of John W. Redman
Undertaker of the town of Dana, verifies that he did dress and attend to the funeral of Benjamin Pearman on the 18th of May 1885.
Signature: John W. Redman

23 December 1885  Affidavit of Henry C. Eaton M.D.
He was called to the home on Sunday, 17 May 1885 finding Benjamin in a poor state, he was paralyzed and speechless. His abdomen was greatly distended but did not make any further examination of him.  He states he was not his attending physician and could not make a further diagnosis of the death.  He conferred with Mr. Redman and they feel he died of bowel problems.

12 January 1886  Request from Pension Office to Dr. Campbell to determine if Benjamin Pearmans death was related to his disease in which he was pensioned. Dr. Campbell replies that the death of Pearman was not related to his pension illness.

1 February 1886  Rejection of Widows Pension
Rejected on the grounds that the death of Benjamin Pearman was not due to Piles for which he was pensioned.

18 April 1887  Accrued Pension Rejected by W.C. Upham, Examiner
Adah is shown as the claimant for the accrued pension however no amount is stated that would be due to her and it has been denied based on the fact he did not die of piles.

21 April 1887  Power of Attorney to prosecute claim for Widows Pension
Adah gives her power of attorney to B.F. Witt
Signature: Adah M. Pearman  Witnessed by: Lorena Pearman & Elias Pritchard

29 September 1890  Declaration for Soldiers Child Who is Permanently Helpless
Mollie M. Pearman age 24 years; Suffers from deafness and blindness; She was born on 18 October 1866 to Benjamin Pearman and Ada Combs; She resides at Hillsdale, Vermillion County and appoints Burton Mcafee to act in her interest.
Witnesses to her mark: James M. Morgan and Lafayette Newell both of Hillsdale

8 December 1890  Physicians Affidavit of L.C. Hood M.D. of Dana, Indiana
He states he has treated her for two years for disease of the nose, throat and middle ear and conjunctivitis. He operated on both eyes and the bill was paid from the Vermillion County fund for the poor. Her present condition of both eyes are 10⁄20; right ear 1⁄36, left ear 2⁄36.

8 December 1890  Affidavit of William F. Morrison
He is a resident of Dana, Vermillion County, age 46 years.
I am acquainted with the claimant Mollie M. Pearman a child of Benjamin Pearman and Adah Pearman husband and wife. I have known Millie M. Pearman said child about fifteen years. Her hearing and eye sight are both very poor and have been every since I first became acquainted with her, and I consider her disabilities are permanent, and her father and mother lived together as husband and wife, and was so considered by the community at large., and that the soldier (father) cared for this child during his life.
Signed by his mark & witnessed by Jes. Houchin and Francis C. Combs

8 December 1890  Affidavit of Francis C. Combs
He is a resident of Dana, Vermillion County, age 60 years
(Previously determined would be an uncle of Mollie Pearman)
His statement is almost identical to William Morrisons with the addition of the date of death of Adah Pearman being 31 December 1889.
Signature: Francis C. Combs

7 January 1891  Affidavit of Elizabeth Sheeley & George Sheeley
They are residents of Summit Grove, Vermillion County, she is age 64 years, he is age 77
Elizabeth states that she was present at the time of Mary M. Pearmans birth on 18 October 1866
Elizabeth's mark and George's signature

7 August 1891  Affidavits of Elizabeth Sheely & George Sheely
We knew the father and mother of Mollie M. Pearman who is now helpless and dependant, unable to earn a support or living and possesses of no property whatever; they lived together as husband and wife and were so considered by the community, they had the child Mollie M. Pearman born, 18 Oct 1866. The father Benjamin Pearman who recognized and treated this child as his died May 17, 1885. The mother Ada M. Pearman died December 30, 1889. We know these facts personally for the following reasons. I Elizabeth Sheely was present in the house when this child Mollie was born. Doctor C.F. Keser was the attending physician he is now dead. I George W. Sheely have known the said Pearman family for forty years the said children are still living in this neighborhood and has never lived out of our neighborhood.
Signature; George W. Sheely and Elizabeth's mark X

11 August 1891  Letter of Guardianship
State of Indiana}
Vermillion County} SS
I A.R. Hopkins, Clerk of the Circuit Court of said County, certify that Jesse Houchin of said County, has been appointed Guardian of the person and property of Mollie M. Pearman (helpless) and Rosa Pearman, minor heirs of Benjamin Pearman late of said County, deceased, and has qualified as such.

12 August 1891  Declaration for children under sixteen years of age
Submitted by Jesse Houchin, however it is rejected on the grounds that the children had reached the age of 16 before the passage of the Act of June 27, 1890 and also prior to the date of application.

15 August 1891  Affidavit from Jesse Houchin
Jesse is age 68 years and a resident of Hillsdale, Vermillion County
I have lived in the neighborhood for forty four years lived on this farm when Benj. Pearmans first wife died her name was Mary Ann Lazwell; She died in 1856 just before we commenced wheat harvest. I was in the door yard not in the house, when she died went and helped to dig her grave and then helped to bury her the next day; Benj. Pearman then married Ada M. Combes, the father and mother of Rosa A. Pearman the claimant&..
Signature; Jes Houchin

14 November 1892  Affidavit of Aramanta Corbridge & Jesse Kaufman
In the matter of Rosa A. Pearman minor of Benjamin Pearman
Aramanta is age 64 years and a resident of Newport, Vermillion County. He knew Benjamin Pearman for 22 years
Jesse is aged 41 years and a resident of Toronto, Vermillion County. He knew Benjamin Pearman for 25 years.
Letter verifies information previous reported.

1 December 1892  Affidavit of Elizabeth Houchin
Elizabeth is age 66 years and resides in Hillsdale.
I knew Benjamin Pearman and his wife of the first marriage Mary A. Lazwell. I lived in the same neighborhood for twenty three years previous to her death, was present at her death, closed her eyes and assisted in washing, dressing and preparing her for burial. I did not attend the burial, but still live in the same neighborhood and have ever since her death occurred just before wheat harvest in the year 1856. I dont remember the exact date but I know it was the above named date by the birth of my daughter and the time of wheat harvest. All the other persons is dead and also the attending physician C.F. Keyes, M.D&..

2 January 1893  Affidavit of Jesse Houchin
Jesse is age 67 years.
I have knew the above named Soldier from the year 1849 until his death May 17, 1885. I knew his first wife Mary A. Lazwell. She died just before wheat harvest in the year 1856. I helped to dig her grave. G.W. Sheely, John Smith and Alexander White all three now dead, and myself buried her at Salem Semetry in this township Helt. The reason I know these facts, I moved on this farm that I now live on and have been the sole owner ever since that I moved there in the spring before the said first wife died. The attending physician C.F. Keyes is now deceased. The said soldier then in a short time married Ada Combes now dead&..

31 August 1893  Affidavit of Lydia A. Pearman & Matilda M Kauffman
Lydia is age 44 years and a resident of Toronto, Vermillion County.
Matilda is age 38 years and a resident of Toronto, Vermillion County.
This affidavit verifies age of Rosa A. Pearman, death of Benjamin etc&.

31 August 1893  Affidavit of Jesse Kaufman
Jesse is age 42 years and a resident of Toronto, Vermillion County
He verifies that he was present at the time of Benjamin Pearmans death on May 17, 1885. He helped wash and lay him out.
Signature; Jesse Kaufman

15 August 1894  Affidavit of Lydia A. Pearman
Lydia is age 45 years and resides in Toronto, Vermillion County.
She verifies information previously given about Rosa.

15 August 1894  Affidavit of Matilda M. Kaufman
Matilda is age 39 years and a resident of Toronto, Vermillion County
She verifies information previously given about the Pearman family.

15 August 1894  Affidavit of Elizabeth Houchin
Elizabeth is age 67 years and a resident of Hillsdale.
That Mary Ann Pearman, first wife of Benjamin Pearman died May 1856. My knowledge of knowing she died, I was present and washed the body and lay it out. I closed her eyes. I tended to all the duties of a corps&&

15 August 1894  Affidavit of Jesse Kaufman
Jesse is age 43 years and resided in Toronto, Vermillion County.
I was present when Benjamin Pearman died&..I went to the church but didnt go the cemetery&.

16 October 1894  Pension for minor child Rosa L. Pearman approved