Pension File

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab
Original application 26 pages
Pension application SO 10378, SC 13272
War of 1812

Pvt. Captain WARFIELD, KY Volunteers
Bounty Land 4303-40-50
Bounty Land 50072-120-55
20 NOV 1813
        Certificate from Captain B. WARFIELD
        Served as private for 3 months of Mounted Volunteer Infantry, KY
2 NOV 1850
        JAMES L. WISHARD, age 56 years, of Vermillion Co., IN
        Application for bounty land to which he is entitled
                 SAMUEL G. MALONE, Notary Public
        Received 40 acres #4303  18 APR 1837
        Application #10218  12 NOV 1850
Application #134057  March 3, 1855
20 APR 1855
        JAMES L. WISHARD, age 60 years, resident of Vermillion Co., IN
        Served in regiment commanded by BENJAMIN WARFIELD
                 Commanded by RICHARD M. JOHNSON of Kentucky militia
        Was discharged at Washington, Mason Co., KY
        Application for bounty land
                 Received 40 acres which he disposed of
                 Wants additional land
        Appoints J.T. STEVENS, of Washington DC as attorney
                 JAMES H. MILLIKIN, Vermillion Co., IN
                 ENOCH JACKSON, Vermillion Co., IN 
8 MAY 1855
        Affidavit of JOSEPH STAATS, Exq., Justice of Peace, Vermillion Co., IN
        Swears signature is genuine
16 JAN 1856
        Received 120 acres - #50,072
13 APR 1871
        JAMES L. WISHARD, age 76 years
        Married to SABRINA HASKILL WISHARD, - 6 JUN 1851, Vermillion Co., IN
        Served the full period of 60 days in War of 1812
        Served in Division of Fleming Co., KY  30 AUG 1813  discharged NOV 1813
        Applies for pension
        Appoints HENRY A. WHITE, Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN as his attorney
        Lives in Helt, Vermillion Co., IN
                 NELSON C. ANDERSON  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
                 DAVID A. RANGER  Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
15 APR 1871
        Applications made by JAMES L. WISHARD, THOMAS ROLAND, & WILLIAM WHITE
        Discharge papers of JAMES L. WISHARD were sent to Washington, and never returned
        Other applicants have lost their papers
17 APR 1871
        Certificate #10378 received
        Discharged 20 NOV 1813
        Received by HENRY A. WHITE, Attorney
24 NOV 1871
        Received bounty land #50,072  120 acres  1855
2 DEC 1871
        Request for evidence of enrollment
17 FEB 1872
        Certificate received
        JAMES L. WISHARD served from 20 MAY 1813  19 NOV 1813
23 FEB 1872
        Awarded $8.00 per month
                 NELSON W. ANDERSON
                 DAVID A. RANGER