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Saxton, Reverda M.

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune-Star

CLINTON -- Reverda M. Saxton, 84, of Plainfield and formerly of Clinton died Sunday afternoon, April 2, 2000, in her residence. She was born May 7, 1915, in Clinton to William Johnson and Clara McCauley Johnson. Her husband, Lincoln Saxton, died May 10, 1981. Survivors include one daughter, Delores Adamovich; one granddaughter; two great-granddaughters; two nieces; several great-nieces and great-nephews; and several great-great-nieces and great-great-nephews. Services are 1 p.m. Wednesday in Frist Funeral Home, with the Rev. Bob Baum officiating. Burial is in Walnut Grove Cemetery. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. today. 

Sconce, Samuel

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Thursday, January 22, 1874

Died -- At his residence in Indianola, Vermilion County, Illinois, Saturday, January 10th, 1874, Mr. SAMUEL SCONCE, in the 71st year of his age. Mr. SCONCE was buried on Sunday, 11th instant, with Masonic honors. So popular was he with the brethren that his funeral was attended by the members of the order from Ridge Farm, Catlin, and Fairmount. And the friends turned out almost en masse for miles around. Mr. SCONCE was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and removed to this county some 40 years ago. He located in the vicinity where he died, grew up and prospered with the country. His family is one of the most interesting and prominent in the country. Open, free, and hospitable, Mr. SCONCE endeared himself to all who knew him, and after a life of active business he leaves a large circle to mourn his loss. His social qualities were far above an average, and he will be sadly missed by those with whom he associated for so many years.

Sears, Mary

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, March 10, 1880

Mrs. MARY SEARS, wife of JACOB SEARS, died between 1 and 2 o'clock on last Friday morning, after an illness of two or three weeks. She was an industrious woman, and was respected by all her neighbors. She had only recently inherited several hundred dollars, which she had invested in a house and lot and lumber to repair the building. She was about 35 years of age, and leaves a husband and 2 children, a daughter and a son, and many friends to mourn her loss. Her remains were interred in the Thomas Cemetery on Friday afternoon. 

Seely, Grace

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday July 21, 1880

Home News -- GRACE SEELY, daughter of CHARLES and ELLA SEELY, of Brazil, died this morning. The family were former residents of this place.

Self, Vern Martin

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Clinton Daily Clintonian, Wednesday, February 19, 1919, Clinton, Indiana 

Vern Martin Self died Saturday, February 15, from injuries received at school. He was 8 years old, and is the son of John M. and Sadie Beach Self. His mother died April 1, 1914. He leaves the father, one brother, Burvil, and three sisters, Ocey, Ione and Florence, and one half-sister, Ethel. Funeral services were held Monday at 2 p.m. with burial in the Salem cemetery.

Shanks, Geneva (Luce)

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse

Mrs. Geneva Shanks, 66 years old, 1242 Maple Avenue, proprietor of a Twelve Points beauty shop, died early yesterday morning at Union Hospital.  She was a member of the Second Christian Church.  Surviving are two brothers; Lawrence Luce of Clinton and Shell V. Luce of Terre Haute, and two sisters, Mrs. C.C. Botner and Miss Grace Luce, both of R.R. 3, Terre Haute.  The body was taken to the Thomas Funeral Home where services will be held at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, the Rev. R.C. Mowery officiating.  Burial will be in Roselawn Memorial Park.  Friends may call at the funeral home after noon Sunday. 

Shannon, Infant

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, July 21, 1880

Child of R. SHANNON
Perrysville Nuggets -- A 2 year old child of R. SHANNON, living two miles south of Perrysville, died on last Wednesday morning, July 14th. 

Shapiro, Virginia

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune-Star

CLINTON Virginia Shapiro, 88, of Plainfield died Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1998, in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. She was born May 21, 1910, in Clinton to William Johnson and Clara McCauley Johnson. Her husband, Charles Shapiro, died earlier. Survivors include one sister, Reverda Saxton; and several nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews, and great-great-nieces and great-great-nephews. Services are 1:30 p.m. Monday in Frist Funeral Home. Burial is in Walnut Grove Cemetery. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday.

Sheeley, Benjamin H.

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Montezuma Enterprise, Thursday, April 27, 1922, Montezuma, Indiana 

The body of Benjamin H. Sheeley, aged 75 years, of Hillsdale, who had been missing from his home since April 1, was found last Thursday morning lying underneath the trestle on the west side between Hillsdale and Montezuma. It is believed the aged man committed suicide by drowning.

He was last seen by a Hillsdale party walking on the C.I. & W. railroad tracks between the tower and trestle at Hillsdale. Joe Potter of Hillsdale discovered the body. It was hanging across the limb of a tree with the lower part in the water. It apparently had been washed up against the tree and caught there during the recent high waters. He is survived by his widow, two sons, one daughter, and one sister.

Short funeral services were held at the grave by Rev. Ashbur of Dana, and burial at Helts Prairie Cemetery. 

Shepard, Susie

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, November 24, 1880

In Memoriam -- Mrs. SUSIE SHEPARD, wife of Dr. LEWIS SHEPARD, departed this life Monday, November 22, instant. She was born April 21, 1850, in the State of Ohio. She came to Newport at the age of 7 years to live with her aunt, Mrs. PORTER. Being of a bright and cheerful disposition and pleasant in her address, she soon won a high place in the regards of her young companions, which place, by native goodness of heart, she has ever since retained. She was married June 17, 1874, to her now bereaved companion. Being fortunate in her selection of a companion, and of one accord within the sacred relations of husband and wife, theirs was truly a pleasant home. A cheerful and happy home is made desolate. She leaves a bereaved husband and a little daughter. 

Shepard, Susie M.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, September 1, 1880

SUSIE M. SHEPARD, daughter of BEN and ELIZA SHEPARD, was born the 6th day of August, 1860, and died on the 25th day of August, 1880. SUSIE was an obedient daughter, an affectionate sister, an amiable associate, well educated, with what we deem a bright future before her. During her last illness, she expressed much regret that she had not made a public profession of her faith in Christ. May we all learn the lessons which her sickness, early death, and last conversations are calculated to teach. 

Shew, B. Frank

Submitted by: John Hollingsworth
Daily Clintonian, July 30, 1932

B. Frank Shew, Well Known in Clinton, Dead
Aged Pioneer Resedent Found Dead at Home; Funeral at Frist's Sunday

Benjamin Frank Shew, age 81 well known Clinton resident and the last member of the pioneer Shew family died suddenly Friday at his bachelor home in the Wright and Bogart building at 111 South Main Street.

The aged man, who for the past 10 or 15 years had been a janitor of the building in which he lived, was found dead on the floor at his home about 5 oclock yesterday evening. He had apparently been dead since sometime before noon.

Mr. Shew ate at the Gem Restaurant and when he failed to appear for dinner and supper Friday Fred Marshall, proprieter, went up to the formen's room to investigate and found him lying on the floor dead.

All his life Mr. Shew had been a resident of Clinton and was born on a farm west of Clinton, in the vicinity of Centenary. When he was 15 years old, Mr. Shew went to the farm of U. G. Wright's father and worked there for about 10 years. At that time he worked as a carpenter.

For the past 15 or 20 years, he lived alone in the Wright and Bogart building having never married. Mr Wright of the First National Bank kept Mr. Shew supplied with work and practically cared for the aged man.

Surviving Mr. Shew are a number of nephews and nieces among whom are: Anna Cambell, Charles F., Fred and Sterley Runyan, children of his deceased sister, Mrs. Malissa Runyan; John William, Leland, Sam, Jim and Glenna Hollingsworth, children of the deceased sister, Mrs. Louisa Hollingsworth; Verda, Earl, Lola and Scott Shew, children of the deceased brother, Isreal, Shew; and Guy and Cecil Harrison, children of the deceased sister, Mrs. Belle Harrison.

The body was removed to Frists Funeral Home where services will be held at 2 oclock Sunday afternoon. The Rev. H. H. Wagner of the Christian Church will officiciate. Burial will be at the Riverside Cemetery. 

Shew, Jack

Submitted by: John Hollingsworth
Daily Clintonian May 12, 1913


During a drunken brawl in Tony Lapages saloon at Bunsen, Monday night, Ray Collins shot and perhaps fatally wounded Jack Shew, a well known character about Bunsen and Clinton township. Shew however is making a game fight against death and the physician said Tuesday morning that he might be able to pull through. Collins, the young man that did the shooting, is in the jail here pending the termination of the wounds. One of the wounds is in the neck and the other in the left side, dangerously close to the heart. Shew is a man of a wonderful constitution and this fact will play a great part in his battle for life. Bunsen, since its start, has been without police protection and has been operated on the hurdy gurdy wild west order, and it has been remarked that it is about time to kill somebody so they started a grave yard down there. When the tragedy named was reported and the victim was named, there was no surprise. Though a prince of a good fellow when sober, Shew is of a disagreeable disposition when drunk and even his friends anticipated that it would only be a matter of time when he would run amuck.

Monday evening Shew and Collins, who are second cousins, met in Lepage's saloon and were drinking. The place was crowded and were, more or less, under the influence under the cup that cheers (?) and brings about just such tragedies. It was 9 o'clock when a crack of a pistol mingled with the voices of the reveilers. The second shot followed a second later and Shew staggering and fell to the floor. 

The tragedy appeared to rouse the crowd from what appeared a drunk-inspired somnambulism, and all began caring for the wounded man. When a physician was called, it was found that one of the bullets had passed through his neck and buried itself in a wall of the saloon. Another had lodged in the left breast striking the breast bone which turned it to an upward course. It was removed from a point near the shoulder blade. The wounded man who it was thought who would live but a few moments was placed on a bed in the rear room of the saloon. He was left there till Tuesday.

Collins, after the shooting, made no effort to escape, but waited calmly for the arrival of the Clinton police who were called as soon as the tragedy occurred. The officers brought the prisoner to the city but made no investigation as to whether the victim was dead or not. Whe they arrived in the city with Collins, the confirmed the advance report of instant death and on their statement. Coroner I.D White was notified. The correction came a few moments later and the coroner who was making preparations did not make the trip to the scene of the tragedy.

Ray Collins is 20 years of age and the son of Isaac Collins who lives just south of New Goshen in Vigo county. He is a miner and works at Oak Hill No. 6. For some cause he was idle Monday and went up to boisterous Bunsen for a visit with the boys. There he met Shew and this was the beginning of a tragic end. He appeared much down-cast when seen in his cell at the jail the next morning but he changed expression as though a load had been lifted from his shoulders when informed by a Clintonian reporter that his victim was still alive and that there was a possibility of a recovery. Oh, but I am glad of that, remarked the young man as he lighted a fresh cigarette.

When asked to give a statement about the trouble, he said, Me and Jack never had no trouble in the world before. I met him yesterday and we were around the saloons drinking a good part of the afternoon and evening. We were both pretty full. When Jack asked me to set em up, I told him that we both had enough and that I was going to cut it out. This appeared to make him mad and he began to curse me and cuff me about. I did not remember that I had a pistol in my pocket, but told him to let me alone, that I didn't come to Bunsen for trouble. This made him madder and he began slapping me in the face. He hit me. I presume more than a dozen times and was knocking me around over the room. I stood it as long as I could and then I told he that he must stop as I wouldn't stand for it any longer. Then he made for me saying that he would knock my damn brains out. Then I shot. That's all there was to it.

The other reports coming from the scene of the tragedy tend to confirm the story of the young man is impatiently waiting the results of his bullet's work. Most everybody who knows Jack Shew avoid him when he is drinking because he is quarrelsome and his ambition to be in a row does not pass his best friends -- even relatives. He is simply a maniac, when under the influence of drink, blind to every sense of justice or reason. His best friends have expected such a climax to come to his career, last night.

Collins will be held in jail without bond pending the outcome of the shooting. He says he has never be in trouble before of any sort and is thankful there is hope that he will not have to answer to a charge of murder. In the event of murder or the charge of attempt of murder, he will plead self-defense. It is certain however if Collins had not been a law-violator by carrying the pistol there would have been no shooting and no matter how justifiable the use of the gun might have been he will not escape a fine for carrying a weapon. The boy makes his home with his father and says that they sure will  aid him in his defense should he be forced to face serious charges.

Shew, Joel

Submitted by: John Hollingsworth
The Clinton Plaindealer, March 30, 1906

Joel Shew Dead
A Good Old Man Raises to his Heavenly Reward

Joel Shew, one of the oldest men in Clinton township, passed to his reward Sunday afternoon after a lingering illness. The cause of his death was due mostly to old age.

The deceased is survived by four children, William of this city, and three daughters, Mrs. Thomas Cambell of Clinton, Mrs. G. D. Clark of Knoxville, Iowa, and Mrs. Emma Van Gundy of Pittsburg, Kas.

The services were held at the Bethlehen church Tuesday morning at 10, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Hall cemetery, Undertaker Sells in charge.

In the Vale of Years, a little booklet published by Wm. L. Morey, is the following in regard to Mr. Shew:

"This representative of a family still very numerous in this township was the third in a family of nine children, and was born in North Caroline, September 23, 1817. When nine years old his parents moved to Indiana making the journey in a wagon with a three horse or spike team and was seven weeks on the way. They arrived here in 1824 and buying a preemption claim they located on land where Mr. Shew's older brother, Henry, is now living. The almost unbroken forest was full of wild deer,, wild turkeys and other game, and the wolves made the night hideous with their howls. Mr. Shew states that their bread was chiefly made from corn meal made in the form known as corn dodger. The mills upon which the grain was ground were small and run by horse or ox power.

"In his locality, the remains of Indiana villages and burying grounds were to be found and later many relics were obtained on the farm of his brother Eli. He also mentioned the little log school house with big fire place, greased paper windows, puncheon floor and seats which he as a boy attended school. Here in the absence of a church meetings were held in the cabins of settlers.

"In the early years he was engaged in sawmilling and farming and lived at his first location until some time in the fifties he engaged in a business with a brother-in-law, Mr. Marley, in Clinton. After two years here he moved to the country where he remained until the building of the railroad, when with his family he again moved to the city, still residing here and making his home with his son, William, though spending much of his time with his daughter, Mrs. Thomas Cambell."

Shew, Levi

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Terre Haute Tribune, Monday, March 31, 1928, p2

Special to the Tribune -- Clinton, IN, March 31 - Funeral services for LEVI SHEW, who died at his home, near Universal Thursday afternoon, will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr. Shew was 83 years old and was a veteran of the Civil War.. Surviving are 3 daughters; Mrs. Margaret Myres of Colorado Springs; Mrs. Direxa McLeary of New Goshen; and Lula Shew at home; 2 sons; Frank Shew of Universal, and Ivan Shew of near Lewis, IN; one sister, Mrs. Direxa Pison; 19 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. 

Shields, Daisy (Mack)

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, Monday, March 19, 1934, p1

Mrs. DAISY SHIELDS Dies at Terre Haute Home --

Mrs. DAISY MACK SHIELDS, wife of Harry Shields of 1126 South 17th Street, Terre Haute, died this morning about 8 o'clock. Mrs. Shields had been ill a year. She lived at Helt's Prairie before her marriage to Mr. Shields.

Surviving besides her husband are three brothers; Eschol and Forest Mack of Helts Prairie and Roy Mack of Waldboro, Maine; three sisters; Mrs. Serene Miller and Miss Glenn Mack of Helt's Prairie and Mrs. Grace French of Wyoming, and a number of nieces and nephews. The body is at Frist's Funeral Home pending arrangements for the funeral service.

Terre Haute Saturday Spectator, Saturday, March 24, 1934, Terre Haute, Indiana 
Following an illness of fourteen months, Mrs. Daisy Mack died Monday morning at Evansville. The body was brought to the residence, 1126 South Seventeenth, Tuesday afternoon with funeral services held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Montrose M.E. church of which Mrs. Shields was a devoted member. Burial was in the Helts Prairie Cemetery.

Mrs. Shields was born in Vermillion county. She lived up until the time of her marriage to Harry Shields, Oct. 21, 1903, in Helts Prairie. At that time she came to Terre Haute where she has since lived. Mrs. Shields was never interested in social life, devoting all her time to her family and her church. She was a member of the Montrose Missionary society, the Friendship Circle, and various other church organizations. 

At the funeral services the members of the Standard Bearers and the Friendship Circle attended in a body.

Pallbearers were Herman Seidel, George H. Tipton, M. Ross Evans, Earl C. Hey, W. O. Elliott, and Dr. D. B. Miller.

Mrs. Shields is survived by the husband, Harry B. Shields; three brothers, Eschol and Forest Mack of Helts Prairie and Roy Mack of Waldobora, Me.; three sisters, Mrs. Grace Franch of Sheridan, Wyo, Mrs. Serene Miller, and Miss Glenn Mack of Helts Prairie; and several nieces and nephews.

Shields, Harry B.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, Monday, February 25, 1952, p1

HARRY B. SHIELDS Dies at Marshall, Illinois -- HARRY B. SHIELDS, 77, of 1122 South 18th Street, Terre Haute, died at the Dunkel Nursing Home in Marshall, IL, at 1:00 a.m. today after a three months illness.

He is survived by the widow, Mabel; two nieces, Mrs. Lillian Johnson and Miss Bertha Shields, both of Terre Haute; and two nephews, John Shields of Akron, OH, and Harold Mack of Clinton.

The body was taken to the Frist Funeral Home and will be taken to the Montrose Methodist Church in Terre Haute at noon Tuesday and will remain at the church for services at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Rev. C.H. Loveland will officiate and burial will be made in Helt's Prairie Cemetery. 

Short, Dorothy M.

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune-Star

CLINTON - Dorothy M. Short, 86, of Clinton died Wednesday, May 10, 2006, at home in the loving presence of her family, following a brief illness. She was a homemaker, devoted wife and mother. She was born Feb. 28, 1920, in Vigo County to Walter Scott Montgomery and Alta Maude Graham Montgomery.

Survivors include her husband of 67 years, Harold D. Short, whom she married June 3, 1938, in Rockville; one son, Jon D. Short and his wife Judy of Crystal Lake, Ill.; one daughter, Sue A. Reed and her husband Richard A. Reed of Clinton; three grandchildren, Kristen E. Short of Chicago, Jennifer A. Short of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Kevin Short of Crystal Lake; one niece; and two nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; two brothers, James and Lee; and five sisters, Mary, Ruth, Bertha, Sidona and Blanche.

Cremation was chosen. A private memorial service is planned with interment at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Frist Funeral Home assisted with arrangements.

In lieu of flowers, if friends so desire, memorial contributions may be made to VistaCare Hospice Foundation, 3401 S. Fourth St., Terre Haute, IN 47802. 

Shorter, James

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, Friday, January 18, 1907, p8

Speaking of the death of JAMES SHORTER, formerly of this city, whose remains were laid to rest here the latter part of the week, the Rosedale Tribune says:

"While gathering coal from the tracks between No. 10 mine and the old pump house Wednesday morning about 7:30 o'clock, James Shorter was ground beneath the wheels of the Vandalia switch engine. It seems that the old gentleman had taken a bucket to gather coal from the switch, which was near his home. The train crew had taken the men to work at the mine and had taken the switch, began moving a cut of cars. While it is not positively known, it is believed that he was under the cars, as no one saw him until the conductor noticed the mangled form beneath the wheels. The men picked him up and carried him to his home to await the coroner's inquest and preparation for burial. Shorter was 70 years old, leaves a widow and as reported, 23 children. He was an old soldier and had recently moved to No. 10 from here, having formerly lived in the Vail property on South Main Street." 

Shute, Claude

Contributed by: Karen Zach
Source: obituary in a scrapbook from a collection of Fauniel Hershberger's typed by Walt W dated 1963

Danville, Ill. — Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Monday, June 3, at the Bodine & Shelby Funeral Home in Covington for Claude M. Shute, age 69, a resident of 108 1/2 Iowa St., Danville, who died Friday, May 31, at 10 p.m. at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Danville, Ill. He had been a patient there for two days. He was born Sept. 30, 1894 in Vermillion County, the son of Elias and Gertrude Mosbarger Shute. He married Dollie Hines on Dec. 21, 1920. A resident of Danville since 1942, he lived in Gessie before going to Danville. He was a car-man's helper at the C&EI Shops. Mr. Shute was a member of McKinley Methodist Church, Unity Lodge 344, F&AM, Perrysville Chapter OES, and a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Car-men. Surviving are his wife; one son, Estel M. Shute of Danville; two grandchildren, Terry and Deborah Shute; one brother, Elias of Evanston, Wyo.; one sister, Lula Royal of Powell, Wyo.; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by one brother, one sister and his parents. The Rev. Cyril M. Jackson officiated. Burial was in the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, north of Danville. Pallbearers were: Clarence Glover, Herman Holder, Dewey Prather, Arnold Prather, Charles Shaw and Cortz Jones.

Shute, Ephraim

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Weekly Clintonian, Friday, June 26, 1908, p1

Aged Highland Township Farmer Passes Away -- EPHRAIM SHUTE, aged 80 years and a very prominent farmer of Highland Township, died last Friday. He had lived in the county 78 years, and his death is mourned by a very wide circle of friends, besides his relatives. 

Simmons, Elizabeth (Brown)

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: Danville Commercial News.   Mellott, Ind. 

Elizabeth F. Simmons, 86, formerly of Mellott, Ind., died at 1:40 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 1997 at Heritage Healthcare Center, West Lafayette, Ind. She was born on May 11 1911, in Parke County, Ind., the daughter of Edward and Grace Thomas Brown.  She was raised in Vermillion County, Ind. and was a 1929 graduate of Clinton High School.  She had lived in Mellott from 1943 until moving to Lafayette in 1975.  She had been a resident of Heritage Healthcare Center since November of 1991.  She was a member of the Mellott United Church of Christ.  She was a homemaker. She married Arista M. Simmons on June 10, 1939 in Terre Haute Ind.  He preceded her in death on Jan 2 1971.  Surviving are two sons, Donald R. Clark and Edgar L. Simmons, both of Lafayette; a daughter, Grace A. Coyner of Columbus, Ind.; 2 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and a great great grandson.  She was preceded in death by two brothers, a sister, and a stepson, Jack Simmons. Services 1 p.m. Saturday June 21 at Maus Funeral Home in Hillsboro, Ind. Officiating, Rev. Bill Overbay; Burial - Walnut Grove Cemetery, Clinton, Ind.; Visitation 11 a.m. until time of service Saturday at the funeral home.

Skidmore, Josiah G.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, November 10, 1880

On last Sunday, November 7th, the death messenger visited the home of GEORGE and AMANDA SKIDMORE, and at about half past 2 o'clock p.m., bore away, in triumph, the pure spirit of their beloved son, JOSIAH G. SKIDMORE. JOE had been an invalid for nearly two years, being afflicted with the disease of bronchitis, which became so severe about one year ago as to confine him to his room, since which time he has been growing worse, although he appeared to get better. Recently, the disease has seemed to be bronchial consumption, and has slowly consumed life's flame, yet he bore his afflictions with remarkable patience and fortitude. That day he told his mother not to mourn, for everything was right, and he would be better by half past 2 o-clock. He watched the clock that he might know the time. Sure enough, at about half past 2 o-clock, his body was relieved from pain and his soul released from bondage. He died very quietly and peacefully, and was conscious until the last breath left him. JOE was 20 years, 9 months, and 6 days of age. --Summit Grove, November 8, 1880 

Skinner, Norman

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, May 12, 1880

Last week we published the particulars about NORMAN SKINNER, of Highland township, being at Eugene and meeting with an accident on his road home. He was thrown from his wagon a short distance north of Eugene, where he lay until 8 oclock the next morning. He was supposed to be badly hurt, but not dangerously injured. He was taken home and on close examination by Dr. Leavitt of Danville, IL, and Dr. E.T. Spotswood, his spine was found to be seriously hurt which caused paralysis and resulted in his death on Thursday last. If Mr. SKINNER had let whisky alone, he would have been alive and in good health today. The deceased was born in Ohio in 1816, and settled in this county in 1824. At the time of his death, he was 64 years of age. He was a man of considerable means and leaves his family in comfortable circumstances. 

Skjordahl, Sue Foltz

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune-Star, September 16, 1998

CLINTON Emily Sue Foltz Skjordahl, 54, of Gurnee, Ill., and formerly of Clinton died Friday morning, Sept. 11, 1998, in her residence. She was a retired registered nurse. She was born March 20, 1944, in Clinton to Kenneth Foltz and Esther Frist Foltz. Survivors include her husband, Jeff Skjordahl; one daughter and son-in-law, Heidi and Kenneth Sorenson of Indianapolis; one son, Martin Skjordahl of Lendenhurst, Ill.; her parents of Clinton; four grandchildren, Erik Sorenson, Hailey Sorenson, Lars Sorenson and Arne Sorenson, all of Indianapolis; and two sisters, Peggy Hughes of Rosedale and Carolyn Lowry of Mississippi. Cremation is scheduled. Memorial services are 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Frist Funeral Home. Contributions may be made to the American Lung Association, in her memory. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home. 

Slater, John

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, July 14, 1880


JOHN SLATER, of Clinton, died at 12:05 p.m. on Friday last, aged in the neighborhood of 36 years. Mr. SLATER was at one time a resident of this place, and was considered a very clever and upright man. He was genial and warm-hearted, and had many friends in this county. His funeral took place on last Saturday afternoon, and was very respectably attended. 

Sleith, Ol

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, April 7, 1880

Sudden Death at Clinton
OL SLEITH, of Clinton, died very suddenly on last Friday morning. He was in his usual health the evening before, but of late, and on that day, had been imbibing pretty freely of liquor which is thought to be the cause of his death. He went to bed well on Thursday evening, and was a corpse by 4 oclock the next morning. Mr. SLEITH had a young widow from Parke County keeping house for him for some time, and it was strongly suspicioned at first that she had poisoned him, as they had not been getting along together very congenially of late. His stepfather, who lives in Clinton, did not think the suspicions strong enough to demand a post mortem examination, and on Sunday evening the remains of OL SLEITH, a once noble and brave soldier of Co. C, 18th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, was laid to rest. Thus one by one that gallant company are passing away. 

Smith, Celestine (Keller)

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: obituary in a scrapbook from a collection of Fauniel Hershberger's typed by Walt W

PERRYSVILLE, Ind. (CNS) — Mrs. Cellestine "Sally" Smith, 52, of Perrysville, died at 4:30 a.m. today (April 29, 1976) at her home. She had been ill 16 months. Mrs. Smith was born July 10, 1923, in Fountain County, the daughter of Paul R. and Adah Dotson Keller. She was married to Glenn L. Smith June 28, 1942, who survives. Other survivors include a son, Dennis of Perrysville Route 1; three daughters, Mrs. David (Sherri) White of Oxford, Ohio, Mrs. Jerry (Shelia) Walters of Perrysville and Mrs. Michael (Sheryl) Spring of Covington; two sisters, Mrs. Twyliah Roper of Belleville, Ill. and Mrs. Jane Cadman of Urbana; a brother Darrell Keller of Cayuga, her mother, Mrs. Adah Smith of Danville and 10 grandchildren. She was a former resident of the Kingman area and a graduate of Kingman High. She had been a resident of Perrysville 34 years and was a member of the Perrysville United Methodist Church, the Auxiliary of Walter Hoyt Post 350 American Legion, the Evergreen Camp 9601 Royal Neighbors of America and the Vermillion County Home Economics Club. She had been employed at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Danville for five years. Services will be at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Bodine and Shelby Funeral Home in Covington. The Rev. Henry Karg will officiate. Burial will be in Lower Mound Cemetery southwest of Covington. The family will receive friends from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

Smith, Charles

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, Friday, January 18, 1907, p5

CHARLES SMITH, infant son of Marion Smith, died January 14, 1907, after a brief illness. The funeral services were conducted at the home by Rev. E.C. Fowler, Wednesday afternoon. Died - the small child of MARION SMITH and wife; burial in the Riverside Cemetery, Wednesday. 

Smith, David

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Thursday, January 11, 1872

Another Old Pioneer Gone to Rest
Our venerable friend, DAVID SMITH, Sr., of Perrysville, died on last Friday evening, at the advanced age of 89 years.Mr. SMITH was born in the State of Virginia, and at an early day moved to this county, where he has remained ever since up to the time of his death.He was one of our most worthy and esteemed citizens; highly respected by all who knew him.He was one of the first settlers who cast his lot among the western wilds of the Wabash valley; and by hard labor and strict economy in business, had accumulated a large fortune of this worlds goods.In his dealings, he was strictly honest and upright; not wishing to take a farthing from anyone that did not belong to him.His noble principles of honesty and industry were instilled into his children, who have grown up to be honorable men and women.He has filled the mission for which God created him, and now at the advanced age of 89 years, the good Father of all nations, sent his guardian angels of peace to wait his spirit on wings of love to the celestial abode of those who are now happy in the realms of eternal bliss.Ripe in years, rich in good deeds of charity and kindness toward his fellow men the old pioneer has been called home to rest.Thus one by one they are dropping off like the leaves of the forest.Soon they will all have passed away.But the memory of their many noble deeds will ever be revered by those who are left behind. 

Smith, Garcie Earl

Contributed by: Karen Zach
Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review 3 Jul 1975 p 2 typed by Walt W

COVINGTON — Garcie Earl Smith, 78, of Covington, died at 4:15 a.m. today in his home. He had been a resident of Highland Township in Vermillion County until retiring from farming in 1960 when he moved to Covington. He was a salesman 21 years for DeKalb Seed Co. and a school bus driver at Perrysville 21 years. Born June 20, 1897, in Vermillion County, he was a son of Charles and Mary Ellen Swank Smith. He was married to Pearl Hall on Nov. 22, 1916. She died June 9, 1963. He was married to Mildred Miller on Feb. 4, 1965. She survives. Also surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Joe (Arla Faye) Sollars of Marshall, Mrs. Gene (Barbara) Carter of Salem, Ore., and Mrs. Fred (Patricia) Goodwald of Arvin, Calif.; five stepchildren, Mrs. Carolyn Lynch of Lowell, Mrs. Phyllis Osborn of LaGrange, Ill., Mrs. Sharon Reffett and Leon Miller of Danville, Ill., and Deon Miller of Lowell: 11 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Services will be in Bodine & Shelby Funeral Home at 2 p.m. Saturday with the Rev. Joe Sowers Jr. officiating. Burial will be in Hopewell Cemetery. Friends may call after 3 p.m. Friday.

Source: obituary in a scrapbook from a collection of Fauniel Hershberger's typed by Walt W

COVINGTON Ind. (CNS) — Services were at 2 p.m. today at the Bodine & Shelby Funeral Home for Garcie Earl Smith, 78, of Covington, who died at his home Thursday (July 3, 1975). The Rev. Joe Sollars Jr. officiated, and burial was in Hopewell Cemetery. Additional survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Cole of Covington Route 3 and Mrs. Catherine Peyton of Covington Route 2.

Smith, John F.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, June 30, 1880

It was during the aurora, when the golden sunlight gleamed in fullness and brightness, that death made dark another home. June 23rd, JOHN F. SMITH, assessor of Helt township, departed this life. He was born in the State of Ohio in 1820, married in 1842. He was married a second time, his former wife having died. He moved to this State in 1848 where he resided until last Wednesday morning, when the great wheels of life stood still, in his 60th year. The funeral services were conducted by Brother J.A. Mast. A large concourse of sympathizing friends followed his remains to the final resting place. It was by industry and perseverance that he attained property, yet he had not forgotten that he had an immortal soul. His sufferings were protracted and very severe, yet the radiance of the unseen world aided much in alleviating his distress. As an ardent Sabbath school worker, as an enthusiastic temperance promoter, as a devout and humble Christian, as a true and truthful man, as a kind and venerable pioneer, he passed over calmly. The community sympathizes with the bereaved. 

Smith, Newton (Mrs.)

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, March 10, 1880

The wife of NEWTON SMITH, of Highland township, died of consumption on Monday of last week, aged about 20 years. She was an estimable lady, and had only been married about a year. She leaves a husband and a host of friends who deeply mourn her death. 

Snider, Lemon

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune, October 14, 1919

Lemon Snider, 50 years old, died at 6:30 o'clock this morning at St. Anthony's hospital. The body was taken to the Rhyan and Goodman chapel and was sent to Dana this afternoon for burial. 

Snoddy, Raymond L.

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: Crawfordsville Journal-Review, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County Indiana, 31-Aug-1976 p 2

Perrysville - Raymond L. Snoddy, 84, Rt 1, Perrysville died 8:30 p.m. Monday in his home. Mr. Snoddy was a life resident of the Perrysville area farming most of his life. He was a 1911 graduate of Perrysville HS and 1915 graduate of University of Ill. He was a veteran of WWI in the Army Air Force. Early in life, Mr. Snoddy was a teacher and proprietor of the General Store at Danville, Ill. He was a trustee of Highland Twp in Vermillion County 1951-58. Mr. Snoddy was a member of Perrysville United Methodist Church. Walter Hoyt American Legion Post 350, Vermillion County Indiana Historical Society and Lions Club of Perrysville. Born November 21, 1891 in Fountain County, he was the son of William Irwin and Eliza Johnson Snoddy. He was married to Lucille Allen Oct 30, 1942. She died Sept 3, 1975. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Ruby Richardson of Rt. 2, Kingman and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Snoddy was preceded in death by 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Services are scheduled 2 p.m. Thursday in Perrysville United Methodist Church with Rev. Henry Karg officiating. Burial in Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville. A military service will be conducted at the cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday in Bodine & Shelby Funeral Home Covington. 

Snyder, Lem (Mrs.)

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
November 21, 1916

Mrs. Lem Snyder, age 49, died suddenly Sunday night at her home near Highland. She was subject to attacks of heart trouble. She had eaten a hearty supper and gone to bed feeling as well as usual. She woke up in the night not feeling well. She arose about 1 o'clock and went to the front door for a few months and when returning to her bed dropped dead. She was a daughter of the late Benjamin Pearman and is survived by her husband and two children, also four brothers and two sisters. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning and burial at Highland Cemetery. 

Sowers, Roscoe

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune, March 3, 1999

CAYUGA -- Roscoe Sowers, 79, of Newport died Tuesday, March 2, 1999, in Terre Haute Regional Hospital. He was born June 10, 1919, in Anetta, Ky., to Grover Sowers and Rebecca Decker Sowers. Survivors include his wife, Martha Jane Pearman Sowers; two sons, Clifford D. Sowers and Dennis L. Sowers; one daughter, Elsie Allen; four sisters, Bessie Jubl, Dorothy Smedley, Gladys Miller and Sue Lang; nine grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren. Graveside services are 10 a.m. Thursday in Thomas Cemetery in Newport. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. today in DeVerter Brothers Funeral Home. 

Spandau, Clifford

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: Unknown newspaper - obituary found in a collection belonging to Fauniel Hershberger, long-time Fountain County resident (mostly 1950-70s obits)

Perrysville - Clifford V. Spandau, 70, died at 7:02 a.m. Sunday in St. Elizabeth Hospital, Danville, Ill where he had been a patient 20 days. He was a life resident of Perrysville area and farmed until he retired 3 years ago due to ill health. He was a member of K of P Lodge 113 of Perrysville, and had served on the Vermillion County Fair Board 12 years. Born April 29, 1903, he was a son of Walter Lewis and Leatha Cordrey Spandau. He married Lucille Cox Dec 31, 1934. She survives. Other survivors include 4 daughters, Mrs. Richard (Beverly) Wilcoxen; Mrs. Wilson (Louise) Thomason; Mrs. Bob (Sherry) Kenya and Mrs. Arthur (Carol) Sheridan Jr; two brothers, Pearl and Wayne Spandau of California; two sisters, Mrs. Ruby Cummings of Pontiac, Mich and Mrs. Mary Mathes of Terre Haute and 9 grandchildren. Services will be 2 p.m. in Bodine & Shelby Funeral Home, Covington where Rev. Henry Karg will officiate. Burial in Lower Mound Cemetery.

Spurgeon, Joe

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune, October 24, 1957

Clinton, Ind., Oct 24 - (Special) - Joe Spurgeon, 77 years old, R.R. 1 Hillsdale, died at 5:45 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the Vermillion County Hospital here. Surviving are the wife, Ona; a son, Martin of Clinton; two daughters (Mrs.) Ruby Scott and Mrs. Olive Bennett, both of Hillsdale; three sisters (Mrs.) Gertrude Sykes of Dana (Mrs.) Hazel Igo of Kankakee, Ill, and Mrs. Nettle Igo of Chicago; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The body was taken to the Frist Funeral Home where friends may call and where services will be conducted at 1:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Burial will be in Helt's Prairie cemetery.

Spurgeon, Ona A.

Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Terre Haute Tribune, Terre Haute, Indiana, March 25, 1961

Clinton, Ind. March 25 - Special - Mrs. Ona A. Spurgeon, 72 years old, of RR 1, Hillsdale, died at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Olive Bennett of RR 1, Hillsdale, following an extended illness. A lifetime resident of Helt Township, she is also survived by another daughter, Mrs. Ruby Scott of Hillsdale, one son Martin Spurgeon of Clinton; one sister Mrs. Margaret Thompson of Dana, one brother, Wayne Beard of RR 1, Hillsdale; five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The body was taken to the Frist Funeral Home where services will be held at 10 a.m. Monday. Burial will be in Helts Prairie cemetery. Friends may call after noon Sunday. 

Staats, Malinda

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, April 28, 1880

Mrs. MALINDA STAATS was born in Breckenridge County, KY, June 5, 1817, and emigrated to Vermillion County, IN, while young. She was married to JOHN STAATS, September 21, 1834, with whom she joined the M.E. Church about 45 years ago, in which communion she rejoiced and worked earnestly. Her house was a pleasant home for the weary itinerants, whose visits were always welcomed and met the cordial expression, I am glad you came. She was beloved by all who knew her. For the last year or more, she was the subject of great affliction, but enduring the same with much patience. As she neared the end, her daughter, Mrs. FONCANNON, said to her, Mother, you suffer greatly. She called her family, which consisted of her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, to her and bid them an affectionate farewell, exhorting them to be good and meet her in Heaven; also her neighbors and the members of the church. She was said to be faithful. Sister STAATS learned to read after she was married, and converted, and the bible was her book. She died on April 21st, 1880, aged 62 years and 10 months. Her funeral was conducted by Bro. McMasters of the Baptist Church. 

Steffy, Claude H.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian Monday, May 15, 1961, pg.1

CLAUDE H. STEFFY, 74, of 204 North Tenth Street, died Saturday at 3 p.m.. following a heart attack while working in his garden. He was dead on arrival at the Vermillion County Hospital.

Mr. Steffy, a pipe fitter, was a member of the First Christian Church and the Steam Fitters Local No. 157 of Terre Haute.

Surviving are the widow, Clara E. Steffy; 4 daughters, Mrs. Loris Ondo, Mrs. Rowena Bertotti. Mrs. Cleora Wisneski, and Mrs. Mila Runyan, all of Clinton; 8 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren; several cousins, nieces and nephews.

The body was taken to the Frist Funeral Home where services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. Rev. John Campbell will officiate and burial will be made in Walnut Grove Cemetery. 

Steir, John M.

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian Wednesday, July 20, 1976, pg.1

Funeral services for JOHN M. STEIR, 59, of 1016 North Seventh Street, have been postponed until Friday, July 23, at 10 a.m. at the Frist Funeral Home. The one day delay was made necessary since the body did not arrive in Clinton as scheduled.

Mr. Steir died early Sunday morning at Sheridan, WY, where he and his wife flew to visit their son and family.

Visitation will be 4-9 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. 

Stewart, Mayme (Crane)

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
October 28, 1980

Mrs. Mayme Stewart, 94, died of an apparent heart attack at 2 p.m. Tuesday, in a hospital near the home of her daughter, Mrs. Madge Swiderski, of Melrose Park, IL. A former resident of Dana, Mrs. Stewart made her home with the daughter.

She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bert Crane. Her husband, Mert Stewart, died several years ago.

Survivors include 2 daughters, Mrs. Swiderski and Mrs. Glenn Brownfield of Chicago; 2 sons, Leland of Michigan; and Max of Knoxville, TN; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Stogdill, John

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
Newport Hoosier State, Wednesday, January 14, 1880

JOHN STOGDILL, aged about 35, died at his home last Wednesday of consumption. 

Strazzabosco, Domenic

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian Monday, July 29, 1935, p1

DOMENIC STRAZZABOSCO, 63, died at the Vermillion County Hospital last night following a lengthly illness.

Funeral services will be held at the residence, corner of Eighth and Vine Streets, tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery.

Mr. Strazzabosco is survived by the widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Strazzabosco; his sons, John, Mario and Leno, Clinton; and Victor, Chicago; and his step-children, Domenic Ave, Chicago; Nellie and Angeline Ave, Chicago; and a sister, Mrs. Mary Antonini, Clinton. There also are 3 sisters and a brother who reside in Italy.

The deceased, a coal miner, had lived here for the past 31 years. His body will be removed from the Ryan-Masselink Funeral Home to the residence this evening. 

Surbaugh, Alexander

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: History of Fountain County, Indiana, by H. W. Beckwith, 1881, Chicago, IL., pp: 398

Alexander Surbaugh, physician and surgeon, Harveysburg, was born in Greenbrier County, Va., Sept 30, 1816. His father, a native of Va, died when Alexander was 3. His mother, also born in Va, after the death of her husband married Joseph Daneron whose death occurred in Va. She next married Mr. Mark Bruffee, a Methodist Minister and with him moved to Indiana in 1836 and in 1838 located 3 Miles South of Rockville, where she died in 1846. She was a Methodist. Alexander was an only son by the first union. His parents were poor, so that the boy could not satisfy his desire for an education. He, however, acquired sufficient to enable him to teach, which he followed for several years. When 19 he entered the ministry in the Methodist Church and became at once successful, yet never gave all his time to the church. In 1840 he began the study of medicine under Dr. John B. and S.T. Clark, at Russellville with whom he read 5 years also teaching. He then finished his preparatory reading under Dr. Slavens at Portland Mills. When writing an application for a school the doctor stepped in and taking the written article destroyed it and urged and induced Mr. Surbaugh to begin the active practice of medicine. Dr. Surbaugh located at Howard, Parke County, Indiana where he remained 17 years. In the 3rd year he was offered a partnership with his former preceptor but his practice continued him at Howard. Dr. Surbaugh bought a farm verses on account of security, he sold and moved near Harveysburg, where he bought a small farm. He again sold and moved into Harveysburg and bought the Spencer Hotel of which he is now landlord, and also practices his profession. He is a physician of experience and success. He has quite successfully treated the disease known as milksick, having had as many as 150 cases at one time. Politically, Dr. Surbaugh has been a Mason since 1852. He was married Sept 5, 1839 to Martha Ann Scott Cummings. She was born in Virginia Oct 15, 1815 and came to Parke County with her parents about 1838. She died May 8, 1851 leaving 4 children, 3 of whom are living. Dr. Surbaugh was next married March 17, 1852 to Catharine Duzan of Vermillion County, Indiana. She was born in Kentucky March 25, 1824. They have 9 children living; Mary V; Rachel D; and Everard M. of first family and William O; Sarah J; Lizzie M; Frances E; Effie M. and Nollie C. of the second family. Ida died April 27, 1880 of typhoid fever. This was a severe blow to the family, as she was a young lady of an intellectual and christian character and at the interesting age of 16. 

Sutton, Ezra

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, June 12, 1982, p8

Word has been received of the death Sunday afternoon of EZRA SUTTON, 82, of Seymour. He was a former resident of St. Bernice. He was a retired engineer on the Milwaukee Railroad. He is survived by his wife. Funeral services will be at the Spurgeon Funeral Home in Brownsburg at 2 p.m. Wednesday. 

Swingley, Almeda Mack

Submitted by: Carolyn Schwab
The Daily Clintonian, Thursday, March 15, 1934, p1

Mrs. ALMEDA MACK SWINGLEY, age 77, died at 1:40 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Clara Fairbanks Home in Terre Haute after an illness which lasted over a year. Mrs. Swingley spent her early life in the Helt's Prairie community and prior to entering the home in 1931, she lived in California.

Mrs. Annie Walker of New York City, a sister of Mrs. Swingley, is the only survivor in her immediate family, but she is survived by a number of nieces and nephews who live at Helt's Prairie.

Funeral services will be held at the Frist Funeral Home at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon, with burial at Helt's Prairie Cemetery. The Rev. Ralph Gwin will officiate. 

Switzer, Odilla (McClain)

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: obituary in a scrapbook from a collection of Fauniel Hershberger's typed by Walt W

Cayuga, Ind. (CNS)— Mrs. Odilla Switzer, 69, of Cayuga Rural Route, died yesterday (June 14, 1967) at the Vermillion County Nursing Home. Born Nov. 29, 1897, in Stringtown, Ind., she was the daughter of William and Ardie Bell Newnum McLain. She was married to Frank Switzer, who died. She was a member of the Snoddy Church in Stringtown. Survivors include two sons, Frank and Donnie, both of Cayuga; two brothers, Henry D. McLain and Oscar McLain, both of Indianapolis; two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Brakes of Cates and Mrs. Fauniel Howard of Cayuga; and eight grandchildren. She also was preceded in death by three brothers, three sisters and a grandchild. Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the Watson Funeral Home. Burial will be in the Eugene Cemetery. The body is at the funeral home.

Sykes, Jesse

Submitted by: R. Dixson

An Old Citizen Devoured by Hogs- A Ghastly and Sickening Night
Uncle Jesse Sykes, an old farmer and respected citizen of this towhship, residing about 3 miles west of town, met a most horrible death near 5 oclock on last Friday evening, Nov 11, 1892. Mr Sykes was subject to epileptic fits, but had not had any attacks since last spring. On that evening, between 4 and 5 oclock he went out to the hog lot, containing about one acre of ground, to feed his fattening hogs, about 25 in number. He stayed longer than usual and as supper was waiting him, his step-daughter went out to see what detained him so long. The feed lot is located 100 yards from the residence. When she arrived there a horrible sight met her view. Fifteen or twenty hogs were feeding upon his lifeless remains. He had fed the hogs and started to return to his residence when he fell in an epileptic fit and before he could recover the hogs had partly devoured him. The daughter ran to the house and gave the alarm. The hogs were clubbed off and the most ghastly sight ever seen was witnessed by the family. The hogs had torn the flesh from his thighs, eaten off one of his ears, his privates and were devouring his entrails. He was conveyed to the house and a neighbor notified to go for the Coronor Brindley, who held an inquest that night rendering a verdict in accordance with the above facts.

The deceased was born in North Carolina on the 17th of February 1818 and had he lived till the 17th of next February, he would have been 75 years of age. He leaves a wife and a number of children to mourn his sad death. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. John S Brown, a minister of the U.B. Church, at the Thomas cemetery, on Sunday last, Nov 13, 1892, after which his remains were placed in the silent grave to await the morning of the resurrection, when the earth and sea shall give up their dead.

To their many friends who assisted them so kindly in their sad bereavement. Mrs. Sykes and the children tender their most sincere thanks.