Fairview? School

Undated photos from the 1930's

Note From a previous CC:  I spoke with my husband's cousin about this picture because their mothers' maiden name is Kitchen.  Here's what she had to say:  "I talked with mom and showed her the picture you sent.  She said that Bob Kitchen is not related to us.   Apparently there was another family of Kitchen's living in Fairview.  Mom recognized some of the names from the back of the picture and said they were around her age which is 78.  She thought that the school might be the old Fairview school."

The second photo below includes many of the same students and appears to have been taken a year or two after the first.

1st Row:
Tom Hutson, Wilbert Hall, Ralph Kerr, Bob Malonoski, Bob Kitchen, Carl Pearman, Ella Mae Shannon

2nd Row:
Bill Whittenmeyer, Junior Thomas, Bob Verginia, Charles Daniels, Laura Jo Smith, Martha Mae Wheeler, Evelyn Salin, Pauline Clark, Margaret Foster, Roberta Brown, Doris Mae Kite

3rd Row:
Neil Dunn, Darrel Watson, Bob Duggers, Forrest Bennett, Charles Bazetto, Edgar Murdy, Billy Aldersen, Wayne McBride

Miss Mary Newport

Submitted by Tara Mathey
Class Photo
Pauline Clark
Margaret C. Griffiths

4th Row:
Bobby Dugger, Edgar Murdy, Bobby Malonski, Kenneth Wallace, James Pine, Forrest Bennett, Jackie Curtis, Russell Wallace, Bobby Vergina

3rd Row:
Billy Aldersen, Darrel Watson, Andrew Benson, Julia Hudomal, Evelyn Salin, Pauline Clark, Marjorie Terrington, Charles Boggerts, Roy May, Andy Dash

2nd Row:
Laura Jo Smith, Beverly Jordan, Roberta Brown, Betty Gurich, Velma Curry, Dorthy Tanner, Doris Mae Hite, Ella Mae Shannon

1st Row:
James Reynolds, Billy Whitmeyer, Donald Stash, Leon Folty, Neil Dunn, Wilbert Hall, Ralph Kerr, Junior Thomas

Submitted by Tara Mathey