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Vermillion County Relay Race - May 1915.
The gentleman holding the flag is Raymon Canaday

Submitter Unknown
Newspaper Article

The following caption accompanied this photograph: "This picture goes back 70 years to the days when the Quaker community was a thriving little town. The photo is the property of Mrs. Charles V. (Pearl) Hughes of Quaker. She has numbered the people in the picture whom she could identify and she says it is a group of members of the Modern Woodsman Lodge No. 4491 which thrived back in 1896 or so. Note the sign in the background. Following are the names of some of the Members of the lodge pictured:

1. B.F. Noble (grandfather of Mrs. Pearl Hughes);
2. Will Ellis (father of Ester Moore);
3. Bert Cooke;
4. Noah Dixon (preacher);
5. Elmer Davis (school teacher);
6. John Castle (grandfather of Mary Walthall);
7. Rube Fortner;
8. Tom Phillips (father of Earl Phillips);
9. Owens (the photographer, Marshall, Ind.);
10. Charley Wickens (father of Ralph Wickens);
11. Sam Nelson and
12. Charley Fortner (father of Roy Fortner)"

This picture was sent to a previous CC by a Vermillion Co resident who scanned it from an old newspaper picture.  Best guess is that it appeared in one of the Vermillion County papers in the mid 1960's. The picture appears to have been taken in front of the Quaker School.

Submitted by Kenna Allison