Boy Scouts, School Patrol - Newport School

Submitted by Kenna Allison
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Newport Boy Scouts
Newport also had a troop of scouts to observe scout week.  Those boys of this troop, No. 63, appearing in the above picture are: Top row-- John Thomas, Billy Rein, Barton Thomas, Eugene Trimble, Bill Wittenmyer, Herbert Arrasmith Clarence Poore, Dave Asbury, Bottom row -- Frank Foos, Jack Hutson, Robert Carithers, Russell Ingram, P. J. Grumley, Harold Myers, Robert McMasters, and Robert Moore.  Scoutmaster McMasters stands in the rear.
Newspaper Article

Newport's School Safety Patrol Boys
Fair Weather or foul these patrol boys protect their fellow schoolmates by directing pedestrian traffic in the danger zones.  Recently the Newport Lions Club donated raincoat and hat outfits to the group.  Left to right are Herbert Arrasmith Marvin Kersey, Billy Whittenmyer, Voorie Foos, Jr., Bill I-----, Robert McMasters, Frankie Foos, Kenneth Wiggins, and Russell Ingram