Pyle Family

Photos Submitted by: Cindy Taylor-Matuse

Will, Ernie and Maria (Taylor) Pyle
(no date or name probably 1902-03)
"Ernie Pyle was born on a farm near Dana in 1900. He served for three months in the United States Navy Reserve at the end of World War I; after the war he attended Indiana State University but left before graduating to take a newspaper job. He served for several years as the managing editor at the Washington Daily News, and later became the nation's first aviation columnist. He began as a roving correspondent in 1935, and became a war correspondent when the United States entered World War II. His work during the war earned him a Pulitzer Prize. He died in combat in 1945."

Source: Wikipedia
Aunt Mary, Ernie & Will Pyle

Aunt Mary Bales, Ernie Pyle, Uncle Will Pyle
Will & Mary Pyle

William Clyde Pyle & Mary Elizabeth Taylor Bales