What's New at Vermillion County, Indiana, GenWeb

Sep 2014 New surnames added to the Surname Registry. Check to see if there is a new contact who may help with your research!
Jun 2014 Dozens of new obituaries and photos contributed by Cindy Taylor-Matuse.
April 11, 2014 Biography of Richard Shute, contributed by Eric M. Shute
Jan 2014 Additional obituaries, newspaper announcements and biographies, contributed by Karen Zach.
30 Dec 2013 Map showing cemetery locations.
11 Nov 2013 Bumgardner Funeral Home Records, 1907-1916.  These records include names from Blackford, Wells and Vigo Counties, as well as Vermillion.
4 Jul 2013 Volume 3 Marriages, 1844-1861, transcribed by Pat Asher.
Jun 2013 Additional Obituaries and WW I Draft Registrations submitted by Karen Zach
5 May 2013 1850 Mortality Schedule, transcribed by Pat Asher
6 Mar 2013 Houchin, Pearman, Pyle, Taylor, & Thorne photos and biographies, submitted by Cindy Taylor-Matuse.
28 Feb 2013 Obituaries submitted by Cindy Taylor-Matuse.
5 Feb 2013 Naturalizations 1938-39, submitted by Karen Zach.
Jan 2013 Transcribed 1820 U.S. Federal census pages for Vigo County which include known early settlers of Vermillion County.  These pages are presumed to include other early settlers not identified in subsequent histories of the County.
Nov 2012-Jan 2013 Transcribed the Vermillion County chapters and biographies from Biographical & Historical Record of Vermillion County, Indiana (Pub. 1888).  The index to the transcriptions is located in the  "History" section of the site.
Sep-Oct 2012
  • Reformatted entire site.
  • Reorganized site to make information easier to find.
  • Linked tombstone photos to cemetery indexes.
  • Reorganized historic photos as an album indexed by location and/or family.
  • Transcribed data that had previously been displayed as images, as well as photo captions, so they are now indexed by the site search engine.

My sincere thanks to the previous Coordinators for Vermillion County, who built the foundations for the current site: Pamela Yates (2001-2007) and Joe Markovich (Oct. 2007-Aug. 2012).  -- Pat Asher, Sep. 2012