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H & I  books

Haefner - see Pope, Peter & Catherine Haefner

Hall - see Snoddy

Haly - see Clary Genealogy

Hamilton Family, Desc. of John------------------------- Hamilton

Hamilton - see Graham, Proudfit---Joy Kay

Hamilton, Henry,- see Indiana 1779-1929 - Geo. Rogers Clark 150th Anniversary---Hamilton

Hamilton - see Henderson---Joy Kay

Hamilton - see Robertson

Hamilton - see Andrew Fry 1762-1842 & Desc.------ Roy Fry

Hammond---------------------------------------------------- Joy Kay

Hanaway, Jacob & Eliza Ann (Bunnell) Hanaway, Ancestor/Descend.

Hanaway, Nathaniel History & Genealogy-------------- Hanaway

Hanman - see Schroeder---Spinn

Hanna---------------------------------------------------------- Bill Barnes

Hanna - see Hammond---Joy Kay

Hanna - see Ireland , Cochra, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove, Coughell, Hanna & Johnsonbaugh---Joy Kay

Hannah - see Coulter, McCall, Guthre, Hannah & Patton---------Joy Kay  

Hanna, Gibson, Keever, Dimmit, Wilson, Spencer, Barnes

Harbolt, Billy-------------------------------------------------------Chris Dold  

Harbolt "Billy" & Family

Harner - see Schauer

Harper - see Currie------------------------------------------------Joy Kay  

Harvey, Diary of Charles H. Harvey Feb. 12 to Nov. 12 1852, Harvey (White, Bring Binder)

Harrington - see Nice

Harriman, Founty Years After Edward Henry 1848-1909--Harriman  

Harris - see Rec. of the McGeath

Harrison, William Henry-------------------------------IN Heroes for Young Hoosiers. No.3

Harrison, Wm. Henry (6pgs. From Young Hoosiers)------  Hoosiers

Hawkins - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker

Hawkins - see Colonel David Crockett

Haworth - see Pequetti Jean Hunt Brewer

Haworth, George & Some of the Desc.------------------------Haworth

Haworth, - see Scarborough

Hayworth - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker

Headlee Family------------------------------------------------------1980 Headlee

Headlee - see Dellinger Family History

Headlee - see Jordan

Heglin - see Straley-------1992  

Heiney Family Record, book 7-----------------------------------Thryza Heiny

Helvie - see Bailey  

Henderson, Biography & Gen. of Henderson, Margaret & Jones Addison---Henderson Memorial Assoc.

Henderson------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Henderson Family Records---------------------------------------Seaver

Henderson, Our Henderson & Allied Families--------------Bixler, Scott, Gick

Henderson - see Strasser  

Hendricks, Thomas A. -------------------------------------------Holcomb & Skinner

Hendrickson-see Bailey

Hendrickson-see Van Deusen

Henry-see Bailey  

Harshberger Family,

Hershman Family-----------------------------------------------------John R. Hershman

Herron, Thomas Family History-----------------------------------Millis  

Hess, Joseph & Mary  Genea

Hicks - Misc. T-Z-see Williams

Hildebran-White Famililes-----------------------------------Fuchsia R. Heglin  

Hilderbrand - see Baer, Hilderbrand, Remonon & March

Hill - see Diaries of Calina Fletcher

Hinkle - see Bunnell Genealogy  

Hinkle - see Horner


Hobbins, Genealogy, 300 years in America -------------------Jackson  

Hockenberry, Peter - Desc. of his son John.--------------------Renick

Holliday - see VA Genea. Glassell Fm.

Hoover, Desc. of Peter----------------------------------------------Byrn

Hoover, Desc. of Peter H. & Elizabeth Byrn

Hopend - see Zarse---Wonders  

Horen - Dunphy Family

Horner - see Bunnell Genealogy  

Horner Family history (Frink, Hinkle, Bunnel, Wm.) White binder

Houser - see Trudy Johnson Family Research

Howland - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Hudkins - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Huggans - see Stewart

Hughes, Ellis Genealogy 1776-1850-------------------------------Hughes

Hughes - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Hughes - see Jordan

Hunt, Haworth, Wert, Jessup, Frye, Wright (Ped. Charts)----Brewer

Hunt Family Records-------------------------------------------------Seaver

Hunt, Pequetti Jean Hunt Brewer Fm.  See Brewer

Hunter, Wakeland, Johnsonburg

Hurd - see 300 Years America -------------------------------------Badger

Hutchison - see Carson

Hutchison - see Sharp  

Hutchison - see Sharp & their Desc.



Iams of America ------------------------------------------------Reynolds, M. D.

Iden, Randall - Sons of Iden

Isaacs - Misc. T-Z-see Watts

Ike, the Story of Uncle-----------------------------------------------Jackson

Ireland-see Irelan, Ireland, Cochran, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove, Caughell, Hanna &          Johnsonbaught---------Joy Kay

Isner-see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy  


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