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Landis Genealogy--------------------------------------------Landis & Stoner

Landes - see Crichfield-----------------------------------

Lane, A Memorial to Chester T.--------------------------Potterf

Lantz-see Shafer---Joy Kay

Larson - Misc. T-Z-see Williams  

Lawson, misc. - see T-Z see Williams, Lawson--------- Harold Edmund

Lawton, Major General Henry W.-----------------------Ft. Wayne Lib.

Lear Family History--------------------------------Marjaret (Crosby) Anderson

Lear - see Crosby History

Lear - see Johnston Stapp & Allied Families  

Lemmon - see Baer, Hilderbrand, Lemmon & Marsh

Lesley-Leslie       1755 - 1955------------------------------Ruth Leslie

Lewis - Vagenea,  Wm Leslie,  Geassell Families

Lick, James 1796-1876---------------------------------------Worrilow  

Lilly, James

Lincoln, Abraham---------------------------------------------Sandburg

Lincoln, Abraham, Lawyer---------------------------------- Moore  

Lincoln, The Indiana Lincoln Memorial --- In Lincoln Union 1938, Spencer County

Lincoln , Newspaper Clipping of Booth Assassination-----Newspaper

Lincoln , True Stories About Abraham--------------------Gross

Lincoln Lived Here-------------------------------------------Miller  

Linder - see Iowa Cousins ----------------------------------Beck

Little - see Van Scoy & Little Families---Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

Littlepage - see VA Genealogies,  Glassell Families

Livingston - see Robertson  

Logan, Reynolds, Clark, Boram - The Name & Family of Logan --- Media Research Bureau

Lontz - see Townsley

Lontz, Our German, Pilgrim & Quaker Ancestors-------------Mary Belle Lontz

Lourie - see Robertson  

Lost Links, ---------------------------------------------------E.W. Francis & E.S. Moore

Lowe - Misc. T-Z-see Watts  

Lowe - Jackson,------------------------------------------ Judge Russell Gordon

Lucy--------------------------------------------------------------Bixler & Scott

Lucy, History & Genealogy----------------------------------Lucy

Lucy - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Luken - see Schroeder---Spinn

Lund - see A Berkshire Family History---Brubaker

Luse - see Criswell


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