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Randolph-see Pocahontas---Barbara Wolfe

Rainier Family

Rappahannock , Story Book----------------------------------------------------Hite

Rawlings - see Capt. Granville Ward  

Rawlings, - see Greist Collection

Raymond - see Book of Remembrances, White Marr. Finch. 

Reams Family-2007-----------------------------------------Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

Reams - see Reams, Yount & McCloud

Redd - see Paschen  

Reding, Thomas R.  Story of ----------------------------Noland & Buckley

Reed, Capt. Alfred Finch & Abraham Venoah & Other Reeds----Hamell (in sheet protectors)

Reed - see Carson

Reed, The Genealogy-------------------------------------------------------Seaver

Reed - see Book of Remembrance, White Marr.   See Finch

Reese - see Ancestors of Gosnell & Reese---Piker

Rennolds -Reynolds Family of England & Va. 1530-1948----------Tillman  

Renwick,  James Information ---------------------------------------Howie

Renwick - Misc. T-Z-See Williams

Reynolds Family of white Co., In.-------------------------Major Levi Reynolds

Rice - see The Boggs Family---Boggs

Richey, Family History of W. Rankins Richey--------------Willard & Dawson

Riddall - see Katon  

Ridgaway,  Descendants of The Ridgway - Ridgeway - Ridgway 

Ridgaway - see Ridgway

Roadrock - see Rothrock Genealogy 1684-1978---Rothrock

Roberts Family-----------------------------------------------Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

Roberts - see Flaters---Murphy

Robertson, Small & Related Families------------------------------Small  

Robenson Family,  Desc. of J.H. Robinson, Allen Co. IN & Jasper Co IN. --D.B. McInnes. 2003

Robinson - see VA Gene. ---------Glassell Families

Robinson - see Family of Wm. H. Piker & M.E.Robinson---Piker  

Robinson - see Price, Soloman thru Peter

Roderick - see Rothrock

Rodrock - see Rothrock

Rogers, Capt. Robert Rogers Rangers-------------------Ft. Wayne Pub. Library

Rogers, Helen J., Scrapbook of---------------------------------------------- Rogers

Rogers-Skinner Family------------------------------------------------------- Rogers

Roller, Desc. of Peter & Mary (Miley) Roller----Ginetta Lynn VandenDever

Rood - see Crichfield

Rose,  The Diary of Robert Rose----------------------------------------------Hall

Ross - see Ike

Roth Family 1804-1990---------------------------------------------------Unknown

Rothrock Genealogy 1684-1978----------------------------------------Rothrock

Rothrock, Hanns-----------------------------------------------------Diane McInnes

Rotruck - see Rothrock

Rotruck - see Straley…1992

Roush, Search for the Family of David Elsworth Roush 187?-1959---Gilliatt

Rudolph Family of Va. --------------------------------------------------------Blums  

Ruemler,  Carl J. & Wilehmina Weis

Ruemler - see Schroeder---Spinn

Russell - see 300 Years American


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