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Sandifer, The Family of James  Frank-----------------------Love

Sarse-see Zarse, Desc. of Arend Sarse

Saubert-see Schroeder---Spinn

Scarborough-Haworth Some Quaker Families Vol. I-II-III----Boone

Scearce - see Weakley


Scheible - see Descendants of My Great Grandparents

Schenck Family------------------------------------------------Harrison

Schlegelmilch-see A Berkshire Family History

Schnepp - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker


Schroeder - see Bailey

Schroeder Family, 10 Generations Back-------------------Schroeder    

Schull -Wolf Pedigree,  Barbara Schull Wolfe Pedigree Charts" by Barbara Schull Wolfe

Schumacher - see Mayo

Schuman - see Crosby History

Scouller - see Young, Mc Bride, Sleeth, Scouller, Forrest, Ball & Related  Families---Lytle

Scots Kith & Kin-------------------------------------------------Scots  

Scott - see VA Genea. -----------Glassell Families

Secrist - see Andrew Fry 1762-1842 Desc.-----------------Ron Fry  

Seiss - see Descendants of My Great Grandparents-------Johnson Sheibly

Seitz-Sites, Genealogy Records of The, Vol. I--------------Beck & GI

Seward Cousins--------------------------------------------------Pierce

Sexton - see Fraser-Sexton Families--------------------------Heglin

Sexton - see Jordan , We Take This Opportunity to Write

Shaeffers of Boone Co., Iowa -----------------------------Ron Knipfer

Shafer - see Shafer---Joy Kay

Sharp, Robert & Grizella McCormick Sharp---------------Sharp

Sharp, Robert & Grizella McCormick Sharp - see Carson  

Sharp, Robert & Grizella McCormick Sharp & their Desc. John, Margaret Finley Hutchison--M. E. Barnes Md.

Sharp - see Barnes History p. 51

Sharp - see Barns---Joy Kay

Sheagley - see Nice

Shearers - see Kellenburger & Shearers of Pa., Myrd, & Points West---Rowland  

Sheets------------------------------------------------------------S. Kaser

Sheibly, - see Descendants of My Great Grandparents---Johnson

Shell, George Washington Family--------------------------Magner

Shell - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Shellenbarger - see Beard

Shepard - see Kinney 

Shively, The Ulery, Shively Families of White Co. IN , Nov. 2003

Shoemaker - see Nice

Shook - see Bailey

Shook, Memories for My Grandchildren------------Ellen Marie Shook Forbes

Shultz, People Place 1890-1970, An Autobio. Of Law. W. --Schultz  

Simon - Simmon - see Sites/Seitz

Sites - see Seitz

Skinner - see Rogers-Skinner Family--- Rogers

Sleeth - see Young, Mc Bride, Sleeth, Scouller, Forrest, Ball & Related  Families---Lytle

Sloop - see Davis Family  

Small  Genealogy

Small - see Robertson, Small & Related Families-----------Small

Small - see Eldridge  

Smith, Bartholomew Family History & Gene. ----------------Farel Kirkpatridck

Smith - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors  

Smiths of Smithfield, Jefferson CO. W. Virginia, More of the Story.-----Depke

Smith - see The Fraser Family

Smith - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Smith - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker  

Snethen - see The Barefoot Preacher ----------------------N. E. Lamb

Snethen, Abraham-Misc. T-Zunder W.---Joy Kay

Snoddy, Samuel & Elizabeth (Sloan)---------------------John Hale Stutesman

Soedman - see Schroeder Family-10 Generations Back, ---Schroeder

Spangler - see Mikesell

Speer - see The Boggs Family

Spencer Family from England ---------------------------Judy Baker  

Spencer -see Hanna, Gibson, Keever, Demmit, Wilson, Spencer, Barnes

Squires - see Nice

Stapp, Johnston & Allied Families-------------------------Crow  

Starr - see Record of the McGeath

Stayton - see Van Deusen

Steele Family Genealogy------------------------------------Wm. H. Welfley

Steele.  Archibald-Patton Genealogy---------------------Thomas

Steele - see Our Henderson & Allied Families---Bixler, Scott & Gick

Steele - see History of The Carson Family

Stevenson - see Van Kirk

Stevenson - see Nice

Stewart - see Robertson

Stewart, Descendants of Daniel & Rebecca Stewart----Baker

Stout - see Hamilton Family, Desc. of John---Stout-see Henderson---Joy Kay

Straight - see Gibson------------------------------------------Joy Kay  

Stout - see Greist collection


Strapp,  Johnston & Allied Families-----------------------J.F. Downing

Strasser -Timmons-------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Strasser,  Our Strasser Familiy-----------------------------Henry Clay Strasser

Straw - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker

Suiter - see Eldridge

Summers - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors --------Anderson

Swan - see McCall  

Swayzee,  The Anthony Family

Swickard, Family of John & Sarah York & Their Desc. 1803-1983---Piker

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