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Tabor, “Honeymaid”, The Story of Silver Dollar----------------Roberts

Tack - see Clary Genealogy

Tam Family History---------------------------------------------------Tam  

Taylor - see VA Genea. -----------Glassell Families

Taylor family records------------------------------------------------S. H. Taylor

Taylor - see Jewett Genealogy

Taylor - see Rogers-Skinner

Tedford Genealogy-1956---------------------------------------

Tevis - see Trudy Johnson Family Research---Johnson

Thomas - Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Thompson--------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Thrush - see Rogers-Skinner

Thrasher - see Straley…1992

Tidrick - see Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Tilley - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Timmons, Wm. F., Rock Creek Twp., Carroll Co., In.--------

Timmons - see Shafer---Joy Kay  

Timmons - see Strasser

Tobey, Handwritten Diary of Pvt. James B. Tobey in Civil War--Wollenburg

Tomlinson - see Shaeffers of Boone Co., Iowa

Townsley---------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Townsley - see Ginn---Joy Kay  

Timmons Tidbits Book 1:  Drake & Preble Counties Ohio 

Timmons Tidbits Book 2: Robert Timmons Families of Idaville, White Co. IN. Dec 2003

Timmons Tidbits Book 3: John F. Timmons Families of Idaville, White Co. IN. Dec 2003

Timmons Tidbits Book 4:  Newell Timmons Branch of Southern White Co. IN March 2004

Timmons Tidbits Book 5: Smith Timmons Sr. Family, son of Mathias. d. 1810, Sussec Co. DE to Carroll & White Co. IN. 

Timmons Tidbits Book 6: Perry Timmons Family of Carroll Co. IN Oct. 2003

Trapp - see Bailey

Troyer - see Flaters

Truax - see Kellenburger & Shearers of Pa. , Myld & Points West---Rowland

Turner - see Clary Genealogy

Turtle, Chief Little Turtle-------------------------------------------Young Authors




Uland,  I will remember ---------------------------------------------Bessie Uland

Utley-Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

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