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Vanaman, Desc. of Elias & Abigail (Veal) Vanaman,----VandenOever

Vanaman - see Andrew Fry 1762-1842 & Desc.---Ron Fry

Van Courtright - see Courtright

Van Deusen, The Genealogy of Rev. W. H.----------------Pratt

Van Gundy - see Graves

Van Kirk Family, Misc.-----------------------------------------Roberts

Van Meter - see Burns---Peggy Timm

Van Scoy & Little Families-------------------Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

Van Voorst Family 500 years----------------------------------Burge  

Van Voorst History

Van Winckel, Van Winkel, Wan Winkle, see Van Voorst History

Veal - see Desc. of Elias & Abigail (Veal) Vanaman---VanDenOever  

Van Wegenengen, VanWagenen, Van Wagoner - see VanVoorst History

Veeder - Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Vinton - see George Haworth

Vories - see The German Clapps in America



Wagley Genealogy-----------------------------------------------Eason

Wagner - see Schroeder---Spinn  

Wakeland, Johnbaug - see Hunter

Walker - see Genealogy of the Cochrans from 1737-1959---Grove

Wallace - see- VA Gene,  Glassell Families

Walters - Kline Family-------------------------------------------Brewer

Ward - see Trudy Johnson Family Research—Johnson

Ward, Capt. Granville B. & Wife Cynthia C. Rawlins----Rawlins  

Ward, Capt. Granville B. & Wife Cynthia C. Rawlins - see Greist Collection

Ward, The Phillip F. & Wm. A. & Jewel F., Family History—Johnson

Ward - see Bailey

Warden - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Washburn-Mitchell-----------------------Jeanne Marie Beauvair

Washburn - see Life of Mrs. Rachel Calvin of Pulaski Co., In.-----Dr. I. B. Washburn

Watson - see Bailey  

Watts, John 1775 - 1844

Watts-Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Wayne, Anthony------------------------------------------------Watts

Weakley, Scearce, Arnold Families of Ky.--------------McNamara

Weaver - see Carson

Weaver - see Nice

Weaver - see Family Histories & Genealogies of Jacob Weber/Weaver,

Weaver,  Jonathan Gillam, Jeremiah Bishir-----Ruthella (Fernbaugh)

Welch & Allied Families-------------------------------------Weaver

Weltzien - see Zarse by Wonders

Wenz - see Metzger

Wert & Frye Genealogy--------------------------------------Brewer

Wert - see Hunt Pedigree Charts  

Wertz - see Desc. of my Great Grandparents ------------Johnston Sheibly

Westfall - see Clary Genealogy

White - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

White - see Nathaniel Marr. Hannah Finch Book of Remembrances

White - see Hildebran-White Families---Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

White, To Oregon in 1852, Letter of Dr. Thomas White,-,Winther

Whiteman - see Henderson---Joy Kay

Wiese Family Records---------------------------------------Jane Shaffer Elsmere

Wilcoxin - see Hamilton Family, Desc. of John

Willhide - see  Desc. of my Great Grandparents ------------Johnston Sheibly

Williams, Family History with Name Origin & Lineage Lines---Williams  

Williams, Family Bulletins

Williams - Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Williams - see Katon

Williams - see Bunnell Genealogy  

Williams, Bryce

Wilmouth - see Nice

Wilson, Isabel & Ancestry of Samuel W.  -see Anderson 1843-1983---Piker

Wilson, Samuel (1825-1892) & Anna (Eld) (182?-1881).  Make Pottery in Troy, In. from 1850-1892--------------Piker

Wilson - see Anderson  

Wilson - see Please Don't Call Us Bennzington -----Dr. Harper

Wilson - see Burns---Peggy Timm Altman   

Wilson, - see Hanna, Gibson, Keever, Dimmit, Wilson, Spencer, Barns

Wolcott, Anson

Wolfe,  Barbara Schull-Wolfe Pedigree Charts" by Barbara Schull Wolfe

Wolverton Family--------------------------------------------Judith Baker

Woods - see Bowsher Family History---Judith Baker

Worthington Family-----------------------------------------Fuchsia Fraser Heglin

Worthington - see The Downs Family of Va. Ohio & In-----Worthington-see The Fraser Family---Heglin

Wright, Gabriel & His Descendants of Va. Ohio & In.----Wright

Wright, History of the Wright’s and their Connections  II---Carol Wright Rasmussen

Wright - see Pequetti Jean Hunt Brewer

Wulf - see Iowa Cousins---Beck

Wyatt - see Nice

Wylie - see the Boggs Family




Yates - see Faris Family---Nellie L. Flack

Yeakley - Misc. T-Z-Under Y---Joy Kay

Yenna - see Henderson---Joy Kay

York - see Swickard  

York  Slaid

Young,  Daniel Descendants & Descendants of Esau Bennett----Cassella  

Young, McBride, Sleeth, Scouller, Forrest, Ball & Related Families---Lytle  

Young, Our Young Family-------------------------------------Young

Yount - see Reams, Yount, McCloud



Zacher-see Shaeffers of Boone Co., Iowa

Zarse, Descendants of Arend (Zarse) Sarse--------------Samuel J. Wonders  

Zarse Family----------------------------------------------------Delos (Spud) Zarse

Zardee-see Schroeder---Spinn

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