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B   books

Bacon, Ira & Mary Baum Bacon - Family Bible 1843--1923

Badger-see 300 Years American  

Baer, Hilderbrand, Lemmon, March----------Barb Madry

Baer (Bare or Bair), Benjamin F.

Bailey History,  Lowell Bailey 6/14/1971   ----------Bailey

Baker Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seayer

Baker-see Fry Book Vol. 2  

Ball,   see VA Genealogies -----------------Glassell Fm.

Ball-see Young, McBride, Sleeth, Scouller, Forrest, Ball & Related  Families---Lytle

Ballard-see Bowsher Family History

Ballard-see Schroeder Family-10 generations back

Barnes, John Family History------------------------Barnes

Barnes-see History of the Carson Family--------Carson

Barnes-see The Benjamin Story

Barnes-see Carson

Barnet-see Patton-Aiken-Barnet

Barnhart, The Descendants of John & Mariah (Hively)-----James R. Raywalt  (Copy #72)  1990

Barnhart-see Wolverton Family

Barns-------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Barns, The History of John. compiled by John Albert Barnes, Barnes & Milford Edwin Barnes 12/1/1927

Barns-see History of the Carson Family  

Barnes, See Hanna, Gibson, Keever, Dimmit, Nilson, Spencer, Barnes

Bauder-Misc. T-Z-see Williams   

The Baum Family from Alsace to Alsace & Beyond in 400 years by Thomas William Smith 2001.

Baum Family History by John Baum, Colonel, U.S.Army retired  1996.  

Beals Family of Virginia & ets Collateral Family lines by Francis Beal Smith Hodges 1899-1956

Beard-----------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Beard-see Colonial Families ---Joy Kay

Beard-see Currie---Joy Kay

Beard-see Nice

Beasey-see Kellenburgers & Shearers of Pa. , Myld. & Points West

Beaver-see Autobiography of Lawrence W. Shultz, People & Places

Beiderwolf, Fred., Family History-----------------------------------Beiderwolf

Belconger-see The Conger Family

Bell-see Bowsher Family History  

Bell,  see Dwight (A Journey to Milo in 1810)

Belton-see Van Deusen

Benjamin Story, Benjamin and his heirs,  by P.Mahel Nelson, Ph D. Noble. 9/1977  

Bennet Family, Volume 20 Number 1, by Mintie Allen Royse  

Bennett Genealogy,  by Bric Hugh Bennett

Bennett, Esau, Descandants & Descandants of Daniel Young—Cassella

Bennington-see Graham-Proudfit---Joy Kay

Benstons-see the Benjamin Story

Berkshire Family History-----------------------------Brubaker

Berkshire-see Our Henderson & Allied Families—Bixler, Scott & Gick

Bernfield-see Schroeder Family-10 Generations

Beveridge-see Robertson

Biederwolf, Michael 1832-1912 & Wm. Ed. Biederwolf 1867-1937---------Biederwolf

Biggs - see Henderson---Joy Kay

Bigham - see Graham-Proudfit---Joy Kay

Bishir - see Family History Jacob Weber, Jonathan Gilliam & Jeremiah Bishir__---Weaver

Bishir/er, Jeremiah Family of White County, In-----Lori Myers

Bishop - see Trudy Johnson Family Research

Bishop - see Strasser  

Blaisdell - Jackson & Descendants of Johnathan Blasdel & Elenor Coper-Blasdel

Blakeneys - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Bliss, Nina, I Remember (Recollections)1972 --Nina Bliss Fraser

Bliss-see The Fraser Family---Fuchsia Heglin

Blizzard-see Flaters

Bock-see Berkshire Family History

Boggs------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Boggs, The Boggs Family ----------------1980  Paul J. Boggs

Boggs Newsletter

Boggs-see Wm. McWilliam & Agnes Boggs Descendants. 

Boling-see Pocahontes---Barbara Wolf  

Boon   Thomas Immigrant d. 1723, by Rupert Farmham Thompson

Boon Genealogy 1984 by  Rupert Farmham Thompson

Boreff - see Wolverton Family

Bowsher Family History-------------1992 Judith Bowsher Baker

Boynton Family Descendants of William & John, by John Farnham Boyston & Caroline (Harriman) Bayton

Bradford-Misc. T-Z --- see Williams  

Brechbiel - Dilling Ancestry of Harry K. Beachbiel by Phyllis Brechbiel Hanson

Bretzinger------------------1989-Betty E. Funk Britt & Lewis Britt  

Brewer, Pequetti Jean Hunt Brewer Family

Brooks Family Record-----------------by J. Mortgomery Seayer

Brooks - see Bailey History

Broomes - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Brown - see Berkshire Family History  

Brown - see VA Genealogies _______Glassell

Bruemmer - see Schroeder Family-10 Generations

Brunner - see Mikesell  

Bryan - see  see VA Genealogies _______Glassell

Buchanan - see Leslie / Lesley

Bunnell Genealogy 1607-19840,  by Nina Osborn Roberts

Bunnell - see Jacob & Eliza Ann (Bunnell) Hanaway Ancestry/ Descendant

Burke-see Carson

Burmahlen - see Zarse---Wonders  

Burns, Arthur, by Peggy Altman

Burns Genealogy--------------------by J. Mortgomery Seayer

Burns & Van Meters Hunt & Wilson-------------Peggy Timm

Burns, Personal Recollections of Harrison--------1907 IHS

Burns-see Henderson------------------------------------Joy Kay

Burns-see History of the Carson Family  

Burns,  John B. 1681

Burns-see Johnston Stapp & Allied Families  

Burns - Hugh, John B. James, Sam, Washington & Liberty

Burns, Alice Maude Hinshaw

Burns, Archibald

Burns, Ferguson, Lear

Buskirk - see Greist Collection

Byrn-see Desc. Of Peter Hoover & Elizabeth B.


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