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Caldwell - see Ginn---Joy Kay

Calvin, The Life of Mrs. Rachel of Pulaski Co., In.---------Dr. I.B. Washburn

Campbell - see Crichfield

Canine - see Misc. T-Z---Joy Kay

Caple - see Flaters

Carns - see Family Tree of Barbara Gibson

Carson - see Alexander, Carson, Moore Genealogy

Carson, History of The Carson Family (Desc. Of Wm. C. Carson)

Carson Family-see Bob Scroggs

Carter - see Bowsher Family History

Cartwell - see Henderson---Joy Kay

Cassel - see Hammond---Joy Kay

Caughell - see Ireland , Cochran, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove,

Caughell, Hanna & Johnsonbaugh-------------------------Joy Kay

Chambers------------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Chambers - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Chambers Helping Chambers-------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Champlin - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Chapman, John (Old Johnny Appleseed)-----------------------------Beaupre

Chapman - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Chase Family Records----------------------------------------------------Seaver

Chelf - see Van Deusen

Chilcott - see Irelan, Cochran, Duffy, Godlove, Caughell, Hanna &                  Johnsonbaugh-----------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Clapps, The German Clapps in America --------------------Clapp

Clark, Family History (Elijah Clark) & Cowger Fm. Hist.-Mrs. John Cowger

Clark, George Rogers & Henry Hamilton in the Am. Rev. War-----Hamilton

Clary Genealogy------------------------------------------------------------Rowland

Clary - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Clary - see McConnaughey

Coble - see Strasser

Cochran - see Ireland , Cochran, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove,

Caughell, Hanna & Johnsonbaugh--------------------------Joy Kay

Cochran, Genealogy of the Cochrans from 1737-1959------------------Grove

Colgan/Colgin - see Hamilton Family-Desc. of John

Colgin/Colgan - see Hamilton Family-Desc. of John

Colliers - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Columbus, the Science of

Conger Family of America --------------------------------------Leonard

Conn - see Straley…1992

Coon - see Jordan “We Take This Opportunity To Write”

Cooper Family Records--------------------------------------------Wm. R. Cooper

Cooper Family of Maryland -------------------------------------Cooper

Cooper - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Coulter - see Coulter, McCall Guthrie, Hannah & Patton---Joy Kay

Courtright (Not a Full Compiled Hist.)--------------------------Brewer

Cowdin Pedigree-see Shipping tube

Cowger - see Clark Family History & Cowger Family History---Cowger

Cowger - see Thomas Moore---Fuchsia Heglin

Crichfield------------------------------------------------------------Merle Campball

Criswell Charts------------------------------------------------------------Criswell

Criswell Family-----------------------------------------------------Ruby Criswell

Crockett, Colonel David-------------------------------------------Kelsey

Cromwell - see Gibson----------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Crooks - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy

Crooks - see Austin Crook

Crosby & Schuman History 1798-1984--------------------- Anderson

Cross,  The Search for Henry-------------------------------------------Hartley

Crowder - see The German Clapps in America

Crowell - see Shafer---Joy Kay

Craig - see Family History of Jacob Weber---Weaver

Cryder - see The Downs Family of Va., Ohio & IN.

Cunningham - see The German Clapps in America

Cunningham - see Henderson---Joy Kay

Currie, -----------------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Currie, Desc. of James of Edinburg , Scotland ------Joy Kay

Curtis, The Life & Times of Cyrus (H.K. Curtis 1850-1933)-------------Fuller

Custer - see Van Deusen


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