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Dabberts - see Schroeder Family-10 Generations

Davis - see Mayo

Davis Misc.---------------------------------------------------------------------Abbott

Davis, Abel & His Desc.---------------------------------------WCGS-Judy Baker

Davis, Barnabas-----------------------------------------------------Ann Miller Carr

Davis - see Shafer---Joy Kay

Davis - see The Montana Years, Choutear Co. 1910-1926-letters of  Maggie Gorman Davis-------Finnell

Deel - see A Berkshire Family History

Dellinger Family History (Headlee Connections)----------WCGS Judy Baker

Dennison - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Deveron - see Clary Genealogy

Deveron - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Dilworths - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Dobbins Family + Material from our files---------------------Wilma Holcombe

Dodge, Major General Grenville M. Dodge 1831-1916------------Ashby

Done - see Crosby History

Downey - see Rev. Thomas Moore

Down, Family of VA.------------------------------------------------MeCarthy

Downs, The Downs Family of Va. , Ohio & In.

Duffy - see Ireland , Cockran, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove, Caughell, Hanna & Johnsonbaugh------Joy Kay

Dunbabin - see Crosby History

Dunbars - see Children Meet Your Ancestors

Dunlap - see Nice



Dyer - see Graves

Eastwood - see Bailey

Eisert/Altman Family-------------------------------------------------Peggy Altman

Eldridge---------------------------------------------------------------------Joy Kay

Eldridge - see Colonial Families---Joy Kay

Eldridge - see John Mayo of Roxbury , Mass.

Ellis-Misc. T-Z- see W

Elmores - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Els - see Graham

Emerson, Desc. of Wm. E. of Va. ------------------------------------Wilford

Evans - see Van Deusen

Exum - see Children Meet Your Ancestors

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