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J & K books

Jackson--------------------------------------   Joy Kay

Jackson Family History-------------------   Seaver

Jackson - see Children, Meet Your Ancestors

Jacoby---------------------------------------   Joy Kay

Jacoby - see Boggs

Jakes - see The Downs Family of Va. Ohio & Indiana.

Jamison - see The Boggs Family

Jefferson, Thomas-see Pocahontes ------Barb Wolfe

Jenkins Family History----------------------Seaver

Jessup - see Hunt Ped. Charts  

Jewett,  History & Genealogy of the Jewetts of America III & IV, 1908 to 1995 --T. V. Herrmann

Jewett Genealogy------------------------------Jewett Family Group  

Jobe - see Eric Hughes Bennett Genealogy,

John,  The original Johns Family Tree.------Johns & Wood Part I & II.

Johnson - see Stewart  

Johnson - see Jacob & Mary Parker

Johnson, Trudy Fam. research (Bishop, Houser, Kirntz-Krentz, Nethercutt, Ward, Tevis.

Johnson - see Thomas Herron Family History

Johnson - see Graves  

Johnsonbaug - see Hunter - Wakeland

Johnsonbaugh - see Irelad , Cochran, Chilcott, Duffy, Godlove, Caughell, Hanna & Johnsonbaugh---Joy Kay

Johnston - see Ike  

Jolly - see Ginn--------------------------------JoyKay

Jordan - see Aunt Millie’s Dairy, The Jordan's of to Carpenter's Grove 

Jordan - see Jordan We Take This Opportunity to Write



Karr - see Rev. Thomas Moore  

Kaskaskaz Roots---------------------------------Wanda Olles

Katon-Parker-McKee-Williams-McVey-Riddal------Joy Kay

Katon - see The Family of Melville Graham  

Keever, see Hanna, Gibson, Keever, Dimmit, Wilson, Spenser, Barnes

Keifer - see Nice

Keister - see Kister Family & The Price Family

Kellenburgers & Sheavers of Pennsylvania, Maryland & West Point--Rowland

Kemble (Kinble), Genealogy & the Price Family------Price

Kendall - see Spencer Family from England

Kendall - see Johnston Stapp & Allied Families

Kenton - see Arrowsmith

Kiester - see Kister Family & the Price Family

Kimble - see Genealogy of the Kemble Family in America  

Kingsbury,  Memories of my life with a Genealogy of my Ancestors by Ira S. Kinsbury

Kirby - see Genealogy of the Cochrans from 1737-1959

Kister Family & The Price Family-----------Price

Kistler - see Andrew Fry 1762 -1842 & Desc.---Ron Fry

Kline - see Walters-Kline Family---Brewer

Klopp - see The German Clapps in American  

Kramer (Cramer) see The Anthony Swaizee Family

Krentz-Krintz - see Trudy Johnson Family Research  

Krintz-Krentz, Krinning, Rhodes, Rinehart "Beginnings of the Krintz family in America"

Kuhns, The Life of Marvin K.---------------- Campbell

Kuykendall - see Clary Genealogy

Kyler - see Criswell Family  

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