Biographical Sketch:
Boden Families

Contributed by Pat Schenk


The Thomas Boden Family
The William Boden Family
The Charles G. Boden Family
The William Delabar Boden Family
The John Francis Boden Family

The Thomas Boden Family

Thomas Boden: b. 12 Feb 1816 in England. His parents were both born in England. Married 6 Apr 1837 in Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio. Moved to Bluffton, IN in late 1840. Worked primarily as a cabinetmaker, but in 1870 was a hotel keeper and his family lived at the hotel. In 1880 he is living with his sister, Elisabeth, who is in her 50's. Died 3 Mar 1887.

Sarah Jane Chadborn: b. 6 Feb 1817 in Ohio. Her father was born in Ohio, and her mother was born in New Jersey (according to the 1880 IN Mortality Index). She and Thomas were divorced in January of 1867, but they re-married in 1868. They divorced again by 1873. Died 12 Oct 1879 of dropsy. Has a brother named Ivory b. 1819*.


1. William: b. 1 Jan 1838 in Darke County, Ohio. See The William Boden Family.

2. Mary Ann: b. 7 Dec 1839 in Darke County, Ohio. Married Ezra POFFENBERGER (born in Washington County, MD on 7 Sep1831 - d. Apr 24, 1916 Wichita KS) on 6 Mar 1856. Mary Ann d. 25 Feb 1901 in Kansas City, MO. Ezra worked as a butcher. The family moved to Kansas City Missouri about 1886. They also lived in Wichita KS.Their children:

Ezra Alonzo b. 29 May 1859 d. 13 May 1872

Charles Albert b. 26 Mar 1861 d. 24 Feb 1901

Alphon Marion b. 23 May 1863; married Mary A. Henness on 23 Apr 1884 d. 18 Apr 1904; their daughter Vera

William Allman b. 14 Oct 1865 m. Pearl Fumerton; m. Mary; their daughter Dorothy

Daniel Webster b. 5 Jan 13 1868 d.May 1872

Dolly b. 7 Sep 1872; m. Harlow J. Boyce

Winfield Scott b. 16 Jul 1874; m. Francis; their children Mary and Winfield

Nellie b. 16 Aug 1876; m. Henry A. Siemer; their daughters Ruth and Vivien

Mary b. 27 Nov 1879; d. 29 Apr 1880

3. Emily (Emma): b. 4 Mar 1842 in Bluffton, IN; See The Soloman SNIDER Family.

4. Thomas: b. 7 May 1844 in Bluffton; married Amanda S. Jessup on 9 Mar 1873 in Wells Co. Served in Company F in the 47th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He lied about his age to enlist. Was court martialed for desertion in Jackson, MS, and sentenced to Dry Tortages Prison in Arkansas for the remainder of his enlistment. Died 30 Dec 1875 at the age of 31 of consumption. Listed as Civil War Dead. Records in 1886 indicate that he left a widow and small son, wherabouts unknown.

5. Josephine: b. 22 Aug 1846, died 14 Aug 1849 at the age of 3. Buried in the Old Bluffton Cemetery.

6. Sarah Jane: b. 17 Aug 1850 in Bluffton, IN; married Jacob DREW before 1879. Lived in Bluffton. Jacob worked as a printer. They lived on Market Street. Died on 14 Feb 1882, age 32 after childbirth. Their children:

Ethel b. Oct 1879 in Bluffton. Married Harry Gettle on 16 Sept 1900.

Claude b. 31 Jan 1882, died 24 Aug 1882 in Bluffton.

7. Margaret Alice: b. 21 Jan 1853 in Bluffton, IN. Married George FAYLER (born 5 Apr 1855 in Bluffton) after 1870. George worked as a saloon keeper. Died 15 Dec 1879 at the age of 26. No children.

8. James Buchanan: b. 16 May 1856 in Bluffton, IN; married Laura (Flora?)Harris (b. 1857) on 19 Feb 1880 in Wells County. They are living in Bluffton in 1880, and he is working as a plasterer. At the time of his brother William's death in 1907 he is living in South Dakota.

*I found a marriage record of one Ivory H. Chadbourn and Hester Emley on 3 Apr 1813 in Warren County, OH. I believe these people are Sarah Jane's parents. There is an Ivory Chadbourn listed in Clermont County with two children (fits) in 1820. Ivory may have had a sister named Sarah, who married Allen Wright on 17 Jan 1811 in Warren Co., and another sister Mary who married William Sinard on 21 Dec 1809 in Warren Co.

The William Boden Family

William Boden: b. 1 January 1838 in Darke County, Ohio, to Thomas and Sarah Jane (Chadburn) Boden. See the Thomas Boden Family. Married his second wife, Elisabeth A. (Wertz) Stover on 28 Jan 1866 in Bluffton, IN. Worked as a plasterer and stone mason most of his life. At the outbreak of the Civil war, he enlisted in the 47th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry and served as a private. With an Honorble Discharge, he returned to civilian life after an accident. In 1900, they lived in and owned a home at 319 E. Cherry Street in Bluffton, IN. Died 12 Dec 1907 at the National Soldiers Home in Marion, IN at the age of 70 from spinal meningitis, resulting from an old injury suffered in the Civil War. Buried in Marion, IN, at the Old Soldiers Home Cemetery.

Elisabeth Ann Wertz: b. 30 September 1835 in Roanoke County Virginia to Adam and Isia (James) Wertz. See the Adam Wertz Family. Aka Betsey. She died 9 Jan 1908 in Bluffton, IN at the age of 72 from neuralgia of the stomach. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Bluffton.


1. Unknown

2. Frances Stover: b. 1856 in IN; born to Elisabeth and her first husband, George; died before 1870.

3. George E. Stover: b. 16 Mar 1860 in Indiana. See The George E. Stover Family.

4. Errick Stover: twin to George; died before 1870.

5. Anna M. Boden: b. 31 Dec 1866 in Bluffton, IN; married William P. McConnell (b. 28 Dec 1862 in IN - d. 9 Jul 1945) in Bluffton on 3 Oct 1888. William worked as a carpenter.They lived at 530 E. Cherry Street in Bluffton. Mary died 5 Apr 1928 of TB. They are buried in the Fairview Cemetery. Their children,

Van Iry b. Aug 1889 ; worked as an employee in an ice cream factory; died in Stockton, CA in 1918.

George Arden b. Aug 1891. Lived in Fresno CA in 1928 and in Seaside, CA in 1945. His children:

Catherine J.

George Arden, Jr.

6. Emma D. Boden: b. Aug 1869 in Bluffton, IN; married Edward M. Reed (b. Sept. 1869 in IN) in Bluffton on 28 Mar 1893. They moved to Chicago before 1900, and lived at 883 Armitage Avenue. Died 15 Dec 1904 at age 35 in Chicago. Death Certificate #0000012317 (Emily Ried). Buried in Bluffton. They had no children.

7. Charles Guy Boden: b. 16 May 1873 in Bluffton, IN. See The Charles G. Boden Family.

8. Lewis A. Boden: (aka Lewallen) b. 19 September 1876 in Bluffton, IN. In 1900 at age 23, he was working as a mason, living at home. He married Bertha Bennett (b. 1887) on 7 Nov 1903 in Poneto IN by the Rev. R.C. Jones. In 1920 he and his family were living at 739 S. Marion Street in Bluffton. He was divorced. Died 14 Jan 1934. He is buried in the Fairview Cemetery. They had four daughters:

Bernice b. 5 Aug 1904; died 20 Jun 1906.

Mildred b. 1906; died before 1934

Mary M. b. 1913; married Willard Tuttle (b. 25 Jun 1912, d. May 1987) on 12 Jul 1936 by the Rev. P.B. Smith.

Ruth E. b. 1917

The Charles G. Boden Family

Charles Guy Boden: b. 16 May 1873 in Bluffton, IN to Wm and Elizabeth (Wertz) Stover. See the William Boden Family. He moved to Chicago by 1895 to go to barber college. Chicago City Directory 1895: 126 Fullerton Avenue.

1896-7, 163 Willow, married to Gladys Sweet, dressmaker.

1898-1900, 135 Willow, now a widower.

1910, he and his family are living at 1786 Sheffield Avenue.

1914, the family is living at 1606 N. Kedzie Avenue.

1915, he owned a home on Church Road in Shermerville (Northbrook), IL. He moved to Francisville, IN about 1923. He died on 15 Sep 1941 due to a severed jugular vein. He is buried in Francisville.

Augusta Goitowski: b. 29 Mar 1882 in Chicago, IL to Frank and Augusta Goitowski. She married Charles Boden on May 8, 1902 in Chicago. She died on August 17, 1915, at age 33 due to septic peritonitis (burst appendix). She is buried in Concordia Cemetery in Chicago.


1. Florence: born on 6 Apr 1900 to Charles and his first wife, Gladys Sweet. She married Roscoe CLESTER; see The Roscoe Clester Family.

2. Clara Mary: born October 25, 1902 in Chicago, IL. She married Oliver Marion VICKERY (b. 20 Nov 1891, d. 31 Mar 1986) in May 1938 in Northbrook, IL. She died of a heart attack on 7 Apr 1962. She is buried in Bemidji, MN. Their son:

James Oliver b. 14 Aug 1940; married Patsy Ann McCracken (b.1 Jun 1941) on 6 Sep 1974.

His children: Timothy James b. 30 Jun 1960, one boy, one girl

Jeffrey Allen b. 18 Sep 1962, one boy, two girls

Lori Lynn b. 30 Dec 1963, 2 boys

Her children: Gregory Scott Brooke b. 1 Jun 1962, one boy, one girl

Deanne Marie Brooke b. 10 Oct 1965. Married Mr. PLEINER. One boy, one girl

3. William Delabar: b. 31 Dec 1903. See The William Delabar Boden Family.

4. Frank H.: born c. 1907, died 13 May 1919 as a result of a spinal injury. He is buried in Northfield TWP, Northbrook, IL. Death certificate number 6014900.

The William Delabar Boden Family

William Delabar: born 31 Dec 1903 in Chicago to Charles and Augusta (Goitowski Boden. See The Charles Boden Family. Married Annie Toale in Waukegan, IL on 19 Jul 1926. Lived mostly in Northbrook, Glenview, Wheeling IL, and Francisville, IN. Worked primarily as a barber, but also as a taxi driver and real estate speculator. Died on 15 Apr 1986 at age 83 in an automobile accident in Cary, IL. Buried in All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, IL.

Annie Toale: born 25 Jan 1907 in Liverpool, England. Her parents were John and Bridget (Geeney) Toale. She came to the US in 1925 with a cousin. Worked at the Boston Store in Chicago, and kept house after her marriage. Died on 22 Jan 1989 after a heart attack and stroke. Buried in All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines.


1. William John: b. 18 Sep 1927 in Northbrook, IL. Married Joyce Jensen.

Their children:

Marsha b. 1950

Darlene b. 1952

Married Ann Bottorf b. 25 Sep 1934 on 9 Jan 1954. Lived in Island Lake and Cary, IL, and Friendship, WI. Willie worked construction, and Ann kept house. Their children:

William Allen b. 17 Sep 1954; married Theresa Rose, 1986

Kevin Sinclair b. 25 Sep 1956; married Robin Rogers, 1979; their son Christopher James (b.1990)

Kyle Patrick b. 16 Jan 1958; married Beth Weiss, 1980; their daughter Kara (b.22 Aug 1980)

Todd Parish b. 10 Jan 1962; married Denise Daumke on 2 Jul 1981; their children Diane Dawn (b. 9 Apr 1990) and Sean Parish (b. 8 Sep 1992)

2. John Francis: b.10 Dec 1928 in Liverpool, Eng. See The John Francis Boden Family.

3. Marian Charlotte: b. 11 Jul 1933 in Northbrook, IL. Married Henry George MERZ (b. 21 Feb 1927) on 1 Sep 1951. Hank worked construction, and Marian kept house. Live in Cary, IL. Their children:

Henry Michael b.26 Sep 1956

Tamara Sue b. 3 Nov 1958; married Steven Anthony CHAMBERS; their children Jacob Anthony (b. 14 Apr 1984), Troy Robert (b. 12 Apr 1986), Isaac David (b. 27 Jan 1990), and Seth Thomas (b. 11 May 1993)

Dawn Marie b. 30 Jul 1960; married Mark Matthew DELL'EVA on 11 Jan 1995; his children are Laura and Jessica.

Thomas William b. 8 Jan 1966; married Rose McGee on 17 Dec 1992; her children are Joseph, Steven and Fred McGee. .

4. Charlene Clara: b. 7 Aug 1935 in Northbrook, IL. Married Gordon HELTON (b. 23 Jul 1932) on 16 Nov 1957. Lived in Buffalo Grove, Cary, Libertyville, Schaumburg and Elgin, IL. Gordon worked construction, Charlene sold jewelery and real estate. Their children:

Laura Lynn b. 5 Sep 1958; married Donald ARMSTRONG; their daughter Stephanie Lynn (b. 1978); married Dean MARASA, their daughter Nicolette Anne (b. 15 Nov 1994)

Kimberly Ann b. 8 Aug 1960; married Kurt LANCOR; their daughters Jessica Lynn (b. 31 Dec 1981) and Jennifer Jean (b. 1 Feb 1984); married Craig YATES, their son Miles Justin (b. 20 Nov 1987)

Kristina Marie b. 28 Aug 1962; married Chris WEBER

Sean Patrick b. 2 Jun 1964; married Heather Franklin

Ann Mary b.17 Jul 1968

Married Harry DRAYSON

5. Patricia Bridget: b. 5 Feb 1937 in Francisville, IN. Married Lee Royal Campbell (b. 25 Sep 1934) on 25 Aug 1956. Lee worked for many years as a carpenter. Patsy kept house. Lived in Cary, Crystal Lake and Marengo, IL. Their children:

Gary Lee b. 9 Jul 1957; married Helen Elizabeth, 1995; their daughter Christina Patricia Michelle (b. 6 Jul 1996)

Gregory Alan b. 11 Apr 1961; married Terri Lynn Smith on 7 Mar 1986

Kathleen Patricia b. 9 Jul 1963; married Scott SELLS on 7 Jun 1986; their daughters Alyssa Kathleen (b. 15 Feb 1993) and Kendall Elizabeth (b. 25 Mar 1996)

Glenn Mitchell b. 11 Feb 1965; married Tracy Smith (b. 26 Mar 1965) on 10 Feb 1992; their son, Ian James (b. 15 Dec 1995)

Charlene Anne b. 1 Jul 1967; married Kenneth Eugene WILLFONG on 10 Oct 1995

Karen Mary Bridget b. 22 Jul 1969; married Thomas Patrick BOYLE on 24 Aug 1996.

6. Alan Vickery: b. 8 May 1939 in Francisville, IN. Married Kathy Dobbins on 10 Mar 1962. Their Children:

Cheryl Lynn b. 9 Sep 1962; her daughter, Carrie White (b. 2 May 1980); married Lee FORBES; their children, Crystal (b. 29 Mar 1987) and Chad (b. 22 Jul 1988)

Brenda Lee b. 21 Oct 1964; her son, Jeremy (b. 16 Dec 1987); married Ken MADDOCK on 4 July 1994; he died on 26 Dec 1996; their son Max (b. 4 Jun 1994)

Married MaryLou Moskal, (b.29 Mar 1934) on 27 Oct 1967. Alan worked as a carpenter and MaryLou retired from Ameritech. Lived in Arlington Heights, IL and Bemidji, MN. Her daughter;

Sharon Lee Ruckoldt b. 10 Aug 1953; married Robert Stanley HAAS; their children Robert Stanley Haas II (b. 5 Nov 1972), Matthew Stephen (b. 27 Jan 1974), and his daughter, Stephanie Lynn (b.18 Mar 1996); Bridget Michelle (b. 9 Nov 1975), Jennifer Lynn (b.29 Sep 1977). Her son, Christopher Aron Haas-Williams (b. 18 Feb 1988); married Kurt Thiemecki on 20 Aug 1993; his son Kurt Jr.

7. Kathleen: b. 1 Apr 1942 in Northbrook, IL. Died 1961 at age 19, drowned in Big Turtle Lake in Bemidji, MN. Buried in All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, IL.

8. Annette Christine: b. 5 Jan 1945 in Northbrook, IL. Married Charles Emil Weidner (b.16 Jun 1941) on 27 Jan 1964. They lived in Buffalo Grove and Harvard, IL. Chuck worked as a police officer, and was once the Chief of Police in Richmond, IL. Annette trained as a hair dresser and kept house. Their children:

Jori Lynne b. 22 Mar 1971

Charles Edward b. 18 Jul 1974

Colleen Maria b. 10 Jun 1977

Shannon Kathleen b. 31 Dec 1983

The John Francis Boden Family

John Francis: b. 10 Dec 1928 in Liverpool, England. Married Agnes Stika on 18 Dec 1948 in Chicago, IL. They lived primarily in McHenry, IL. He served in the US Navy (1945-1947) as a Fireman. He worked as a drywall contractor, turret lathe operator, carpenter and security guard. Lives in Hebron, IL.

Agnes Dolores Stika: b. 20 Dec 1930 in Chicago, IL. Her parents were John and Agnes (Kuchar) Stika. She worked many years for the Jewel Tea Company. Lives in Wauconda, IL.


1. John Allen: b. 31 Jan 1950 at St. Anthony's Hospital in Chicago. Lived in McHenry, IL, Bemidji MN and Phoenix, AZ. Worked for Illinois Bell Telephone, Mountain Bell and as a cable installer. Married Bonnie Stowers; Their daughter:

Michelle b. 1971

Married Pamela Jean Monroe (b.15 Apr 1953 in Sacramento CA) on 1 Dec 1973 in Cary, IL; Pam worked for Illinois Bell and Mountain Bell in Phoenix, AZ. Their son;

John Patrick b. 8 Jun 1978 in Bemidji, MN.

Married Kyna Turnbaugh in 1989 in Phoenix.

2. Patricia Ann: b. 26 Mar 1952 at St. Francis Hospital, Evanston, IL. Married Ernest J. Schenk IV (b.3 Feb 1948 in Oak Park, IL) in Wheaton IL, on 27 Mar 1987. Ernie worked as an Investor Relations Manager at Square D Company in Palatine, IL and Perrigo Company in Allegan, MI. Pat worked as an x-ray technologist. Lived in Milwaukee, WI, Union, IL and Caledonia, MI. Their children:

Kathryn June b. 15 Dec 1988 in Hoffman Estates, IL

Ernest J. (Jake) V b. 24 Nov 1991 in Hoffman Estates, IL

Alex Patrick b. 26 Nov 1994 in Hoffman Estates, IL

3. David Arin: b. 22 Jul 1956 at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL. Married Pamela Jane Pedder (9 Jan 1955 in Milwaukee, WI) in Nov 1975 in Wauconda, IL. Lived in Wauconda, IL and Bemidji, MN. David did roofing, and Pam delivered newspapers and did the census. Their children:

Christopher Toale b. 19 Nov 1977 in Libertyville, IL

Melissa Ann b. 6 Mar 1979 in Libertyville, IL

David Arin John b. 13 Sep 1980 in Libertyville, IL

James William b. 4 Nov 1982 in Bemidji, MN

Patricia Ann b. 16 Oct 1986 in Bemidji, MN

Jeffrey Jameson b. 2 Jun 1989 in Bemidji, MN

4. Scott Drew: b. 29 Oct 1960 at Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL. Married Pamela Marie Potts (4 Sep 1959 in Highland Park, IL) on 26 Aug 1988 in Wauconda, IL. Scott and Pam were both managers at Chicago Cutlery in Wauconda, IL. They lived in Wauconda, and Island Lake, IL. Her daughter:

Sarah Marie Champney b. 26 Nov 1981

Gertrude Suchy: b.21 Sep 1934 in Algonquin, IL. Married John Francis Boden 22 Jun 1971 in Woodstock, IL.


1. Lisa Kathleen: b. 21 Dec 1971 at Memorial Hospital, Woodstock, IL. Lives in Hebron, IL.

2. Lori Lynn: b. 30 Dec 1972 at Memorial Hospital, Woodstock, IL. Married Dennis Walker BRAUN on 17 Mar 1996. Lives in California. Her daughter:

Shannon Boden b. 15 Nov 1993