Lots of folks email me to ask
"why in the world" I am hosting this site if I live in Florida! Well, obviously I have a love for Wells County, is my first answer.

Less impertinently, I reply that my great-grandfather and his father were both born in the county, and that it needed a coordinator way back in 1996 when this project started up.  (Wells was one of the last few Indiana counties without a coordinator and I had just learned HTML and was eager to try it out.)  Nobody knew at that point just how successful The USGenWeb Project would become, and how much work would be involved in maintaining good, resourceful county sites.

And so the site began. Over the last 2½ years, I have met some extremely nice and helpful people associated with Wells County, either by living there, or (like me) by having ancestors who once lived there. Among those who have kept in touch regularly and have provided multiple submissions of data to this site are:

Paul Bender
Mark Mann
Tammy Rable
Connie Brubaker
Wendy Hendricks
Larry Sullivan
Adam J. Barrone
Mary Ellen Wexler
Jane Hunter Hodgson
Pat Schenk
IJ Morgan
Valerie Colburn
Carolyn Hunnicutt
Judi Assony
Steve Niblick
Janice Goody
Rose Cattanach
Jerry Hunnicutt
Nola Rains
Robyn Bailey Orchard
Richard Meredith
William Galyean

On behalf of all Wells researchers, past and present, my deepest thanks to them AND to all the others who have sent in bits and pieces that are filling this site right up with valuable genealogical and historical information! (If you submitted something and think your name should be here, please forgive me! I will list it if you email me!)

And special thanks also to those who have provided valuable services:

The Wells County Public Library, for eagerly fulfilling my interlibrary loan requests for their books
The Bluffton News-Banner, for giving permission to post obituaries to this site

This site is what you make it, so please continue to help out!


Cathy (Gardenour) Burnsed
May 21, 1999