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July 2011

July 19, 2011

President Pat Cudworth called the meeting to order with eight members present. There were no guests. After welcoming everyone the minutes of the last meeting had one correction. The letter mentioned should read “to” not “by”, and this was corrected. Pat gave the treasurer’s report in the absence of Karen. The audit is under way.

Jim Wicker reported for the Ways and Means committee. He has completed the third letter stating it has some places that were hard to read and he has done the best he could. He also used a map and found places mentioned in the letter. He gave insight into the background of the home of Harriet and Jessie McFarland (8th & Summit) including who the contents of the home were left to. He has asked for others to see if they can decide what is written. Anyone having old letters or diaries would be welcome to add them to the file and hopefully we will have a nice publication to present to the public for purchase. Ron Wood stated the local museum has an old diary dated around 1895 that might be of interest and suggested we could possibly use parts of it and not the entire book.

Curtis Garrett told of the upcoming annual meeting of the Federation of Genealogy Societies to be held September 7-10 in Springfield, Illinois. The deadline for early registration has passed. No one showed an interest in attending this year’s conference.

President Pat presented many newsletters of state organizations that will be placed in our cabinet. Everyone was reminded to look at these.

Sandy Brown has been to the library to transcribe the older newspaper obituaries and she is into the third week of March 1922. While reading she found a news article dated March 17, 1922 about Daniel Boone’s 192 year old birthplace and its disrepair…at one time the Kentucky Historical Society wanted to purchase it. Did they?” John would like to meet her sometime at the library to see what is expected and how the transcribing is done.

Ron gave an update on the bicentennial. Donna Schroeder has suggested having a book for those attending to sign and list the names they are researching. That could be used as a record of attendance as well as letting others know names to watch for. It might even get some people to make contact as they find others looking for the same line. There is the possibility of disassembling an old log cabin to be rebuilt at a different location. They will be selling chances on baskets at the fair and could use help at the booth.

Heritage Days will be October 22, 2011. Hopefully the committee will soon be meeting with Donna Schroeder.

A reminder was given about the deadline for entries into the book on Fayette County History to be published by the bicentennial committee.

After much discussion about the 4-H genealogy project, it was decided the committee needs to find out what is required locally and statewide. John Johnson said he would find out about Fayette County. We would like to let the county extension office know that we are interested in helping any young person who is interested in taking the project or in working on their genealogy. We discussed having a booth at Heritage Days for young people about how to get started…possibly a family tree sheet for starters.

Pat Summan (via John Johnson) suggested we invite Mike Sparks to speak at a meeting about the bicentennial .

Sandy Brown showed a glass plate of Doug’s of the old Connersville Skate Factory. They made roller skates. It was possibly behind where CarQuest is now. The plate was used to put pictures in the newspaper. She also had his grandmother’s picture post card printed in 1922 for a G.A.R. convention showing many businesses in Connersville and a panoramic view of the city.

John Johnson had received an e-mail from Linda Mahan asking about a church in the Orange North Cemetery. It might have been the Garrison Creek Presbyterian Church. John showed the writing in the old Fayette County History book, church section. There was a section of ground given by Samuel Hornaday. Section 3 on the Rush County line was for a church and cemetery. When this church split, another church was built ¼ mile south. Russell, Deal, Craig, Alexander, Reed, Gowdy, Gamble and Hustons were names mentioned. Jim Wicker has a cousin living in the area and will see what he can find out.

Jim Wicker presented some of his family history on the Civil War. William Talley Wicker, born September 26, 1842 in Shelby County, Indiana, died June 13, 1914 also in Shelby County, was a Private in Co. F, 11th Inf. 51st Indiana Volunteer. He was in the Battle of Stone River, was also near Moulton, AL, was captured near Huntsville and spent time in Libby Prison, Richmond, VA. He wrote a diary using a stick and his own blood from his finger. William’s father, Thomas Wicker, lived in Manila, In. Jim also told of the number of Indians (Native Americans) who fought in both sides during the war.

Sandy Brown and Pat Cudworth provided refreshments.

John Johnson made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Pam Wood. The next meeting will be held at the Parish House, August 16, 2011. Sue Frank will have refreshments.

By: Pat Cudworth

Present: Sandy Brown, Sue Frank, Jim Wicker, John Johnson, Curtis Garrett, Pam and Ron Wood, and Pat Cudworth.
Pat Summan, Secretary