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Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery (49), Westfield, Washington Township, Hamilton Co, Indiana

One of our ongoing preservations efforts focuses on restoring broken and dirty grave markers in the Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery in the center of Westfield. Here a list of burials and the date of the stone cleaning and pictures of some of the stones.

Last Updated: 10/24/2007

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First Name

Born Died Age Notes Date cleaned Pic before Pic after
Albright George   03/24/1879   s/G.W. and Etta      
Barker infant   01/17/1863   s/A.L. and S.J. Baker      
Barker Zula   04/29/1880 2y 10m 14d d/A.L. and S.J. Baker      
Bales Asa   09/10/1845 49y 8m 7d s/Jacob Bales

06/11/2005; 6/28/2003

Bales Susannah   10/27/1845 51y w/Asa Bales

 06/11/2005; 6/28/2003

Bales Mary H.   02/30/1846 78y 2m 14d w/Jacob Bales      
Bales Jacob   09/15/1860 93y 9m 18d f/Asa Bales      
Ballard Mary W.   08/11/1852   w/Jesse Ballard      
Ballard Ruhamay   05/17/1872 35y w/? Ballard  10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Ballard Susannah   11/18/1889 24y 2m 12d w/Jesse Ballard      
Ballard Jesse 06/10/1805 09/02/1893          
Bappon Albert   09/20/1879 72y 3m 6d s/M. and S. Bappon      
Barton Clarinda   05/20/1870 46y 11m 2d w/Geo. W. Barton      
Beauchamp Ira W. 07/01/1842 07/02/1863   s/J. and Nancy      
Bever Lillie D. 02/02/1858 08/01/1866   d/W. and H. Bever      
Bowman Wm. W.   06/02/1857 3y 5m 24d Cyrus and Mary      
Brock Lucretia   02/16/1872 20y 6m 27d w/David M. Brock      
Brown J. B.              
Brown Earl Ray   10/18/1872 71y 11m 4d s/M.T. and R.R. Brown      
Brown Jane   10/10/1875 29y 7m 27d w/Oscar Brown  6/28/2003    
Byers Martitia   10/30/1879 27y 7m 2d w/D.S. Byers      
Byers Carrie   05/29/1890 10y 7m 2d d/D.S. and M.V. Byers      
Carpenter Geo. A.   01/12/1870 47y 7m 15d    10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Carpenter Elizabeth   12/18/1876 24y 8m 20d    10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Carson Samuel       2nd. Ind Battery      
Catterson Frank L.   03/13/1865 4y 8m 4d s/G.W. and S.G.      
Catterson Sarah   08/29/1876 44y 4m 24d w/Geo. W. Cattterson      
Collins Roy B.   10/13/1881 1y 5d s/W. and L. Collins      
Conard H. H.              
Conard Willie              
Conard Ross   03/30/1856 3y s/S. H .and L. M. Conard      
Conard Iola   08/07/1856 9m 7d d/S. H. and L. M. Conard      
Conard Kate   03/01/1860 1y 3m d/S. H. and L. M. Conard      
Conard Elmer J   10/19/1864 7y 1m d/S. H. and L. M. Conard      
Conklin Joseph O. 01/20/1838 08/07/1864   Killed Atlanta Ga.      
Conklin A. M.   12/18/1880 41y 10m 29d killed in Mexico      
Conklin John S. 07/06/1812 07/02/1881          
Conklin Ellen 09/06/1819 05/02/1887          
Coppock Isaac   02/08/1863 19y 10m 15d s/J. and E. Coppock  6/28/2003    
Coppock Isaac   09/14/1871 70y 3m 18d    6/28/2003    
Coppock Elizabeth 10/1807 12/1878      6/28/2003  
Coter Ira D.   07/14/1887 1y 3m 24d s/O. and Mary Coter      
Cox Lucy J.   07/19/1850 22y 3m 31d d/Wm. and Anna Pearce      
Cox Wm. S.   01/30/1872 21y 11m 11d s/Richard and Lucy Cox      
Davis Martha       w/Harley Davis      
Davis Bridget   11/08/1844 45y 8m 7d w/Charles Davis      
Davis Catherine   02/19/1856 52y 6m 20d w/John Davis      
Davis Charles   08/02/1861 1y 3m 12d s/E.J. and M. Davis      
Davis Christa   02/22/1864 35y 26d w/George Davis      
Davis Christine 01/17/1863 02/02/1865   d/S. and E. Davis      
Davis Sarah   03/26/1865 13y 28m 5d d/G. and C. Davis      
Davis Esther   11/18/1865 34y 2m 27d d/Simon Davis  6/28/2003    
Davis Albert   06/07/1867 24y 9m 11d        
Davis Charles   12/27/1871          
Davis John   05/02/1873 74y 9m 9d        
Davis Minnie 05/23/1871 04/04/1874   d/S. and E. Davis      
Davis Ernest   03/16/1880 25y 3m 19d s/C. and M. Davis      
Davis George   07/30/1887 62y 2m 6d        
Dempsy James R.       Co E. 28th US CG      
Douglas Wm. E. 11/04/1875 05/02/1893          
Duplan Lula   03/02/1871 10y 2d d/M.V. Long Duplan      
Edwards Lafayette   07/28/1888 28-3-28 h/Rose Edwards      
Faucette Laura   10/02/1861 5y 19d d/A.J. and R. Faucette      
Fisher Christina   09/26/1863 1y 4m 21d d/J. R. and L. A. Fisher      
Fisher James R.   09/12/1863   63 Reg Ind Vol Inf      
Frost Isaac       Co A. 5th Ind Cav.      
Funderburgh H. H.              
Funderburgh J. S.              
Funderburgh Lizzie M.   02/03/1861 5y 3m 25d d/A.E. and S.A.      
Funderburgh Susan M.   02/08/1864 1y 5m 10d d/A.E. and S.A.  6/28/2003    
Goodrich Elizabeth   05/23/1860 17y 8m 24d w/Cyrus B. Goodrich  06/11/2005  
Griffen Wm. R.   09/08/1871 3m 12d s/W. and H. Griffen      
Head Anna M.   08/08/1860 28-2-8 w/Wm. R. Head      
Hefler Charles   08/03/1853 9m 8 s/F. and J. Hefler      
Hefler Carrie B   03/21/1860 1y 1m 26d d/F. and J. Hefler      
Hefler Willie B   12/24/1861 1y 8m 24d s/F. and J. Hefler  6/28/2003    
Hefler Ella M.   10/29/1866 1y 11m 24d d/F. and J. Hefler      
Helmer Hannah   11/09/1872 79y 7m 10d    9/13/2003    
Hershey Mary A.   02/06/1864 1y 8m d/O.E. and S.M.      
Hess Calvin       Co D. 75 Ind If Inf.      
Hiatt Levi C.   03/21/1855 5y 8-9 s/Alfred and Mary Ann 06/11/2005
Hiatt Blanchard   03/30/1871 1m 3d s/A.J. and U.B. Hiatt      
Hollister John   05/29/1854 1y 6m 4d s/O.J. and Martha      
Huston Elminey   07/07/1880 22y 9m 4d d/Lucinda Huston      
Inman Jonathan   09/01/1861 26y 16m 22d        
Inman Edmond   02/18/1865 61y 6m 10d        
Inman Daniel   12/15/1867 26y 3m        
Inman Clara   03/03/1881 11m 22d d/Henry and Sarah      
Jackson J. A.       Co E 76 Ind Inf. 06/11/2005
Jackson Maria   03/11/1860 21y 10m 20d w/John Jackson      
Jackson Jessie M   10/05/1862 1m 28d d/A.C. and Eunice      
Jester Jacob 08/04/1802 04/02/1881          
Jester Rebecca 03/11/1815 03/04/1892   w/A. Truelove, J. Jester      
John Jonathan   06/02/1851 28y 4-4 s/Samuel and E. John      
Kirkman Mary L.   09/01/1887 14y 5m 4d d/J.F. and E.A. Kirkman      
Lamb Lewis D.   09/01/1862 19m 11d h/Lydia Lamb      
Lamb Alson G. 05/15/1836 07/01/1879          
Lamb Anna   06/03/1881 19y 6m 21d w/Nathan Lamb      
Lamb L.A.   08/11/1881 2m 12d        
Lamb Lizzie   06/10/1885 54y 6m 8d w/J. S. Lamb      
Lamb Nathan S.   08/15/1885 2m 2d s/J.E. and Lizzie      
Maulsby Mollie J.   01/06/1864 4y 7m 14d d/J.C. and E.N. Maulsby      
McCoy W. F.   02/13/1877 43y 1m 7d Co D 75th Ind Inf.      
McCoy Mary J.   07/02/1888 63y 10m 3d w/S. Pfaff, W. McCoy      
Michaels Anna E.   07/29/1862 1y 8m 7d d/W.H. and E.E. Michaels      
Millikan Flora M.   09/22/1874 11m 3d d/J.F. and M.C. Millikan      
Millikan Flora   11/30/1883 9y 5m        
Newcomer Frank 06/04/1864 08/08/1865   children of L.N. and M.J.      
Newcomer Otis 06/01/1870 06/01/1871   children of L.N. and M.J.      
Newcomer Della 06/01/1872 09/01/1877   children of L.N. and M.J.      
Pearce Anna       w/Wm. Pearce      
Pearce Wm.   09/05/1858 75y 6m   06/11/2005  
Pearce Permelia   04/17/1881 19y 5m 6d d/Wm. and Anna 06/11/2005
Pfaff Levi 03/04/1856            
Pfaff Mary E.       d/J.L. Pfaff      
Pfaff Sarah   10/12/1845 33y 8m 14d w/Jacob L. Pfaff  10/20/2007   10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Pfaff Felicia 05/29/1847 09/05/1848 1y 3m d/Jane      
Pfaff Christiana   02/04/1853 77y 2m 12d w/Samuel Pfaff  10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Pfaff Samuel   09/14/1854 90y 1m consort of C. Pfaff  10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Pfaff Samuel Eli   12/25/1856 56y 7m 7d        
Pfaff Samuel   05/22/1857 20y 9m 3d s/J.L. and S. Pfaff      
Pfaff Jacob   02/23/1859 76y 5m 14d        
Pfaff Jane   07/16/1859 32y 8m 23d w/J.E. Pfaff      
Pfaff Seth L.   02/18/1861   s/T.A. and E.B Pfaff      
Pfaff Thomas   03/9/1863 28y 10m 26d   06/11/2005    
Pfaff Willie J   07/26/1863 3y 8m 22d s/T.A. and E.B Pfaff      
Pfaff infant   09/14/1880 10y        
Pfaff Mary F.   01/14/1882 19y 11m w/Levi Pfaff      
Pfaff infant   01/12/1882          
Pittman S. S.       Co A 101 Ind Inf      
Pressual Lydia M.   03/27/1854 8y 6m 12d d/J .L. and M. P. Pressual      
Roberts infant d       d of Albert & C.E. Roline Roberts  10/20/2007    10/20/2007
Roberts Lydia M.   10/18/1875 74y 10m 11d d/L. and M. Roberts      
Roberts Sarah A.   07/30/1886 9y 10m 7d d/Isaac and M. Roberts      
Ruby Mary G.   05/21/1861 5m 5d d/H.H. and C.S. Rury      
Ruby Thos. M.   01/26/1875 77y 5m 20d        
Ruby Catherine   11/16/1891   w/Thos. M. Ruby

 06/23/2005; 06/11/2005


Scott Melissa   03/26/1863 26y 1m 7d w/L.G. Scott      
Semans infant 1882     d/W.A. and Lillian Semans      
Semans infant 1881     d/W.A. and Lillian Semans  10/20/2007  10/20/2007  10/20/2007
Semans Walter A 1885     s/W.A. and Lillian Semans      
Shaw O. B.       Co K 22 Ind inf.      
Slagg Francis   09/01/1875 1y 19d s/J.H. and S.M. Slagg  6/28/2003    
Smith J. S.       Co D 101 Ind Inf.      
Stoneman Oliver G.   05/21/1852 6m 4d s/M.D. and A.C. Stoneman      
Stoneman L. M.   05/24/1853 1y 11m 22d d/M.D. and A.C. Stoneman 06/11/2005
Stout Nancy   11/25/1871 57y 3m w/Jacob Stout      
Strattan Emily Jane   01/03/1856   d/W.D. and E. Strattan





Talbert Villa       d/Aaron F. and Martha J. 06/11/2005
Twist Phebe   09/25/1861 65y 17d w/David Twist      
Vestal Mary A.   04/21/1861 31y 11m 20d w/W.D. Vestal      
Vestal W. D. 07/01/1828 01/01/1876 47y 6m 3d s/Alfred Vestal      
Vestal Winey   03/22/1879 70y 7m 11d w/Alfred Vestal  06/11/2005  
Vestal Victoria   12/18/1879 29y 4m 11d d/A.G. and J. Vestal      
Vestal Emily   12/01/1881 43y 6m 4d w/Alson G. Vestal      
Vestal Alfred 10/08/1804 1892 7y 2m 6d ???      
Wade Elzena 02/08/1828 04/02/1882          
Weems Clara J.   03/24/1856 3 wks d/T.D. and Mary      
Wheeler John   08/11/1858 67y 2m 12d        
White Elizabeth H.   03/01/1852 26y 3m 1d w/M.G.  06/11/2005
White Eugene H.   04/18/1852 3m 21d s/M.C. and Elizabeth  06/11/2005
White Elizabeth   07/30/1854 22y w/Lilburn White      
White Jane   09/25/1861 11m 25d d/Lilburn and Elizabeth 06/11/2005; 10/20/2007  10/20/2007 10/20/2007
Wicker Nellie   09/26/1868 5m 3d d/S.H. and S. Wicker      
Wicker Darius   04/22/1871 17y 6m 20d s/John E. and Nancy  06/11/2005  

Quote from website:
Anti-Slavery Cemetery
(aka Wesleyan)

Washington Township

The land was owned first by Asa Bales, who died in 1845 and was buried in this cemetery. Three years later the county court awarded a deed to the Westfield Monthly Meeting of Anti-slavery Friends. In 1854 this group was discontinued, and the Wesleyan church bought the lot and the Friends meeting house.

In 1949 Phoebe Jeffers' list of gravestones was given to the Indiana Historical Society. In 1970 the Westfield Junior Chamber of Commerce removed all the gravestones that could be moved by hand. No record of their original location was kept. When the cemetery commission was formed in 1975, their first project was to return these stones. Because no record was available (they were unaware of the lists by Phoebe Jeffers and Nellie Evans), and some stones were difficult to read, the markers were set in more or less random order. Abbreviations:
h/ -- husband of
w/ -- wife of
s/ -- son of
d/ -- daughter of

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