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Last Updated: 02/20/2007

Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery (49), Westfield, Washington Township, Hamilton Co, Indiana

One of our ongoing preservations efforts focus on restoring broken and dirty gravemarkers in the Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery in the center of Westfield. Here a list of burials and the date of the stone cleaning and pictures of some of the stones.

Click here for the updated list of graves and pictures of work done.

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Comments on Work Days

2007/10/20 - We had a great work day this fall. With the help of Carmel Boy Scout Group #576 under Jason Rawlins we were able to do more work on this day than on any other work day before - except maybe the first one when we had both Stuart and Mark Davis show us how the work is done. Stuart Davis was again showing us how to do things, and also teaching the boy scouts and their parents how to dig the right holes for the 7 new bases we used to set gravemarkers which didn't have any. We also cleaned over 20 stones. We also found part of a larger marker/base which was almost totally underground. Next to it, also underground, we found a marker for an Infant. We believe it might be the one of the daughter of Albert & C.E. Roline Roberts (it is partly broken).

2007/04/21 - Michael did not set or schedule this date and so it did not rain! It was a perfect day, sunny, just the right breeze and we had a great morning. Following Stuart Davis always patient and confident lead Joe Sanders, Paula Monroe, M. Lou Harris, Brittany Norris, Christopher Norris and Michael Kobrowski cleaned and reset many stones. There is so much more to do though and we could use many more volunteers - both strong as well as not so strong (resetting stones or cleaning stones). Stuart said there is at least $20,000-30,000 more work to be done there. And you have to reclean stones every 3-4 years anyway.

2006 - All work days we scheduled were rained out in 2006. It was a very dissapointing year for our cemetery preservation project - but we will try again in 2007 and with your help we can do it.


This was our first Work Day where we concentrated all our efforts on the west side of the Cemetery. We cleaned about 25 head stones. Due to the large amount of broken and fallen head stones, we decided to only clean most of them and come back in fall and concentrate on setting/repairing them. According to a Cemetery cleaning specialist our volunteers work is valued at about $5500 this morning.


We focused our work on the rest of the east side of the Cemetery.


Fall Cemetery Work Day.


Spring Cemetery Work Day.

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