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The Old Carey House at 220 N. Union

News Update 2/2004 - Old Log Cabin Structure Saved!!!

The structure was saved by the WWHS, the Town of Westfield and with the support of a grant from the Legacy Fund Community Foundation.

The logs of the log cabin were dismantled with the help of Kevin Emmert Construction Co. Inc. The logs have been treated with a preservation agent and are stored by the Town of Westfield until it is decided what to do in the future with this structure.

Anyone interested in helping with planning and fund raising for the future of the log cabin should contact Jim or Diana Peyton at 896-5000.

News Update 9/2003:

The Westfield-Washington Historical Society was accepted to receive a Legacy Found grant to help preserve the old log cabin inside the Old Carey House. More information to follow.

Beneath this relatively unsuspecting facade on North Union Street lies a big piece of Westfield history. Within the walls lies the remnants of a Westfield founding father's cabin. We need your help to preserve what remains.

In addition to the log cabin, the structure was home to the Carey family, who used to own the former restaurant-now-quilting store in town.

Needs are:

  • Expertise in evaluation of salvage worth of log cabin
  • Demolition work to extract cabin
  • Volunteers to document, dismantle and number beams
  • Storage of beams until property secured for display
  • Donations of money, time, labor

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