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Neighborly NEWS - Last updated 2/14/2008

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Sheridan Historical Society

Boxley Lecture Series
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January 1, 2008


SHERIDAN, IND.—Three organizations have built an alliance to create and produce an admission-free cultural and heritage program that will have both formal and informal educational opportunities for the Sheridan community.
The Boxley Lecture Series, a tribute to the town’s first settler in 1828, George Boxley, an Virginia-born abolitionist, will offer its first lecture featuring Father Boniface Hardin, O.S.B, founder and president emeritus, Martin University, Indianapolis. Father Hardin will portray the great abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, on Thurs., Feb. 21, at the Sheridan Middle School Auditorium.
Sheridan Community Schools and the Sheridan Public Library have joined the Sheridan Historical Society to guide and develop the new lecture forum designed to produce at least one program during the winter months each year.
“The Boxley Lecture series is an opportunity for the students of Sheridan Community Schools to be enriched by speakers not traditionally available in a conventional school setting,” viewed Dr. Derek Arrowood, planning committee. “The lecture series is a great benefit to our community, and, specifically, our schools.”
Arrowood continued, “It is a great way to create more connections within our community that thread it together. Pioneer Hill in Sheridan’s Veterans Park and the 1828 Boxley Cabin are already examples of local sites that are used as part of Sheridan Community Schools instructional units on local, state, and national history. The lecture series allows our students to not only experience the learning opportunities available within our community, but it opens up the outside world to our students to create greater understanding of the historical contributions
of past members of our community like Boxley. Working in collaboration with the local library and historical society creates solid alliances that can create opportunities that are difficult to accomplish alone. But working together allow us to do great things.”
According to Brenda Bush, Sheridan Historical Society, the program provides a setting to contribute to life-long learning and produce a school-based initiative that impacts education. “Speakers who bring their talent and ability in such roles give us the opportunity to explore subjects and gain new understanding—be it the animation of history or a more direct experience with cultural topics,” she explained. “This forum is a credit to Boxley who was a man of many rich conversations and opinions he wanted to share.”
Stephen H. Martin, MLS, said that the library is pleased and proud to be a community partner and strong supporter of this pioneering effort to build consensus and pride within the Sheridan community. Martin, who commented on the event’s value and said, “The Boxley Lecture Series is a unique opportunity for the library to participate in the enrichment of the intellectual and cultural life of Sheridan residents.”
He added, “The Series functions to bring together the programmed learning capability of the local school, the historic traditions of the community with the life-long educational opportunities available through the library. The restored Boxley Cabin on Pioneer Hill in Veterans Park is evidence of this community’s commitment to its historic roots as we stride into an ever brighter future.”
The new speaker series will be supported by the alliance as well as by program patrons: Noblesville Daily Times, Sheridan Public Library, Dr. Derek Arrowood, Phillip and Connie Pearson, Vicki Remsen, R. Bradley Little, Bill Stone, Ron Stone, Craig Wallace and David Kendall. The Series is still accepting patron participation.
Father Hardin, whose physical likeness with Frederick Douglass has made him a natural to perform the great American orator and abolitionist, began making appearances in 1993 while he was expanding Martin University—an institution he founded in 1977. Father Hardin is part of the Order of St. Benedict St. Meinrad’s Archabbey.
Father Hardin will address grades 4-6 at Sheridan Middle School from 1:45 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., then will return to the podium for a free public program at 6:00 p.m. The schools will be studying Maryland-born Frederick Douglass who was born as a slave in 1818 and escaped as part of the Underground Railroad. He lectured on anti-slavery, started a bank, and served in the ministry before he died in his home in 1895.
Teachers will work in Sheridan Community Schools to expand knowledge of Douglass’ experiences as a bold and brave African-American leader who crusaded against slavery and even endured serious confrontations in Indiana. He was once beaten by a mob in Pendleton, Ind., in 1843, an incident that permanently damaged his hand. Later, Douglass was linked to Harper’s Ferry through his friendship with John Brown.
Program patrons will gather for a private dinner at the Sheridan Public Library following the lecture.
The public lecture is limited only by auditorium size and seats are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Students in other grades may attend and some classes will have the opportunity to earn bonus credits for participation.
The snow date for the Boxley Lecture Series is Thurs., Feb. 28.
For more information on the Boxley Lecture Series, please contact Brenda Bush, Sheridan Historical Society, (317) 758-5845.

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Editor’s Note:

For additional interviews, please feel free to contact:

Father Boniface Hardin – (arrange through Brenda Bush – (317) 758-5845
Derek Arrowood, Ph.D., Superintendent, Sheridan Community Schools – (317) 758-4172
Steve Martin, Librarian, Sheridan Public Library -- (317) 758-5201
Brenda Bush, Sheridan Historical Society – (317) 758-5845

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