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Date/Time Event Detail
March 13, 2004
Underground Railroad Run
WWHS Historical Walk for the Westfield Heritage Day
June 19th 8:30am-12pm parade; 12pm-8pm booth

Shamrock fest

We need people to help with our booth at the fest and participants for our entry in the parade – with or without period clothing
June 26th 10 am – 4 pm Westfield Historic Garden Walk We need tour guides with and without costumes to give facts about historic places in Westfield – this event will be an excellent fundraiser for us
August 7 8am-12pm
Cemetery Work Day
Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery - call Carol to volunteer to save some Westfield history yourself
September 18, 2004 Westfield Washington Historic Home Tour 2004 Our Historic Home Tour will be on Saturday, September 18th. This time we will include historic buildings in the outlaying areas of Washington Township as well as in Downtown Westfield. Please contact us if you want to join the Planning Committee, want to volunteer on the day of the tour or show your historic building. Contact Carol at 896-1943
October 2, 2004 1 PM Strawtown Koteewi "Prairie" Park Archeology Tour Strawtown Koteewi "Prairie" Park Archeology Tour – sign up soon


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