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Carlow connections

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1861 Census of England

Carlow folk found in the 1861 census for England. Townland of Bebington in Cheshire. England.

I (Sue Clement) stumbled across this little neighborhood of Carlo (Carlow) families and thought it might be helpful to someone. I have some info on the first family of Thomas Bulger, who was from Tullow.

1861 census town of Hanmore, parish of Bebington, Cheshire, England.

RG 9/2646, pages 14 -18

St. Paul's Place Household

Thos Bulger, head, mar., age 35, Coal Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Ellen Bulger, wife, mar, age 34, b. Carlo, Ireland
John Bulger, son, age 8, b. Carlo, Ireland
Edw Bulger, son, age 6, b. Carlo, Ireland
Mary A., dau, age 4 mo., b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Richd McGee, Lodger, un, age 30, Com Laborer, b. Dublin
John Doyle, Lodger, age 25, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Ann O'Neill, Head, Wid, age 42. b. Carlo, Ireland
Peter O'Neill, stepson, Un, age 18. Com Laborer. b. Stockport, Lancashire
Mary O'Neill, dau., age 12, b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Ann O'Neill, dau., age 9, b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Mary Reed, Lodger, Un, age 17, b. Dubli
John Byrne, Head, mar., age 31, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Margt Byrne, wife, mar., age 24, b. Carlo, Ireland
Edw Byrne, son, age 2, b. Carlo, Ireland
Mathe? Byrne, son, age 2 mo, b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Jas Byrne, Lodger, Un, age 24, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Cathne Byrne, Lodger, age 21, Dress Maker, b. Carlo, Ireland
Jas Bulger, Head, mar., age 39, Coal Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Jane Bulger, wife, mar., age 36, b. Carlo, Ireland
Thos Bulger, son, age 11, b. Carlo, Ireland
Mary Bulger, dau., age 9, b. Carlo, Ireland
Wm Bulger, son, age 7, b. Carlo, Ireland
Elizth Bulger, dau., age 4, b. Carlo, Ireland
Jane Bulger, dau., age 2 mo, b. Carlo, Ireland
Edw Neill, Lodger, Un, age 24, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Michl Byrne, Lodger, Un, age 23, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Bridget McAulliffe, Head, Wid, age 23, Dress Maker, b. Waterford, Ireland
Cathe McAulliffe, dau., age 5, b. Waterford, Ireland
Jno Byrne, Lodger, Un, age 28, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Michl Mooney, Head, mar., age 32, Com Laborer, b. Carlo, Ireland
Jane Mooney, wife, mar., age 35, b. Carlo, Ireland
Abraha Mooney, son, age 5, b. Carlo, Ireland
Ellen Mooney, dau., age 3, b. Carlo, Ireland

Source: Transcribed by Sue Clement

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