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1911 Carlow Town Census
Extracts Only
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Street Name House No Occupants Occupation
1 MEALIA - Michael and Bridget, Bridget, Edward, Michael, Stable man.
2 DOOLEY - Patrick and Margaret, James, Mary, Hellen, Jessie, Patrick.  
1 KENNA - Patrick and Catherine, Maryanne Brennan, James Kavanagh, Carpenter.
2 NOLAN - Patrick and Bridget, Elizabeth, Mary.  
3 KINSELLA - Thomas, Mary, Porter in mineral water factory.
4 CURRAN - William and Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Christopher,  
  Winifred, Michael, Catherine.  
5 BRIEN - Margaret, Timothy.  
1 Police Barracks - T.C., J.G., C.F, All conStables.
1 Bridewell - nil  
1 CALLAGHAN - Thomas and Catherine, Thomas, Margaret, RIC.
2 Convent - Nuns - Seraphine Bowe, Angela Tait, Herberta McGhee,  
  Mary Conway, Clare Jones, Mary Woof, Francis Crofton, Sr. Mary Brophy,  
   Mary Lynch, Mary Curtis, Mary O’Hara, Bonaventura O'Ryan,  
  Sr. Paul Curtis,  Mary Josephine Fitzgerald, Francis Philomena O’Reilly,  
  Bernadine Sheppard, Mary Bridget Costelloe,  
  Laserian Delaney, Ellen Micklburgh, Nellie Gilligan, Portress.
1 RENNAN - Denis and Maryanne, John, Bridget, Patrick, Thomas, James.  
2 ROSE - William and Mary, Henry, Sarah, Mary, William.  
3 KEATING - John and Kate.  
4 DOYLE - Matthew and Julia, Thomas, Stone cutter.
5 McASSEY - John and Bridget, Mary William, Thomas, Elizabeth, John.  
6 BYRNE - James and Anne, James, Mary, Coach man.
7 ROSE - Henry, Mary, Postman.
8 BRENNAN - Bridget, Maria, Catherine, Bridget, Thomas.  
9 RYAN - William and Bridget, Anne, Thomas.  
10 WHELAN - John, Anne Scully, Baker.
11 MONKS - William and Anne, Mary.  
12 MOORE - Catherine, Michael, Timothy.  
13 RALPH - John and Anne, Michael, Kathleen, Timothy, Agnes, Driver.
  John, Elizabeth dead, Timothy Neill,  
14 HORE - Bridget, Edward, John, Bridget, Mary Elizabeth,  
   Christina, Anne, James Byrne.  
15 CLARKE - Joseph and Catherine, Porter in Flour Mill.
16 NEILL - James.  
17 CORCORAN - James, Mary, Mary, James, Frands, Coachman.
18 FARRELL - Michael and Margaret, Thomas.  
19 BROPHY- Henryy, Kate, Henry, Ellen.  
20 SCULLY - Thomas and Bridget, James, Maggie, Thomas, Lizzie,  
  John, Patrick, Ellen, Martin.  
21 NOLAN - John and Letitia, Elizabeth, Bridget, Sarah Watters.  
22 HENNESSY - Bernard and Mary John, Mary, Martin, Jane, Patrick.  
23 DORAN - James and Margaret, Mary.  
24 HOGAN - Edward and Mary, Bridget, Martin, John, William.  
25 SCULLY - James and Catherine, Martin, Mary Byrne.  
26 NEILL - Hanna, Agnes, Anne, Martin, Shopkeeper.
27 HOGAN - Michael and Bridget, Martin.  
28 KEATING - John and Mary, Bernard, Mary, Anne, James, Boatman.
29 SCULLY - Patrick and Mary, John, Anne, Martin, Bridget.  
30 FARRELL - Bridget.  
31 KEEFFE - Margaret, Mary, Catherine, Edward, Bridget, William, Ellen.  
32 GAMBION - John.  
33 HANNAFIN - Julia.  
1 SMYTH - Richard and Matilda, Anna, Florence, William, Henry, Robert, Clerk.
2 WILLIAMS - James and Elizabeth, Mason.
3 MEALIA - James and Bridget, James, Patrick, Francis, Edward,  
4 GRANT - Winnifred, Michael, Mary, Elizabeth, James.  
5 WALSHE - John and Mary, John, Katherine, James.  
6 CALLANAN - Michael and Katherine, Bridget, Margaret, Mary.  
7 CALLANAN - Matthew and Julia, Christopher, Matthew,  
  Patrick, Peter, Margaret, Joseph, John.  
8 COMERFORD - Mary.  
9 CRANNY - William.  
10 MORAN - Denis and Ellen, Ellen, Catherine, James.  
11 MANGAN - Patrick and Mary, Elizabeth.  
12 DONOHOE - Martin and Jane, John, Patrick.  
13 BRIEN - Patrick and Bridget, Christopher, Ellen, Patrick.  
14 NOLAN - Patrick and Catherine.  
15 SLEATOR - Joseph and Mary, Mary, Elizabeth.  
16 BYRNE - William and Jane, William, Edward.  
17 SLEATOR - Mary, Jane, Mary.  
18 HOARE - Mary, Patrick, Bridget, Ellen, Ellen Delaney.  
19 HAUGHNEY - Edward and Johanna, Michael, Thomas,  
   Johanna, Bridget, Mary, Catherine.  
20 HAUGHNEY - Martin and Mary, Edward.  
21 BYRNE - Edward and Bridget.  
22 HAUGHNEY - Anne, Margaret.  
23 Vacant  
24 HOGAN - Patrick and Catherine, Anne, Margaret, Martin, Mary,  
  Catherine, Patrick.  
25 HAYDEN - Patrick and Elizabeth.  
26 CULLETON - William and Jane, John, Martin.  
27 TUNSTED - George, Shoemaker.
28 HENNESSY - John and Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Martin, John, Mary.  
  COLLINS - Martin, Patrick.  
  BARRON - John and Elizabeth, Bridget, Mary.  
  COLLINS - James, Margaret.  
  NOLAN - Lawrence and Mary, Catherine, Edward, John, Joseph,  
  Elizabeth, Lawrence, Bridget, Maurice.  
  HEARNS - Mary, Elizabeth, James,  
  WALSH: Michael, James, John, Mary Jane, Patrick.  
  COMERFORD - Michael and Mary, Michael, Thomas, Margaret, ex RIC.
  HEALY - Julia, Catherine,  
  KING: Margaret, Mary, Julia, John.  
  DONOHOE - John and Margaret, Patrick, Mary, Anne, Bridget,  
  Margaret, Catherine, Patrick.  
  COMERFORD - Elizabeth, Martin, John, Elizabeth.  
  DELANEY - John and Mary.  
  RIORDAN - Patrick and Sarah, Patrick, Winifred Malone, Bridget Walsh.  
  KEATING - Thomas and Catherine, Thomas, Catherine, John, John Fisher.  
  BRENNAN - Catherine, Mary.  
  HAUGHNEY - Martin and Margaret, John, Martin, Edward, Mary, Anne.  
  FENNELL - Michael and Mary, Michael, John, Esther, Martin,  
  Elizabeth, Elizabeth Donohoe, Mary Moran.  
  MOORE - Catherine, John, Patrick, Margaret.  
  DOYLE - James and Julia, Margaret, Thomas, Julia, Coachman.
  BEHAN - Bridget, Anne, Thomas, Michael, James.  
  BEGLEY - Henry and Margaret, Lucy, Mary, Margaret, Tailor.
  McCARTHY - Margaret, Michael, Maura, Georgina Bailey.  
  WATTERS - Richard and Catherine.  
  FITZMAURICE - Maryanne, Maureen, Herrin Barbara Cooper,  
   Elizabeth Cradden, Mary Murphy.  
  CRADDEN - Michael and Mary, Elizabeth, John, Mill worker.
  BRENNAN - Michael, John, Dennis, Thomas.  
  GRANT - Richard.  
  DORAN - Denis.  
  BERGIN - William.  
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