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1911 Carlow Town Census
Extracts Only
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Street Name House No Occupants Occupation
1 CORK - Mary, Lilian, Arthur, Florence, Nurse.
2 DEANE - Louisa, James Hickey, Patrick McMahon, McEVOY: John, Julia.  
3 BYRNE - Edward and Eliza, Daniel, Denis Murphy, Joiner.
4 SHEA - Patrick and Mary, Bridget, Patrick, Thomas, John, Mary ex RIC.
5 SHELLY - Mary, O’NEILL: Joseph, Catherine.  
6 Vacant  
7 BRANAGAN - Edward and Mary, Hannah.  
8 CURRAN - Richard and Maggie, Lizzie, Richard, Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Ellen, Annie, Mary Buttler, Patrick Moore, Fitter.
9 FRANCIS - Anastacia, John, Mary.  
10 WHELAN - John and Bessie, James, Carpenter.
11 SLATER - Francis and Maria, Edward, Poulterer.
12 QUINN - Mortimer, Caretaker.
12 Foundry & machine works  
1 DOHERTY - Patrick and Katie, Patrick, Catherine, Rosanna, Sarah, Catherine Cassidy, Postman.
2 NOLAN - William and Mary~ Peter, Lucy, Robert Curry, Carpenter.
3 SEERY - Patrick, Thomas, Martin, Lillie, Pollie, Narinie.  
4 WHELAN - Patrick and Elizabeth, Lawrence, Patrick, William, Michael, John, Elizabeth, Bridget, Christopher.  
5 BYRNE - Thomas, Hospital Porter.
6 Fever Hospital -2 enlisted.  
6 BYRNE - Charlotte, Ellen McCarthy, Nurse.
7 Railway station  
7 McELWEE - Frederick and Annie, Rose, Jane, Belinda, Charles, Mollie, Edith, Annie, Frederick, Emily, Richard, Evelyn, Station master.
8 McKENNA - Thomas, Railway Porter.
9 BUGGLE - Richard and Margaret, John, Thomas, Richard, Mary, James, Railway.
10 DOUGLAS . Marlborough and Mary, Mary, Margaret Webster, Elizabeth Wilkie, Land agent.
11 O’DONOGHUE - John, James Burgess, Richard Irwin, Michael Foran, Martin Lynch, Daniel Kavanagh, Teacher.
12 FLEMING - William and Alice, William, Henry, Walter, Patrick, Michael, Bridget, Railway ganger.
1 FITZMAURICE - William and Mary, Arthur, Reginald, Bridget Deering, Mary Lyons, Land agent.
2 CAREY - Clarence F. and Ada, Raymond D., Margery D., Margaret Bryan, Elizabeth Lawler, Army.
3 FOLEY - Patrick, Ambrose Lynam, MULROONEY: Edward, Catherine, Bishop.
4 BYRNE - Richard and Kate, Christina, George Houlihan, Chauffeur.
5 SMYTH - Alexander and Alice, Eileen, Gertrude, Shoe Merchant..
6 COYLE - Margaret, Julia Dwyer, Julia Mooney, Ellen Murray, Patrick Kehoe, Matron of Infirmary.
6 County Infirmary - 8 enlisted,  
7 GREENE - Thomas, Geraldine, Thomas, Frances Counihan, STEVENS: Cyril, Aloysius, Giulitta Maria Giovanini,  Annie Kearney, Mary Kearney, Physician.
7 McKENNA - Edward, Med. officer.
7 Asylum attendants . William Hayden, John Lambe, James Horohan, Patrick  
  Connolly, James Scully, Michael Rourke, David Barron, John Brennan, Robert  
  Walsh, Thomas Delaiiey, James Nolan, Patrick Hickey, Martin Doyle, Thomas  
  Kavanagh, Patrick Byrne, Thomas Kearney.  
7 KAVANAGH - Annie, Mary Clarke, Elizabeth Doyle, Elizabeth Burke, Mary  
  Brennan, Mary Nugent, Margaret Doogue, Kathleen Wynne, Jane Wynne,  
  Bridget Scully, Anastasia Byrne, Ellen Holden, Mary Fitzpatrick, Kate Brennan,  
  Margaret Nolan, Mary Barron, Elizabeth Snoddy, Jane Robinson, Bridget O’Reilly,  
  Mary Dunne, Julia Kelly, Annie Treacy, Mary Brennan, Mary Brennan, Margaret  
  Murphy, Mary Neil!, Elizabeth Kelly, Kate Haughney, Margaret Roche, Mary Byrne, Matron of Asylum.
7 BRENNAN - Gerald, Land steward.
7 Mental Asylum - 509 enlisted.  
1 DOYLE - Patrick and Jane, Patrick, Annie, Michael, William O’Neill, Shop.
2 HENNESSY - James and Mary, Martha, Moulder.
3 DOYLE - Anne, Shopkeeper.
4 MYERS - William and Mary, Annie, Mary, Carpenter.
5 OBRIEN - John and Anne, Thomas, Patrick, Charles, Peter, Shoemaker.
6 BRENNAN - Edward and Sarah, Edward, James, Lizzie, Thomas, Boot finisher.
7 PIGGOTF - William and Margaret, Jane, Mary, Baker.
8 DOYLE - Margaret.  
9 FARRELL - William and Lizzie, Martin, Patrick, Mary, Carpenter.
10 BYRNE Bridget, Anne, Dressmaker.
11 WALSHE - Patrick and Bridget, Susanna, Annie, Bridget, John, Joseph, Ester, Frances, Fowl Dealer..
12 KELLY - James and Annie, James, Margaret, ex RIC.
13 MALEY - Charles and Maryanne, Charles, Julia, Anne, Bridie, Frank.  
14 REDDY - Edward and Bridget, James, Frances M., Caretaker of racquet court.
15 SIMPSON - Joseph and Olivia, Olivia, Harriette, Charles, Claude, George, Helen, Ernest, CaMilla, ex Army.
16 CLIFFORD - Alexander and Catherine, Mary, .  
17 GRIFFIN - Patrick and Mary, William, James, Frances, Michael, Patrick, Grocers Porter.
18 REDDY - Mary, Thomas, James.  
19 PRENDERGAST - Patrick and Annie, Patrick, Horse trainer.
20 WARD - William and Nannie, Sarah, William, Mary, John, Postman.
21 TIMMINS - Patrick, Anne.  
22 BYRNE - John, Minnie, John, James, Margaret, Patrick, Joseph.  
23 HYNES - Patrick and Margaret, Engine Driver.
24 FITZPATRICK - William and Mary, William, Mary, Margretta, Elizabeth, Patrick.  
25 HUGHES - Edward and Anastatia, Annie, Patrick, Mary, Patrick Neill, Stonecutter.
26 BURKE - John and Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Bridget, Elizabeth Mitchell, Carpenter.
27 CROSSEN - Bernard and Mary, John, Marie, Lizzie, Railway ganger.
28 McDARBY - Mary, Richard, Mary, Michael Curry.  
29 FENLON - John and Maggie, Michael Nolan.  
30 CARROLL - Owen and Anne, Margaret, James, Bridget, Richard, Andrew, Andrew Grant, Rail signalman.
31 LAWLOR - Patrick and Bridget, Patrick, James, Ellen, Blacksmith.
32 BYRNE - Elizabeth, Nannie, James.  
33 CONNOLLY - William and Brigid.  
34 HUTIDN - Edward and Julia, Mary, Bridie, Joseph, Francis, Margaret, Annie, Julia, Agnes, Coachman.
35 QUIGLEY - William and Mary, John, William, Edward, Mary, Francis, Ellen, Jane, Christina, Margaret. Baker.
36 NOLAN - Thomas and Mary, Edward, Hugh Rogers.  
37 McARDLE - Michael and Mary, Kathleen, Edward, Groom.
38 O’REILLY - James, Martin.  
39 BURKE - William and Mary, Patrick, Mary, Laurence Dooling, Asylum attendant.
40 CONNORS - John, Thomas, MURPHY: George and Ellen, Aileen.  
41 BROWN - John, Martin, BRADY: Margaret, John, Mary Hanrahan.  
42 KIRWAN - Thomas and Margaret, Mary, James, Groom.
43 KELLY - Mary, John, Mary, Martin, Robbie, Lizzie, Nora, Bridget, Christina, Kathleen, DELANEY: Francis, Minnie.  
44 MURPHY - Stephen and Kate, Joseph, Baker.
45 CONNOLLY - Michael and Mary, Edward, John, Mary, Carpenter.
46 McLOUGHLIN - John, Kathleen, ex Army.  
47 PENDER - John and Elizabeth, Baker.
48 MURRAY - John, MOORE: William and Winnie, Mary.  
49 MURPHY - Anne, James.  
50 MOORE - Mary, Joseph, Thomas, Mathew.  
51 CONNORS - Elizabeth, William, Patrick, Joseph, Catherine, Ellen, Mary, John Nolan.  
52 HENNESSY - Mary, Teresa, Laundress.
53 CLIFFORD - John and Mary, Hannah, Anne, .
54 BYRNE - Patrick and Anne, Maggie, Laurence, ex Army.
55 SHAW - Philomena.  
56 Vacant  
57 DORMER - Elizabeth, Lizzie, Lizzie.  
58 ROCHE - Agnes, George, Thomas, Annie, Madeline, Mary, O'DONNELL: Sophie, Thomas.  
59 O’CONNOR - Patrick and Jane, Thomas, Patrick, Edward, Louisa, Robert, Samuel McClane, Butcher.
60 COSGROVE - Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Richard, Elizabeth, James, Julia.  
61 KEHOE - Philip and Julia, Julia.  
62 MAHER - Thomas and Ellen, John, Thomas, Patrick, Peter, Mary.  
63 ROONEY - John and Margaret.  
64 DOYLE - John and Margaret, Margaret, Sarah Kavanagh, Cooper.
65 BECKER - Christopher and Jane, Elizabeth McGrath,. ex Army
66 BROPHY - Thomas and Mary, Mary, Agnes, Elizabeth.  
67 DESMOND - James, KING: Michael and Elizabeth, Michael.  
68 LYNCH - Patrick, Annie, Bridget Treacy, SMYTH: James and Eliza, Lodging house..
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