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1911 Carlow Town Census
Extracts Only
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Street Name House No Occupants Occupation
  REDDY - Thomas.  
  Malting Stores  
1 RICHARDS - Thomas and Mary, Thomas, William Mulhall, Patrick Nolan, Julia O’Connor.  
2 MURPHY - Thomas, Thomas, Marie, James Dawson, Helen Flynn, William Carroll, Francis O’Neill, Nora Moran, Draper.
3 DOUGLAS - William, Sarah, George, Mollie, James Webster, Watchmaker.
4 DAVERON - Mary, Mary Belton, Annie Keating, Shopkeeper.
5 McDONNELL - Catherine, Daniel, James Doyle, John Jackson, Thomas O'Rourke, Julia Lawlor, Merchant..
6 DONNELLY - Gerald, James Byrne, Annie Donohoe, Merchant..
7 YOUNG - Samuel, BATES: Robert, Charlotte, Florrie, Maggie Maher, Lillie Lawler, Draper.
8 HOSEY - John, John Dillon, Grocer & Publican.
9 HODGES - Kate, Edward, Alfred, Charles, Newsagent.
10 NEILL - Mary, James, Dealer.
11 HADDEN - William, Eileen, Caroline Broomfield, Helen Wright, Sadie Bagnall,  
  Agnes McFarland, Louise Parsons, Frances McCartney, Ida Whittaker, Elleanor McCartney,  
  Florence Kidney, Lizzie O’Brien, Maggie McDonald, John Dee, Charles Siberry, Draper.
11 ALLEN - Thomas, Chafles Richardson, Alfred Kane, Draper’s asst..
12 SPARKS - Samuel and Maria, Sarah, James, Storekeeper.
13 DEEGAN - Mary, Judith Clifton, Lily Sherry, Mary Lyons, Bridget Keating, Restaurant.
14 MOLLOY - Michael and Mary, William Martin, Michael Pender, Thomas  
  Kavanagh, Maurice Keane, William Connolly, Matthew Quillinan, Mary Mockler,  
  Rosanna Fitzgerald, Maggie Murray, Katie Quillinan, Patrick Mackrin, Lizzie Fitzgerald, Draper.
15 Factory  
16 KING - Michael and Eliza, John, James Lynam, Publican.
17 HOEY - Maria, Ellen, Ellen Walsh, ex Telegraphist.
18 Shop  
19 JACKSON - William, Mary Malone, Kate Banibrick, Ellen McCarthy, Auctioneer, Grocer.
20 RODDY - Michael and Alice, RIC.
20 REYNOLDS - John and Frances, Mary, Charles, Bridget, Sarah, Edward, John, Frances, Kathleen, Michael, RIC.  
20 RIC Barracks - J.R., J.D., G.F., M.R., B.F., W.W., J.T., M.McE., T.D., G.L., RIC Constables.
21 QUINN - Thomas and Janie, Mary, Patrick, James, Margaret, Jane, Rosaima, Josephine, John Carpenter, ex RIC.
22 DOWLINC - John, Shop asst..  
23 LAWLER - Patrick, May, Thomas, Patrick, William, Alice Kelly, Grocer & Publican.
24 CARBERY - Peter and Annie, Mary, Colette, Peter, Annie, Sarah Moran, Town surveyor.
25 McDARBY - Ellen, Mary Gregan, Mary Nolan, Grocer.
26 KIRWAN - Mary, Maggie, Thomas, Philip.  
27 DOYLE - Peter and Mary, Mary, John, Thomas, Peter, Stanislaus, Harness maker.
28 CONLAN - Annie, Teresa, Edward, Kathleen, Newspaper owner.
29 CUDDY - Edward and Ellen, Mary, James, Margaret, Edward, Tailor.
30 EVANS - Thomas and Hanoria, Gunsmith.
31 McDARBY - William and Margaret.  
32 O’BRIEN - Patiick, John, Mary, Cabinet maker
33 SMITH - George an Lily, Mary, Bridget, George, Lily, William Hudson, William Curran, Shoemaker.
34/35. Shop  
36 BRESLIN - Mary, Brigid, Dressmaker.
37 BRENNAN - William and Mrs., Maria, Grocer.
38 CORCORAN - John and Margaret, John, Henry, Mary, Carpenter.
39 CLOWRY - Mary, Julia, Norah Byrne, Grocer & Publican.
40 LAWLER - Annie, John, Gertrude, Thomas, Margaret Johnson, Pawnbroker.
41 KELLY - John and Marianne, James, Maggie Fitzgerald, Shopkeeper.
42 KELLY - Michael and Elizabeth, Katie, Engine Driver.
43 O’NEILL - James and Julia, John, Daniel, Kathleen, James, Elizabeth, ex RIC.
44 McGRATH - Maria, John Farrell.  
45 FOLEY - Mary, Mary, John, Kate Lowry, Shopkeeper.
46 HAYDEN - James and Mary, Patrick, Michael, Bridget, Shoemaker.
47 REDDY - Mary, Margaret, Frances, James, Patrick, Josephine, Patrick Carroll, Kate Brennan, Hotel keeper.
48 HANLON - Mary.  
49 HUGHES - Michael, Mary, Winifred, James Leonard, Stone worker.
50 MULLANE - Denis and Mary, Margaret, May, Daniel, Eileen Moloney, Bridget Kelly, Publican.
51 DOYLE - Michael and Annie, James, Maureen, ByranPatrick, Mary, Michael,  
  Margaret Tracey, Thomas Byrne, Denis Higgins, Lawrence Ryan, Kitty Carey, Mary Keating, Merchant..
52 BYRNE - Patrick and Margaret, John O’Neill, Mary Rourke, Shopkeeper.
53 DEEGAN - Alice, Ellen Byrne.  
54 BREEN - Patrick, McDERMOIT: James, Catherine, Jane, Patrick, Eleanor, Annie, .
  Charles, Edward, Joseph, Philomena, Grocer
55 KAVANAGH - Matthew and Sarah, Mary, Sarah, Margaret, Andrew, Christina, Patrick, .
  Mary Brooks, Mary Deay, Patrick Hayden, Grocer
56 NOLAN - Patrick and Eliza, Edward, Nannie, Patrick, Mary.  
57 WHELAN - John and Margaret, McDONALD: Ada, Patrick, John OToole, John Neill,  
  John Kelly, Martin Pugh, Anne Lynch, Gen Merchant..
58 Shop  
59 BYRNE - Marianne, Frances, Daniel Murray, Patrick Carpenter, Nicholas Carpenter, Nannie Kehoe, Patrick Byrne, Grocer.
60 DILLON - Bridget, Mary Curran, Ellen Maher, Francis Walsh.  
61 RYAN - Anne, Store.
62 FARRELL - James and Mary, John, Michael, Mary, Peter, Clare, Patrick, Allen, Ellen Hogan, Ironmonger.
64 MAHER - Norah, WHEATLEY: Charlet, Margaret, Fanny, James Foy.  
65 HANLON - William and Joanna, Dan, James, William, RAFTER: Catherine, Patrick, Blacksmith.
66 BURKE - John, John, Eileen, Ned, Coach Fitter.
67 Shop  
68 CURTIN - Annie, Kate Keegan, Luke Daly, William Moody, Daniel Mahoney.  
69 PURSER - Mark and Anne, Mark, Emma, Martha, Olive, Implement maker.
70 Convent National School  
71 MARNELL - Anne, Annie Hennessey Anne O’Neill, Elizabeth Marnell, Anna  
  Whyte, Annie Burke, Anne Hackett, Ellen Murphy, Lizzie Kealy, Henrietta Hyland,  
  Hanna Moloney, Mary Fleming, Brigid Phelan, Brigid Gunnis, Madeline  
  Delaney, Anna Cullen, Ellen O’Rourke, Agnes Maher, Helena Judge, Anne  
  Delaney, Kate Campion, Ellen O’Neill, Ellen Kearns, Josephine Nagle, Mary  
  O’Neill, Janie O’Neill, Mary Cullinan, Margaret Deere, Aileen O’Connell, Mary  
  Flood, Anastatia Walshe, Julia Moloney, All sisters & teachers.
72 FOLEY - Mary, John, Julia, Peter, Walter Barron.  
73 O’NEILL - William, Bridget, Baker.
74 Shop  
75 HUGHES - Thomas and Catherine, Henry, Oliver, Thomas, RIC sergt..
76 COLEMAN - Margaret, James, Manager. of dairy depot.
77 HEARNS - Margaret, Annie, Patrick, Thomas, Joseph, Grefta, Michael.  
78 BOAKE - Edwin, Grace, Kate Sullivan, Merchant..
79 TRACEY - Maria, Katie, Shopkeeper.
80 CORCORAN - James and Catherine, Margaret Langton, Timothy Flynn, Patrick Maher, Carpenter.
81 MURPHY - John and Ellen, Baker.
82 DORAN - Thomas and Annie, Bridget, Maggie Nolan.  
83 ALLEN - Peter, Fishmonger.
84 NORMAN - Hollester, Hannah Butler, Grocer.
85 LYNAM - Catherine, Patricia, Josephine Deasy, Edward Byrne, Patrick Sheridan,  
  Mabel Callan, Maggie Scully, Thomas Whitney, George Wright, Gabriel Spence, Hotel keeper.
86 FOLEY - John, WALSH: Mary Bridget, Dealer.
87 BOLGER - James, Patrick Farrell, Chemist.
88 WILLIAMS - Frederick, Mary, Madeline, Tailor.
89 Society of Friends Hall  
90 COLGAN - Julia, Julia, Annie Scully, Baker.
91 Vacant  
92 MOLLOY - Patrick, Mary, Ellen Murphy, Baker.
93 LAWLESS - Bessie, GRAHAM: Maria, Mary, John, Draper.
94 COUGH - Robert and Annie, Marx Kathleen, Robert, Lily, Joseph, Annie Byrne, Kathleen McKenna, Comm. Clerk.
95 Warehouse  
96 Shop  
97 CLARKE - Michael and Margaret, Pierce Hosey, Mary Hughes, Draper.
98 HENRY - William and Mary, Ceo. Alexander, William H., Maggie Blair, Solicitor’s asst..
99 KEATING - Kathleen, Gertrude, Bridget Doyle, FITZGERALD: John, Marx Draper.
100 AUPERLE - Charles and Margaret, Doris, Francis Waters, Butcher.
101 Vacant  
102 Vacant  
103 McDONNELL - Michael and Mary~ Michael, William, John, Mary, Annie, Thomas, Laurence Carroll, .
  Thomas Regan, Paul Cashen, Mary Murphy, Grocer
104 BRANAGAN - John and Sarah, Peter, George, MASTERSON: Eliza, Joseph, John Sofrmn, Harness maker.
105 BOLTON - Alice, Lillie Clarke, Margaret Farran, Elizabeth Daly, Draper
106 RYAN - James and Muriel, Sophie, Aubrey, Stanley, Muriel, Lucy, Shop.
107 McELHONEY - Annie, NOUD: Michael and Mary, Margaret, Alice, Eileen, Mary Timothy Harnett.  
108 HARRISON - Thomas and Martha, Margaret, John Williamson.  
1 MURPHY - Martin, Draper.
2 MacDONNELL - Duncan and Mary, RIC.
3 Vacant  
4 GAVIN - James and Mary, James, RIC.
5 KING - Joseph and Julia, Florence, Patrick, Thomas, Coachman.
6 MARTIN - Walter and Kate, Walter, Lillian, Edith, Ronald, Beatrice, Percy, Doris, Ellen, Christina, Poultry.
1 KELLY - Martin and Katie, Maureen, Michael Brennan, Laurence Brophy, Denis Carroll, Patrick Meany, Robert Grant, Lizzie Helehan, Gen. Merchant..
2 GOVERNEY - Michael, McDONALD: Thomas, John, Margaret Timmins, Nicholas Hickey.  
3 HEARNS - Garret, Richard, Garret, Kathleen Moran, Victualler.
4 FENLON - Rachael, Victualler.
5 JOHNSON - Henry and Katey, Michael, Tailor.
6 McWEY - Thomas, Annie, Alice, Josephine, Bridget Scully, Merchant..
7 BOLGER - Joseph, Edward, John Kinsella, Mary Dempsey, Malting business.
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