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RC Parish of Allen and Milltown

Co Kildare

Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004 Colleen McClain

LDS Film 926104                
Allen and Milltown Catholic
1826, 16 Jul Catty James Timmon Mary Timmon (Ballybogue?) John Flinn Mary Ivers
1827, 3 Mar Matt William Tierman Mary   Rathbride  (Tully civil parish, Co Kildare) Stephen Ivory (?) Dowlin
1828, 4 May Betty Pat Tierman Mary   Ballentine Matt (Sward?) Mary Tiernan
1833, 5 May Mary Michael Fegan Bridget Gready Few (cullen?) John Bergen Ellen (McDandts?)
1834, 13 Apr Peter Matt (Dunn?) Mary Gready (Mylertown? Miltown?) Phil Gready Ellen Gratton
1835, 29 Mar Eliza Pat Ryan Ellen Bready Wood Simon Bready Cathr. Doyle
1836, Apr 3 Betty Mich. Dunn Mary Gready (Myliuts? Miltown?) Simon Farrell Mary (Dunn?)
1837, 27 Jan Eliza Michael Fegan Bridget Grady Peigheullen Pat Drook Ann Bergan
1840,  18 Mar William John Hughes (Eliz.?) Tiernan Mylerstown (Miltown?) Pat Walsh Rose Geraghty
1841, 21 Feb Anne Pat Martin Mary (Lemon? Timon?) Ballyteague Patt (Rosner?) Mary Byrne
1841, 12 Mar Maria Pat (Harama?) Rose Timmon (Robpttown? Robbtown?)) Peter (Holy?) Eliza (Holy?)
1841, 11 May Judith John Daly Mary (Timmin? Linnon?) Drumshria Daniel Gafney Ann Gafney
1841, 17 Oct Bridget Patt (Turran? Furran?) Mary Thorpe (Cheirllen?) Bartholmew Gready Esther Gready
1842, 23 Jan John James Dunne Mary Moore Robrttown (Robbtown?) (Denis?) Timmon Judith Behan
1842 Roseana James Ivors Mary Carroll Ballyteague Michael (Lemon? Timmon?) (Eliz.?) Neill
1842, 12 Jun Mary Patt (Timmon? Lemmon?) Rose Goulding  Lowtown  (Ballynure civil parish, Co. Wicklow) Lawrence Flanagan Margaret Golding
1842, 18 Sep Michael William (Tennon? Lennon?) Elon Hart (Robertstown? Robbtown?) James Butler Catherine Tiernan
4 Jun 1843 Mary Peter Beahan Bridget Grady (Clonyoronel?) Philip Grady Esther Kelly
1844, 28 Apr Esther Michael Neill Catherin Grady (Pluckhartown?) Thomas Geraty Bridget Martin
 1844, 3 Mar John John (Timmlean?) Mary Gready (Allenland? Allenhill?) John Maran Bridget Dunne
1844, 8 Sep Rose Anna Patt (Lennon? Tinnon?) Rose Goulding  Lowtown
(Ballynure civil parish, Co. Wicklow)
Thos. Grey Margt. Grey
1844, 15 Sep Cathr. John Brian Margt. Behan Clongowna Chritopher (Thin?) Mary Grady
1845, 6 Apr Richard Peter Behan Bridget Grady Clongowna Michael Murphy Catherine Grady
1846, 5 Apr James Chistopher Mills Eliza Grady  Lowtown  (Ballynure civil parish, Co. Wicklow) William Hutchinson Bridget Hyland
1846, 12 Apr Margaret Matt Dunne Mary Grady (Mylertown? Miltown?) Timothy Farrell Bridget Farrell
1848, 2 Jul Margaret William (Lemmon? Timmon?) Elizabeth Hart  Lowtown  (Ballynure civil parish, Co. Wicklow) Patt Herbert (Caholl?)
1848, 16 Mar John Christopher Mills Eliza Grady  Lowtown
(Ballynure civil parish, Co. Wicklow)
1848, 21 Sep Bridget James Walsh Rose Timmons (Killeiph? Killeighter in Cloncurry civil parish, Co. Kildare?) Reddy Kelly Catherine Kelly
1850, 24 Jan Bridget Peter Behan Bridget Grady Clongowna John Sullivan Rose Grady
1850, 31 Mar Timothy Matt Dunne Mary  Grady (Mybrotown? Miltown?) Robert Fanell Eliza (?)
1850, 9 Mar Teresa James Walsh Rose (Timmons? Sommers?) (Kollingn? Killeighter in Cloncurry  civil parish, Co. Kildare?) James Moore Margaret Farrell
LDS Film #926104 Marriages          
Allen and Milltown Catholic
1839 Patrick Martin Mary (Timmon? Lennon? Peter Lemon Loughlin Haoly Ballyteague
1841 Patrick Connor Mary Tiernan (?) (Harrigan?) Patrick Tiernan Miltown
1841 Edward Tiernan Elizabeth Beahan Patt Kelly Elizabeth Behan Clongowna
1842, May 8 James (Smullen?) Mary Grady John Breerton Eliza Brady Allenhill
1842 Peter Byrne Mary Fox John Walsh Margaret Gready (Mylerstown? Miltown?)
1846, 29 Jan James Gready Esther Gordon John Sullivan Eliza Gordon Mylerstown
1849, 17 Feb George Hatch Elizabeth Gammons Michael Anderson Eliza (Tierney? (Allenhill?)
1849, 15 Aug James Grady Maria (Holan?) Edward Grady Richard Kelly Coolith
1855, 1 Sep Bartholomew Grady Alicia Reilly John Walshe Bridget Kelly Feighcullon
Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004 Colleen McClain
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