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Georgia Gazette, 12 June 1800

Names: Nowlan, Clowny (Sic ?Clowry), Watton, Roach & Delyons

(Transcribed as published)

Dublin, March 13. We are sorry to learn from various parts of the country that a renewed disposition to outrage has displayed itself, connected, we doubt not, with the report of the Brest fleet sailing.

Government has issued two proclamations; one for the apprehension of the persons concerned in a violent attack on the persons of James Hancen, servant to the rev. Richard Coxe, rector to the parish Chirconlish, county of Limerick, and who threatened him with instant death if he did not discover where his master's tythe books and notes were, and upon promising so to do he escaped from them; the other for the apprehension of the persons concerned in the following barbarous murders and outrages: John Nowlan, (lately permanent serjeant to Sir R. Butler's corps of yeomanry) and his wife, were shot in their bed, at their house in the country of Carlow; Darby Clowny [sic], of said county, farmer, who was shot dead, and his man servant severely wounded; John Watton and Thomas Roach, inhabitants of the county, were also shot dead near to their houses; Owen Delyons, a man who voluntarily made discoveries to a magistrate of many robberies in which he, with many others, were concerned, was murdered at the house of his mother, situate in the barony of Carberry, Kildare; and at a small distance from the house the mother was found murdered, the house in which they resided burned down, and it was with difficulty his three sisters, the eldest not 12 years of age, escaped the flames, one of whom received a bayonet wound in her body.

On the night of the 1st inst. the chapel of Newtown, county Carlow, was set on fire by some person or persons unknown. Government have, in each proclamation, offered a reward of 100l. for the discovery of all or any of the persons concerned in the above murder ad outrages.

Oracle of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, 10 Nov 1800

Names: Wallace, Knot & Hubbert

(transcribed as published)

Cork, August 21

Saturday last, Arthur Wallace, Postmaster of Carlow, was executed at the front of the new goal of that town, pursuant to his sentence at the last assizes, for embezzling bank notes, &c. This unhappy culprit, as we are credibly informed, requested Mr. Knot, high sherif of the county of Carlow, to delay his execution till the arrival of the Dublin Mail Coach, expecting a respite; that gentleman, with his usual humanity, acquiesced with his desire.

The coach arrived about three o'clock, when Mr. Knot went personally and had the different bags carefully searched: no respite arrived; orders were consequently given for his immediate execution.

Between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, he was escorted by a strong military guard, in a sedan chair, attended by Dr. Hubbert, from the old gaol in Bridewell lane, to the new gaol in Barrack street, having a white cap hiding his face; he appeared much dejected, and almost senseless of his approaching fate, when he arrived there he remained about three quarters of an hour praying; at length he grew so weak and feeble, he was obliged to be assisted on the scaffold by two men and the goaler, when he was launched into eternity.

He has bequested his wife the interest of 2000l. during life, in case she remains a widow, and to his two children 5000l. each.

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