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Carlow Records

"Dowling"-related entries in the Ballon-Rathoe parish records

(Marriages: 1782-1795; Baptisms: 1785-1795).

  All material transcribed by Roger Nowlan

Elizabeth Dowling (servant) and Ellen Somers(cook) on an estate ...

1784 10 02
Byrne, Michael m. Mary Byrne
witnesses: Michael Tummins [sic Timmins], Thomas Dowling 
1785 03 17
Cummins, John m. Elenor Dowling
witnesses: Laurence Dowling, Thomas Moor 
1788 02 03
Mahon, James m. Honora Dowling
sponsors: Bryan Shortel, Sylvester Coughlan
[RN: The above Bryan is likely the "Bryan Shortall" of Kilmurray who made an Oath regarding bearing arms in the early 1800s (ref: recent posting by Michael Purcell); I also suspect that he was related to my ancestor Mary Shortall married to James Nowlan in the Ballon church in 1793).
1788 05 04
Kinsella, Matt m. Elizabeth Dowling
sponsors: John Murphy, Mary Nowlan
residence: Ballykealey
1789 01 18
Nowlan, Michael m. Mary Duire (RN: sic Dwyer)
sponsors: James Kelly, Michael Dowling
1789 02 22
Dowling, Laurence m. Elizabeth Maher
sponsors: Stuart Smith, Patt Maher
1789 02 25  Kinsella, Joanna
Kinsella, Matthew & Elizabeth (Dowling)
sponsors: Murt Nowlan, Ann Nowlan
residence: Ballykealy
1790 03 09 Redmond, Patrick
Redmond, Laurence & Elizabeth
sponsors: Thomas Dowling, Mary Nowlan,
residence: Killmurray
1792 02 19 Dowling, John m. Allice Tracy
witnesses: Denis Kavanagh, John Smith
1792 02 08 2-B Kenny, Daniel
 Kenny, Thomas & Bridget
sponsors: Patrick Dowling & Ann Shortel,
Residence: Kill-- [RN: sic Killmurray]
1792 02 19 (triple wedding)
Dowling, John m. Allice Tracy;
witnesses: Denis Kavanagh, John Smith
Murphy, John m. Cathrine Donn (RN: sic Dunn);
witnesses: John Dowling, James
Curren Smith, John m Mary Sommers;
witnesses: James Macavoy, John  Dowling
1792 09 03 Hughes, ---
Hughes, Clement & Elenor
sponsors: Michael Nowlan, Mary Dowling
residence: Connaberry
1793 04 16 Dowling, Laurence m. Cathrine Kelly
witnesses: Edward Conry, Ann Nowlan,
residence: Castlegrace
1794 02 18 Dowling, James
Dowling, Laurence & Catherine (Kelly)
sponsors:  William Lee, Mary Nowlan
residence: Castlegrace
1794 06 24 Byrne, James
Byrne, Richard & Anastatia Nowlan
sponsors: Peter Nowlan, Margaret Dowling
residence: Carrickslaney

In the timeframe covered by the above records (1782-1795) there was another Elizabeth Dowling (c1758-Dec1794) in the parish territory who was married to William Nowlan of Kilknock.

Yet, there is no record relating to this couple in the RC parish records.

Could they have attended church elsewhere?  perhaps in the "Kilrush"

Church (church of the woods) alluded to in a 1908 letter describing the fate of "Farmer Clowry" at the hands of renigade elements in the aftermath of 1798 (he was killed in March 1800).

In any case, to come to the point, the Clowry "family tradition" is that when the family first came to the Ballon area they settled at "Kilrush" yet I know of no current or past place in Co. Carlow known as "Kilrush". Knowing where the Clowry descendants first lived the only placename which sounds somewhat close is "Rathrush" (fort of the woods) near Rathoe and, yes, there are remains of an old church in the area. So, does anyone have a clue?

Could this have been the location of a mass place during the mid-to-late 1700s, prior to 1782 when Rev. Nicholas Nowlan started the Ballon-Rathoe church records.

In the "Succession of Pastors" for the Ballon-Rathoe parish (Carlow IGP genealogy website) we find the folowing:  "Michael Shortall succeeded [James Brett who died the 19th of January, 1764, aged 41, and is interred at Kellistown]; he is named in a return of 1766 as P.P. of  Ahade.

This priest, who survived up to the year 1794, is interred with his family at Ballyellen."

Where did Rev. Michael Shortall celebrate mass? At "Kilrush"?

I know that the Clowrys and Shortalls were close since my ancestor Mary Shortall had been previously married in 1784 to a James Clowry of the Killane-Kilkey area, the same area as where the previously mentioned "Farmer [Darby/Jeremiah] Clowry" lived.

From: "Roger Nowlan" <>

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