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Baptism Records


Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004

Carlow Catholic Parish                
FHC film 926119                
1774, 4 Nov Catherine Terry Brennan Mary Timmen     Carlow
1795, 31 Jun James William Timmins Margaret Murphy John Brown Elizabeth (Decropion?) Carlow
1800, 26 Nov Elizabeth Edward Thorpe Mary Maher John Timmons Judith Murphy Carlow
1802, 1 Mar Cathr. John Brophy Judith Cummins James Timmins Mary Dunn Carlow
1802, 9 Nov John John P. George (Sumyions?) Ann Lackey John Timmons Elizabeth Maher Carlow
1802, 23 Sep Thomas William Timmins Margaret Murphy William Fitzgerald Mary Timmins Carlow
1804, 17 Jan Margaret John Brophy Judith Timmins James Timminy Elizabeth Hennessy Carlow
1804, 3 Apr Catherine Patt Kelly Mary Timmins William Fitzgerald   Carlow
1807, 20 Jan Richard George Timmons Ann Lackey James Dugan Margaret (Bow...?) Carlow
1820, 17 Sep Michael Michael Timmins Catherine   James Maher Judith Lynch Carlow
1822, Oct Edward Phillip Walsh Bridget Timmin William Hughes Margaret Dungan Carlow
1829, 15 Jun Jane Thomas Butler Mary Nevin Mary Nevin Mary Timmon Burren St
1 Dec 1829 James Edward Cosgrove Bridget Dunne Charles (Hend....?) Ann Timmon Pollerton Rd
1830, 3 Mar David John Timmons Bridget Keegan (...?) Kavanagh Catherine Byrne Carlow
1830 Thomas John Hynes Mary Timmons Anne Fitzgerald   Stapleton Rd
1830, 8 Jul Anne         Edward Curran Mary Moran Carlow
1830 Richard John Roark Margaret   Thomas Timmins   Brown St
1831, 30 May Anne Thomas Timmins Mary   Ellen English   Carlow
1831, 10 Oct Bernard John Henisy Bridget Timmons W. (Dermody?) Mary (Proust?) Old Barrack
1831, 30 Nov Margaret Pierce Lawler Anne Timmins Bridget Story (?) Harold Castle St
1832, 25 Jan Margaret Pat Murray Judith Timmins Margaret Brian   Burrens St
1832, 21 Jan Catherine John Hennesey Bridget Timmins Eliza Garrett   Old Barrack
1847, 20 Nov Charles John Anderson Mary Byrne Patrick Rice Mary (Myers? Murray?) Barrack St
FHC film 926119                
Carlow Catholic parish                
1833, 12 Mar Ann Michael Morris Mary Timmins Owen Kelly Ann Timmins Stapleton Rd
1833, 10 May Patrick William Brennan Catherine McQuill John Timmon Margaret Bryan Carlow
1833, 25 Sep Michael James Murray Judith Timmin John Holland Sally Kennedy Burrin St
1834, 14 Jul Catherine Thomas Timmons (M?) (Harris?) Francis McDermot Catherine Lusk Potato Market
1835, 25 May Michael Michael Murphy Catherine Brennan George Timmin Anne Malone Barrack St
1835, 3 Jun Margaret John Timmins Catherine Pinder Martin Pinder Honora Byron Old Leighlin
1836, 30 Apl Anne Thomas Hern Margaret Harman John Byrne Mary Timmins Barrack St
1836, 15 Nov Michael Michael Ivers (or Myers?) Mary Timmin John Silk Mary Ivers (Closh?)
1837, 9 Feb Michael Thomas Gibbons Judith (Campione?) Michael Timmins Elizabeth Doherty Dobbins Rd
1838, 30 Aug William Michael Myers Mary Timmin Martin Timmin Anne Dempsy Coalmarket
1839, 24 Jan John John Madden Margaret Timmin James Byrnes Margaret Carvey Athy Rd
1841, 18 Sep John (T.) James Anderson Mary Timmon John Timmon Catherine Timmon Stapleton Rd
1841, 17 Dec Gerald Gerald Herein (Hearn?) Mary Timmon John Timmon Ellen Hacket Coalmarket
1842, 23 Feb Patrick John Rourke Anne Keating John Brophy Catherine Timmon Green lane
1842, 6 Mar Patrick Patrick Fenlon Bridget Lalor Patrick Timmin Mary Timmin Tullow St
1843, 9 Jul William Michael Higgins (M.?) Connor Mary Anne Timmon Elizabeth Hutchinson (Bridwell?)
1843, 11 Sep William William Timmins Ann Costelloe __ Cleon __ Carthy Water Lane
1843, 7 Nov Bartholomew John Murry Julia Timmins Thomas (Peavly?) Anne Cashon Bryon Ct
1843, 12 Dec Frances John Timmon Catherine Ward Charles Timmin Ann Henessey Green Lane
1845, 11 Mar Maryanne James Anderson Mary  Timmins William Ryan Mary Rice Stapleton Rd
1845, 26 May Michael Charles Timmins Sarah (Lusth?) William Timmins Mary Timmins (Green Lane?)
1845, 1 Jan Mary Anne Christopher (Keliet?) ___ Hacket John (Berzan?) Marry Timmin Bridewell Lane
1845, 16 Jun Margaret Matthew Cahill Mary Dollard Michael Shaley Mary Timmins Bridewell Lane
1846, 27 Sep Patrick James Timmins Mary Walsh John (Moran?) Anne Lawlor Barrack St
1848, 23 Oct James John Timmon Catherine Ward William Timmon Catherine Doyle Barrack St
1848, 8 Dec Joseph William Meany Bidy Timmon Thomas Mary (Meany?) Bidy Mary (Meany?) Green Lane
1852, 8 Jun Mary Jane Charles Timmins Alicia McNally John Timmons Jane McNally Castle St
1852 Kate Patrick Moore Kate Timmon John Nolan Eliza Nolan Dublin Rd
1852, 18 Aug Charles Patrick Timmins Eliza Lusk Charles Timmins Elizabeth Fitzsimmons Water Lane
1847, 9 Feb Jane James Anderson Mary Timmins George Rice Mary Herrins Stapleton Rd
1850, 26 Jan James James Anderson Mary Timmins John Branigan Ellen Hearns Stapleton Rd
1795, 17 Nov Jane John Anderson Mary (Murray?) Mathias Maher Elinor Crawford Carlow
1799, 23 Jun John William Timmins Margaret Murphy Henry Brown Mary (Condrgh?) Carlow
1826, 19 Apr Patrick John Rice Elizabeth Moore Dennis Murphy   Pollerton Rd
1827, 13 Nov Thomas Andrew Darmody Biddy Rice David Proust Mary Proust Carlow
1827, 22 Dec Thomas Walter Rice (Bridget?) Anderson Pat Kehoe (?) (Barry?) Carlow
RCB Library, Dublin              
Carlow Church of Ireland                
1817, 26 Apr William William (Timmons? Simmons?) Anna        
1847, 28 Oct Charles John Anderson Mary        
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