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Baptism Records

Parish of Baltinglass, (Part in Co Carlow)

Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004

Baltinglass Catholic parish
Date of Baptism Childs Name Fathers Name   Mothers Name   Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Residence
1815, 2 Aug Michael John  Anderson ? ? Patt Foley Ann Foley Carrigeen
1808, 29 Jan ? John White Anne  Kinselah Thomas Brin? Ellen Anderson Carag?
1834, 25 May John John Moore Ellen Anderson Martha Brennan Mary Kelly Holdenstown
1837, 19 Nov Ellen  John Moore Ellen Anderson William Largen Elizabeth Moore Holdenstown
 1837, 16 Jul Mary Brian  Moore Mary Anderson John Kehoe Sarah McDonnell Griffintown
1839, 20 Oct Anne Brian  Moore Mary Anderson Edward Gaffney Bridget Deegan Griffintown
1843, 16 Apl Pat Brian  Moore Mary Anderson Patt Deegan Bridget Archbold Griffintown
1846, 1 Jul Biddy Brian  Moore Mary Anderson Sam? Buddolph? Biddy Degan Griffintown
1836, 26 Nov Bridget ?  Hanlon Bridget Anderson James Nolan Anne Anderson Robson? Rahsen?
1844, 24 Sep Michael    Handlon Bridget Anderson Pat Hanlon Rose Mahoney Baltinglass
1837, 9 Jul John Michael  Byrne Judith Finn John Finn   Stratford
1844, 13 Dec Mathew Pat  Kinsella Dolly Anderson James Boraran Mary Boraran Lonegrange?
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Transcribed By Gene Gribbin c2007                
Date of Baptism Childs Name Fathers Name Mothers Name Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Residence
1824, 27 Dec Anne Peter Gribbin Mary ? JamThorpe Mary Byrne Flash?
1825, 28, Mar Patt Peter Byrne Bridget ? ? ? ?
1825, 6, Mar Jos Mich. Gribbin Mary ? Henry Quin M. Berncy Lois G?
1825, 19, Jun Tom Geo. Byrne Judith ? Tom Lines Hou Lofies Milltown
1826, 25, Jan Ann Th. Byrne Ellen ? Mich. Conners Mary Conners Ballontine
1826, 10, Oct Patt Edie Byrne Elizabeth ? Th. Connelly Mary Connelly ?
1827, 3, Jan Brid Andy Gribbin Madge ? Mich. Gribbin Cath. Low
1828, 6, Dec T. Peter Gribbin Mary ? Patrick Lemon Mary Lemon Ticullen
1831, 20, Jun Tho. Tho. Byrne Ellen ? Ja Nolan Cath Kenedy Balentine
1831, 28, Apr Mary Mich. Gribbin Mary ? Tm. Connor Mary Newton Fieul?
1831, 16, Dec Judy Andy Gribbin Marcella ? Laug. Healy Bri. Daly Low town
1832, 29, Jul Ellen Tm. Byrne Ellen Nolan Tm. Hiarmon Be. Terman Baues? T
1834, 4, Feb Bridget Tm. Byrne Anartes Behain Mich. Glyn Cath. Byrne Barlaucs town
1834, 29, Jun Peter Wm. Byrne Eliza Ligh Pat Maguire Sally Ligh Newtown
1834, 20 Sep To. To. Byrne Ellen Nolan Kitt Hea? Maria Tierney Mittown
1835, 22, Feb Catherine Mich. Byrne Bridget Ennis Mich. Ennis Margt. Keejan Pollarst
1835, 30, May Pat Andy Gribbin Marcella Daly Laur.Gribbin A?d Gribbin Locotown
1837, 2, Jul John Andy Byrne Cath. Lord Martin Cooper Mary ? Miltown
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