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Baptism Records

RC Parish of Hacketstown

Transcribed by: Sharon Kavanagh c2006

Church Records – one page of Baptisms from a record book (LDS Film #926115) “Diocese: Kildare and Leighlin Parish: Hacketstown Baptisms: Aug. 29, 1820– April 20, 1823, July 10, 1826 – Sept. 7, 1826, Also a few entries for 1815-20

1832 Name Parents Sponsors Residence
22 Mary Patrick Goody/Sarah Neile John Behan/Mary Goody Ballysallow
Cath Daniel Farrell/Anne Fox Matthew Cullen/Betty Fox Balinguile
23 Marg John O'Brien/Betty Shiel (blank) Catherine Murphy Shielstown
28 Wm James Healy/A-H------ John ? / Elizabeth H----- Curragh
Eliz Bart Sheridan/Elinor Caity John Caity/Brid Kavanagh Toorboy
1 Martin Martin Murray/Ann Sp--- Edw McDonnel/Anast.Sp--- Ballykillduff
John John Byrne/Cath H--- Martin and Mary Mullins Ballymaconey
Joseph Seamus Hickey/Mary Brien James Whelan/Bridget Byrne Slieveaveagh
Matt Jas Kavanagh/Mary Cullen  Wm.Whelan/Rosie Shiel (left blank)
Mary Jas Kavanagh/Mary Cullen  Mich Kavan/Mary Cullen Carrignamuck
3 Mary Mick Reilly/Sara Liston Thos Reilly/Cath Colman Hacketstown
4 Mary Laur Connor/Anne Colman James and Mary Toole Scotland
Anne Thos Kelly/Mary Kelly Matt Reilly/Cath Kelly Coolmanagh
James Patrick Burke/Sally Moore James Walsh/Mary Keefe Hacketstown
Arthur John Doran/Marg Marius Chris Byrne/Marg Kennedy ? Lodger ?
Thos James Doyle/Eliza Pierce Thos Pierce/Eliza Doyle Slieve(meal?)
11 Bridg Edw Keogh/Mary Toole Jas Keefe/Bridg Darcy     Knocknashamroge
Cath Edw Doyle/Esther Brien Garrett Brien/Judy Doyle Hacketstown
James Darby Ryan/Marg Pratt Pat Keifer/Cath Hearney Knockananna
Chas John H-r--d-?/ Mary Keogh John Reily/?---my Caitneil? Hacketstown
Thos Pat Byrne/Lucy Dowling Peter and Mary McGrath Monastill
Esther Pat Harmon/Bridget Doyle George and Catherine Doyle Balinguile
12 Mich Pat Doyle/Anne Shiel John Byrne/Mary Smiths Knockananna
13 Anne Denis Cullen/Mary Whelan Pat Whelan/Mary Cullen Ballyedmond
14 Marg Edw Whelan/Mry McDonald Mart Whelan/Ellen Kenny Ballyknock
18 Rich O.Fitzharris/Elisa Brennan Rich Ftzhar./Anne Brennan Coolmanna
Mary John Byrne/Madge Neile Timothy and Mary Neile Harroldstown
19 Maria Owen Whelan/Eliz Ward Michael Whelan/Cath Ward Knocknaskrea
Peter Peter Keogh/Mary Lyons John Keife(r)/Anne Lyons Knockananna
25 James Jas Kavanagh/Cath McArdle  Thos Lambert/Eddy Dwyer Knocknagilky
27 Mary Michael Doyle/Mary Doyle Michael Reilly/Bridg Doyle Knocknagilky
2 Chas John Dunn/Mary Reilly Garret Reilly/Anne King Eaglehill
Sara Matt Murphy/Sarah Byrne Seamus Murphy/Bridg Nolan Balinagilky
4 Marg Thos Neile/Eliza Kavanagh Patrick Doyle/Marg Carrol Ballyedmond
7 Bridg Edward Byrne/Mary Doyle Laurence Byrne/Mary Shiel Balinguile
9 Sara William Byrne/Madge Brien John Brisbee/Mary Murphy Coolmana
Eliz Dan Kennedy/Mary Ransford William and Anne K-dson Bortle
Eliz Patrick Rooney/Marg Ryan Thos Crimuse?/Mary Ryan Eaglehill
12 Judith James Toole/Elizabeth Neile Charles and Catherine Neile Rathdangan
1833 Name Parents Sponsors Residence
   ?  ??? / ?? Terence Byrne/Rosie ??ife Rathshanmore
   ? ??? / Catherine Byrne James Byrne/Honore Toole Hacketstown
   ? ??? / Anne McC????? Charles Brien/Mary D?????  Ballykillmurray
   ? James B????/Winifred Doyle Arthur Byrne/Rosie Byrne Carricknacrew
Ellen? ? Whelan/Catherine Doyle Denis Whelan/Mary Lyons Ballyknock
D??? ??? / Ellen ??? John and Jane Cryan (?)       Carricknamuck
   ? George Byrne/Mary Fa???? Garret Byrne/Mary Toole Rathgorrah
James Pat Duffy/Dolly Cullen James Byrne/Cath Morrison Ballinguile
Mary B????? Molloy/B???y H??y Chris Byrne/Cath Lawler Ballyton (?)
   ? ??? / Margaret Ca???l Matt Byrne/??? B??????h Ballybrack
   ? ??? / ??? James B?????gham/Bridgid Keefe    "
Marg Frank Scott/Mary ???? Charles Booth/Jane Murphy Constable Hill
   ? ???y Dwyer/Sarah K???? James Keefe/Bridget Doyle Carrignamuck
21    ? ????? Hainey?Trish G???? J????? Delaney/Anne Moran Harroldstown
Thos ??? ??? / ??? Mather Dan Cullen/Mary Con???? Carrignacrew
   ? John ????/Eliz.Cummins John F?????/Eliz Kenny Bortle
   ? Peter Byrne/Mary Byrne John Byrne/ Anne Byrne Knockananna
23 Marg Patr Byrne/Catherine Byrne Michael Shiel/Bridget Shiel Ballinguile
28    ? William Byrne/??? Neile Patr Reid/Mary Doyle Coolmana
      ? Denis Doyle/Cath Fitzharris Jas Fitzharris/Bridg Harmon Drim
John James Shiel/ ??? Hearney Thomas and Catherine Shiel Shielstown
Edw ??? Quigley/Sarah ?????? James H???key/Eliz Whelan Knocknagilky
1 Martin Humphry Brommich/ ???Toole/Judith Byrne Ballybrack
11 Wm Michael and Mary Toole James Heifron/Betty Mackey NoSet??Home
12 Daniel Owen McCaity/Ellen Neile James Keefe/Ellen Keefe Knockananna
13    ? Wm Toole/Mary Ha???? Thomas Cooper/Anne Toole Ballysallow
13 M??? Patrick Cea???/Mary Whelan Nicholas Fogarty/Cate Neile Hacketstown
15    ? James Murray/Marg Byrne Martin Kavana/Esther Shiel  Carricknamuck
Marg Patr Murphy/Mary Byrne Phe.Murphy/???? Byrne Ballinguile
17  ? Pat Hughes/Bridget Connor James Connor/Betty McCahe Rathbawn
18 Bridg James Reilly/Bridget Byrne Pat Kavanagh/Marg Byrne Cranareen
???me Morgan Toole/Honora Kir??? Daniel Neile/Catherine Byrne  ?lodge?
Judith John Byrne/Margaret Byrne Wm Guilefort/Mary Byrne Higginstown
20 James Wm Han????/Mary Byrne Phil. Byrne/Mary Neile Slieve(meal)?
21 Mary Wm Murphy/Anne Ant?? Danl Shea/Catherine Delany Ballysallow
Jane Garret Mer??/???Kir??? Richard Kavana/Mary Mer?? Ballymacrone
26 Sarah John Costello/Eliz James James Gran?y/Cath Toole Cornan w
Wm Pat Mackie/K???Dempsey James Bristow/Mary Keefe Rathcott
1 Mary John Keogh/Anne Keifer George Saunders/??? Keogh Cronelea
James Michael Doyle/Ellen Kelly M???Bohan/Marg Leary Knockananna
Anast = Anastasia Laur = Laurence
Bart = Bartholomew Marg = Margaret
Bridg = Bridget Matt = Matthew
Cath = Catherina Mich = Michael
Chas = Charles Pat = Patrick
Chris = Christopher Pat = Patrick
Danl = Daniel Rich = Richard
Edw = Edward Thos = Thomas
Eliz = Elizabeth Thos = Thomas
Jas = James Wm = William
? = Illegible  


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