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Baptism Records

RC Parish of Rathvilly

Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004
Nat'l. Lib. Dublin, film P.4189
Rathvilly Catholic parish
Date of Baptism Childs Name Fathers Name Mothers Name Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Residence
23 Oct 1797 James John (Kelly?) Mary Anderson Bough, Co. Carlow
9 Feb 1802 James William Anderson William Delany Anna Anderson Bough, Co. Carlow
30 Jan 1803 (G.d..y?) William Anderson Owen Dempsey Biddy Nolan
9 Jun 1803 Michael James Timmins Mary Dennis (?) Eleanor McDonnell or (McDowell)
20 Mar 1806 Eleanor Ann Mat Anderson Eleanor Mick Byrne Marjorie Byrne Rathvilly, Co. Carlow
Nov 1806 Thomas Richard Rice Catherine Peter Mulhall Sarah Carthy (Ballinmorme?)
1 Nov 1809 Elizabeth William Anderson Rose Teresa Doyle (Honor?) Kelly (Rath...more?)
Oct 1807 William James Anderson Margaret John Anderson Bridget Kehoe Knockbee
1807 James William Anderson Mary James Conley Mary Kehoe Knockbee
24 Apr 1810 Judith James Anderson Martin Kehoe Mary (Poole) Knockbee
1 Jan 1811 Thomas Richard Rice Catherine James Lacklan Sally Conley (Ballinrone?)
1 Jan 1811 John Richard Rice Catherine Patrick Roach Catherine Rice (Ballinrone?)
5 Mar 1815 James James Anderson Margaret
2 Dec 1818 Jane (John?) Anderson (Rose?) (Kelly?) Michael (Reily?) (Min?) Dempsey
22 May 1820 Anne James Anderson Mary Kehoe James Lawler Ann (Reily?) Ladytown
 20 Sep 1821 Michael William Anderson Rose Kelly James (Bysors?) Mary (Baenal?) (Rath..emde?)
27 Oct 1829 James Healy Betty William Anderson Ladystown
17 Jul 1831 Charles Charles Brian Mary Murphy William Anderson Sally Malloy Ladystown
17 Jan 1834 William (Goddier?) Catherine Margaret Anderson Oldstown
6 Mar 1842 Patrick (Larry?) Loughlan Biddy John Anderson Rathmore

Parish of Rathvilly

The Following were provided by Ellen Jan 2006
May 14, 1849 Michael Hore father Peter, mother Margaret Lalor  Dorothy Donnelly
 July 10, 1853 Margaret Hore father Peter, mother Margaret Lalor  Mary Nolan
June 11, 1858 Sarah Hore father Peter, mother Margaret Lalor  John Gartien and Ellen Kelly
May 19, 1861 James Hore father Peter, mother Margaret Lalor James Neil and Bridget Nolan
April 22, 1877 Bridget Hore father Patrick mother, Bridget Mulan, Darby Toole and Julia Toole 
March 3, 1817 Patrick Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers  
December 5, 1819 John Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers  
March 24, 1822 Winifred Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers Ned Hore and Catherine Kelly 
Oct. 3, 1824 Michael Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers Richard Kelly and Ann Doyle
Jan. 24, 1827 James Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers John Hore and Eliza Kinsella 
May 3, 1829 Edward Hore father Michael mother, Mary Travers William Nolan and Mary Kinsella 
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