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A very special thanks to: Cara, "Carloman", "Irish Mom", Cara, Michael Purcell, Terry Curran, Peter Walker, Susie Warren, J.J. Woods, Turtle Bunbury, Shirley Fleming, Angela Lawson, Michael Cradden, Barry Woodside, Angela Lawson, Mrs. Parr, Gina Wells, Liam Hayden, Janet Brennan, J Farrell, Barry Woodside, Christiana Hunt, J. Coop, Alec Burns, Noel Roche, Mrs. Power, Liam Hayden, Mrs. Parr, Edwin C. Boake, Michael J. Brennan (France), Seamus O’Rourke, The late P.MacSuibhne, Alec Burns, The late Patrick Purcell, Brian Walsh, Roger Nolan, Tom LaPorte and many many more who very kindly helped me get this website up and running and shared their research, information and knowledge of Co. Carlow and allowed me to include their work on this site.
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Finally a message from Susie Warren
 ----- Original Message -----
From: Susie Warren
To: M. Brennan
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: Web Site

Hi Michael There has certainly been some interesting debate on the mailing list recently. It has been rather fun reading all the conjecture! Over the past year I have posted quite a lot of new information onto my website. You have copied some of my earlier contributions already with my permission. You are welcome to copy any of the Carlow information you want onto your website if you would like it, with a contributed by line. The newspaper extracts are very interesting in particular and give an insight into everyday life for some in the 1800's. The reason I am doing this is because I wish to share this information with other researchers in Carlow and I have put so many hours/days as you would appreciate. I would like this information to continue to be available and inevitably when I get too old or dead to bother all this work will be lost. Therefore it needs to go to a site that will continue to continue! I imagine yours will. I do intend to keep my site up although at one time I thought not. I will continue to add to it over time but eventually all will be lost or inaccessible. In the meantime it adds an interest to my life.

Best wishes Susie


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