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Bill Burgess

Sadness at death of Carlow's oldest resident Bill Burgess

Wednesday September 26 2007

William (Bill) Burgess, County Carlow's oldest resident, sadly passed away last week after 105 years.  Bill was celebrated locally in Tobinstown and across the county for his long life and passed away peacefully on Monday, 17th September 2007 in Glendale Nursing Home.  His good health and keen spirits belied his age with Bill thoroughly enjoying his 105th birthday in June.

Living in his home place in Tobinstown, Tullow, with his son Edwin and his family, the only thing that held the man back in recent years was his failing sight.  My father never said what his secret to long life was, 'Edwin told the Carlow People, but he always said he'd be ready when God called him. Maybe the secret was that he took a mug of hot water and a bowl of porridge for his breakfast every morning.'

Bill was born in 1902, one of ten children and worked all his life on his farm. Indeed, in good farming tradition, he met his future wife, Dolly Smythe of Coolmanagh, over the buying of a cow.  The couple married in the late 1950's and had one child, Edwin. Sadly, after just three years of marriage, Dolly passed away, leaving behind a heartbroken Bill.

Bill had previously lost his brother, Rupert who was killed in World War One and Vivian who died as a result of the red flu in 1918.  Bill's long life meant that he saw the world and his locality change over and over again. He'd talk about the old days, and would note the changes, from the struggle of living in 1930's Ireland through to the prosperous late 20th century.

He was a man who never took a drink and who at the tender age of 30, gave up smoking. As a younger man, Bill was a known point-to-point jockey and won many races in his time.

Working on his farm kept him fit and agile but while most other people would retire in their 60's, Bill continued tending the land and the stock until he was pushing 90.  In his mind, he never really retired,' Edwin recalled. You couldn't really nail down when he stopped working because in his head, he wasn't old. He just couldn't understand how people would complain about being stiff or not being able to get about when they got older.'  Right into old age, Bill was out and about and only stopped driving at around his 90th birthday. Delighted to reach his 100th birthday, Bill was really proud of the five medals he'd received from President McAleese since then.

Bill's funeral service took place in St. Mary's Church, Rathvilly after which burial took place in the adjoining cemetery.  He is survived and deeply missed by Edwin, Norah, Neil and Fiona, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Source: Michael Purcell

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