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Boat Trip 1910/12


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I would like people to have a look at this photo and tell me if you recognise anyone on the boat.
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These are the following suggestions we have received so far:
From Maribeth E. Nolan

The man sitting 2nd from the right at the bow of the boat is my Grandfather John .J. Nolan.

From Michael Purcell

My suggestion is that the man in the photo is Captain Jocelyn Thomas, Magistrate, of Belmount, Kilkenny Road, (Captain Thomas's - now the Dolmen Hotel) Captain Thomas was not connected to Thompson's Hanover Works.
Thinking out loud as I have a look and throw in my penny-worth. A true challenge to identify this picture and those who sail in her  "Shamrocks", well spotted Carlowman, a similar picture was hanging in the hall in Mangans of Coal Market House, I believe that is Martin Mangan standing beside the flag (3 piece suit with bowler hat).

There is one lady, darkly dressed, she appears to be wearing a Garland, round her hat and another around her neck?. The writing on the flag ends in the letter "s" on the top line and "et" on second line . One man sitting on the edge is holding what could be a flute?. A pity that another has his legs covering the barge number, only for that we could identify the boat, (Michael, with modern technology is it possible to lift his right leg up a bit!!). Difficult to identify the background but it could be at the corner of the Bank Field alongside Cox's Lane with Sean Prendergasts field in the background (near where the Swimming Club building was ?), but the chimney stacks in the background are too close to the river to be the Gas Works in Montgomery St.

Can't think of any other area that might suit the background except for Captain Thomas's on the Kilkenny Road .That appears to be Captain Thomas (I know him from other pictures) whiskered elderly man standing on the edge of the boat with his hand at the lady's elbow. The house in the background matches "Belmount House" I think it was called'  His daughters had a dozen cameras and took hundreds of pictures around this period . I have several of their Albums and will check this picture against other events recorded by them at the time. Anyone got any other ideas ?  Any idea if the boat is facing upriver or down?

Looking again at that picture, I am convinced that is Captain Thomas standing at the edge in light coloured suit, (hand at lady's elbow) would really need to look at original with a magnifying glass for an hour or so. Michael, if you can move your man's legs from over the barge number, be careful, don't lift them up too high or he will tumble back into the boat.


There is something on the foremast looks like shamrock symbol or the ace of spades, its also is on a board inside the shed. There is a banner furled on the mast. The females are all wearing posy's on their bosoms. Could it be a temperance outing.?

There is a hawser (only one rope on a ship, a cigar for the first correct answer) or mooring line on the starboard side and it appears to be taut, this means the flow of the river is pushing the boat backwards, I would say the bow is pointing up stream, or there is another boat pulling on the barge! The barge must be almost high and dry, see the stones and mud just below the wall behind the bow, the man at the bow with the pole may be ready to push the bow out into the river, where is the horse ? I assume its a horse drawn barge, no sign of a chimney stack at the stern end. The shed at the back appears to be behind the boat as if perhaps it was a boat shed. The boat number is perhaps 344, 844 or 944. does any one have a record of the Barrow Barges.

Regards PP

From J.J. Woods

I am intrigued by the boating photograph. Most, if not all, of the ladies seem to be wearing a 'uniform' or sorts apart from the hats. I am not sure that a lot of the men look like they wouldn't take a drink. Is that the river between the walls showing in the background. If so then the barge is in the channel for lock gates. There is a big building toward the left of the picture behind the high wall and there would seem to be either a tower or chimney visible through the trees. There is another building on the right of the picture. Is that a dome or just damage beside the leftmost tree?

No sign of any clergy so unlikely to have been a religious outing. Some of the men appear to be wearing a badge or some such on their lapels.

Do you have a date for the picture? Probably late 1890s or early 1900s. It was obviously summertime. If we knew the year there might have been a report in one of the local papers. The Nationalist was published on September 23, 1883. Some of the other papers around that time were The Vindicator, The Independent and The Sentinal.

I don't think the 'sign' is in the boathouse; to me it looks more like a smoke stack on the boat. The top of it looks quite sooty.

 J. J

Source of main image: Maribeth E. Nolan c.2008

More images of the boat No. 344

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