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Lisnavagh Archive

Courtesy of Lord Rathdonnell

Barony of Carlow  1832

County Of Carlow

A List of Persons Who Registered Their Votes At A Special Sessions Held At Carlow, On the 12th of October, 1832, And Following Days, Pursuant To The Act of The 2d & 3d of William The Fourth, Chap, 88, Carlow.  

County of Carlow Barony of Carlow,

Voters Names. Residence. In What Right claiming, Description, Value.
Armstrong Launcelot Dublin, Freeholder Athy-street, Carlow 20
Allen, John Grangeford, do. Grangeford 10
Alexander, John. Esq. Milford, do. Cloeristie 50
Alexander, John, Jan. do, do. Bridewell -lane, Carlow 50
Annesley, Robert Painstown, do. Painstown 10
Browne, Robert Conacre do. Conacre 20
Bernard, William, Esq. Gayville do. Carlow 50
Brady, Patrick Ballatarsna do. Ballatarsna 10
Byrne, James Ballyloo, do. Ballyloo 10
Bunbury, Benjamin Russelstown Rent-charm Russelstown 20
Bunbury, Henry do,  do. do, 50
Browne, William. Esq., Browne's-hill Freeholder Browne’s hill 50
Burton, W. F, Esq. Burton-hall do. Rahenstown 10
Bredon, Rev. James Nurney do, Tithes of Nurney 50
Browne, Patrick Ballybar do, Ballvbar 10
Butler, James Ballybar House do, do, 50
Butler, W, Arthur do, do, Clooristie 10
Bunbury, Thomas Russeltown do, Russelstown 50
Barker, John, M, D, Rathergale, Co. Kildare do Builoek-Park 30
Bruen, Henry Oak-Park do Linkerstown 50
Batler, Bernard Guernsey do. Carlow 20
Broderick, Richard Kernanstown do. Kernanstown 10
Byrne, Peter Kilmeany do, Kilmeany 10
Bolton, Cornelius Henry, Cheltenham do Carlow 50
Barry, Patrick Carlow Freeholder Coolbongue 10
Brough, Constantine Ballylennon House Freeholder Ballylennon 10
Brook, Rev. Thomas Castlemartin, Co. Kildare do Tithes of Ulglin 50
Coffey, Murtha Carlow Rent-Charger Carlow 20
Cooper, Harman H. Shule Freeholder Ardnehue 20
Clarke, Simon Carlow do Carlow 20
Collier, William Powerstown do Powerstown
Coghlan, John Staplestown do. Staplestown 10
Coleman, Benjamin Killeshane do Killeshane 10
Campion, John Graigue, Queen's County do Grave Lane and Athy street 20
Campion, Henry do do do 20
Campion, Job Leonard do do do 20
Corcoran, Patrick Ballytarsna Freeholder Ballytarsna 10
Cary, Henry Carlow Rentcharger Kilmeany 20
Cary, William do do Ballinacarrig 20
Cummins, James Colghna Freeholder Cloghna 10
Carpenter, John Carlow Leaseholder Carlow 10
Clowry, John Ballytarsna Freeholder. Ballytarsna 10
Crawley, Joseph Carlow. Do Carlow 50
Coffey, John do do Tynryland 50
Dunn, William Graigue do Carlow 20
Doyle, Patrick Killerig Leaseholder Killerig 10
Doyne, Robert Borris Rentcharger Ballycarney 50
Dunn, Mark Graigeford Freeholder Grangeford 10
Doyle, Patrick Powerstown do Powerstown 10
Duckett. Jonas, jun Belview Rentcharger Friarstown 20
Duckett. Thomas Portabello do do 20
Donohoe, Thomas Duckett.. Freeholder Duckett. 20
Dowse, Samuel Friarstown do Friarstown 50
Dillon, John Killenora do Killenora 10
Doyle, Denis Grangeford do Grangeford 10
Duckett, Jonas, jun Belview do Friarstown 50
Darcy, Thomas Carlow do 50
Dooling, Timothy Ballyloo do Ballyloo 20
Duckett, John D. Esq. Ducket’s Grove do Kneestown 50
Dyer, Henry Carlow Freeholder Carlow 50
Dillon, Dominick E Johnstown do. Friarstown 30
Eustace, James Hardy Hardymount do, Rathnafeeka 50
Fenlon, William Killerig do, Killerig 10
Flinn, John Grangewat do. Grangewat 10
Fishbourne, Thomas Moore Hollymoun do Carlow 50
Farrell, Michael Grangeford do. Grangeford 10
Finn, Patrick Carlow do, Carlow 50
Fishbourne, William, jun. do. do, do, 50
Fitzsimmons, Thomas do, do. do. 50
Faircloth, Richard Dublin do. do. 20
Fetherstone, Thomas James Bracklin castle, Co, W. Meath do. Killerig 50
Fishbourne, William Carlow do. Carlow 50
Farrel, John Garryhunden do. Garryhunden 10
Foley, Thomas Gurteen Grove do. Gurteen Grove 10
Fishbourne, Rev. Robert, Cloydagh Glebe do. Tullow-st, and Chapel-lane, Carlow 50
Faulkner, Henry Castletown do. Castletown 50
Griffith, Jacob Newtown do. Ballyloo 10
Gorman, Michael Linkerstown do. Linkerstown 10
Graham, John Little Pollerion do. Pollerton 10
Gurley, Walter Bagnell Graigue do. Carlow 50
Gall, Patrick Ballycarney do. Ballycarney 10
Goodisson, Oriel, gent 136, Stephen's-green, Dublin do, Carlow 20
Humfrey,- Alexander Dublin do, Carlow 50
Hamilton, Rev, Archibald Thornvilla Leaseholder Pallentine, alias Killishane, 10
Humfrey, John Caulfieid Bahana Freeholder Killerig 50
Hanbidge, John Ballylenon do. Ballylenon 10
Hanlon, Patrick Graneford do. Carlow 50
Hamilton, Benedict, esq. Fonthill do, Chapelstown 50
Haughton. Thomas Kehin Grove do. Carlow 50
Hunt, Edward Kinsale, Co. Cork Freeholder Carlow 50
Hamilton, James Hans Sheep-hill, Co. Dublin do. Mortalstown 50
Haydon, Patrick Tinryland do, Tinryland 10
Holden, James Linkerstown do. Liukerstown 10
Hawe, James Cloghna do. Cloghna 10
Haddock, Isaac Dublin do. Carlow 50
James, Rev. John Mountannas, Co. Wexford . . do. Barren and Monacurragh. 50
Johnson, Stanley Carlow do. Bullock Park 50
Kinsela, Peter Templeowen do. Templeowen 10
Kinsela, Daniel Ballytarsna do. Ballytarsna 10
Kearney, Patrick Killerig do. Killerig 10
Kelly, James Baliyloo do. Baliyloo 10
Kane, James Ardnehue do. Ardnehue 10
Kinsela, John Linkerstown do. Linkerstown 10
Keogh; Francis G. Mortlestown do. Mortlestown 10
Kelly, Patrick Baliyloo do. Bally loo 10
Lecky, John, jun. Kilmalouge Rent-charger New-garden 50
Long;, John Clonmulsk Freeholder Clonmulsk 10
Lenon, Patrick Clonghna do. Cloghna 10
Lawler, Robert Carlow do. Carlow 20
Lecky, William R. Ballinacarrig do. Ballinacarrig 20
Mangan, William Carlow do. Carlow 50
Murphy, Michael Templeowen do. Templeowen 10
M'Daniel, Patrick Killerig do. Killerig 10
Magrath, Michael Garryhunden do. Garryhunden 10
Maher, Philip Kilmeany do. Kilmeany 10
Montgomery, Francis Carlow do. Carlow 20
M'Donald, Patrick Grangeford do. Grangeford 10
M'Loughlin, Michael Grangewat do Grangewat 10
Mahony, Simon. Ballycarney do. do. Ballycarney 10
M'Evoy, Patrick Grangeford Leaseholder Grangeford 10
Maher, James Ballytarsna Freeholder Ballytarsna 10
Magrath, James Garryhunden do. Garryhunden 10
Magrath, Daniel do. do. do. 10
Magrath, John do. do. do. 10
Maleomson, Henry Carlow do. Carlow 20
M'Darby, James Cloghna do. Cloghna 10
Mahnny, John Ballycarney do. Ballycarney 10
M'Wey, John Carlow do. Carlow 50
Murphy, John Ballykillane do. Kellistown 50
Moore, Howard Carlow do, Carlow 50
M'Guinness, John do. do. do. 20
Muldowney, Daniel do. do. do, 20
Morris, Samuel Dublin do. do. 50
N -
Nowlan, William Grangeford do. Grangeford 10
Nowlan, John Grangewat do. Grangewat 10
Nowhn, Garret Linkerstown do. Linkerstown 10
Nowlan, Patrick Kilmeany do. Kilmeany 10
Nunn, Joshua Dublin do. Mortlestown 50
Nolan, Edward Raiheadon do. Ratheadon 10
Nowlan, Laurence Kilmeany do. Kilmeany 10
Neill, Richard Browne's-hill do. Browne's-hill 10
Nolan, John, Esq. jun. Kilballyhue do. Kilballyhue 50
O'Mara, Daniel Carlow do. Carlow 10
Porter, Henry do. Leaseholder Carlow 20
Percival, Wm. Bunbury Graigue Freeholder Mortarstown 50
Richardson, John Newgarden do. Newgarden 20
Roche, Michael Grangeford do. Grangeford and Ratoe 50
Ryan, John Carlow do. Straw-hall 10
Rafier, Patrick Ballyryan do. Ballyryan 10
Regan, Patrick Ballyloo do. Ballyloo 10
Stotesbury, Richard Fethard, Co. Tipperary Freeholder Carlow; in townland Borlum 20
Smith, James Castle-hill do. Carlow, 20
St. George, Rev. Arthur. Ballinacarrig do. Rectory and Tithes of Thomanaguinna & Ballinacarrig 50
Strahan, William Carlow do Carlow 20
Salter, John Ballygown do. Ballygown 10
Thornton, Robert Ballylenon do Ballylenon 10
Trench, Rev. F. E. Clerk, Kellistown do. do. Tithes of Kellistown 50
Tyrrell, Rev. Thomas Tinryland do Tinryland 10
Thornton, Wm. Henry Thornville do Palatinetown 50
Thornton, Samuel Palatinetown Rent-charger. Knockard and Ballylenon. 10
Thorp, Thomas Evans Dublin Freeholder Ballylenon 50
Thompson, Benjamin Graigue do Carlow 20
Thorp, Gabriel Ballylenon do Ballylenon 10
Thorp, Gabriel Ardnehue do Ardnehue 10
Vernon, Rev. George E. Carlow do. Tithes of Carlow 50
Williams, Rev. James Ballylenon do Tithes of Painstown 20
Whelan, Patrick Killerig do Killerig 10
Williams, John Newgarden do Newgarden 50
Walsh, Richard  Rutland do Rutland 10
Whelan, Thomas Rath, County Wicklow do, Grangeford 50
Warren, John Hoblerstown-lodge, County Kildare do. Staplestown 50
Watters, Henry, Esq. Staplestown do. Staplestown 50
Young, Thomas, Golfin  Ballinagee cottage, County Wicklow do. Killerig 50

Alexander Humfrey
Clerk of the Peace County Carlow 
  Source: Turtle Bunbury c.2012 . Transcribed by M. Brennan.
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