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Succession of Pastors


County Carlow

Borris Succession of Pastors

As a slight token of appreciation of the valuable help given by V. Rev. Peadar O Baoighleain, S.P., we give the succession of pastors in Borris. Up to 1886 the list is based upon that given by Bishop Comerford.

The registry of PP's made in 1704 names two P.P.'s: Alexis Doyle living at Rossdillig, aged 50, P.P. of Kiltennel, ordained in 1674. Sureties, Eugene Doyle of Rossdillig and James Doyle of Kilcumney, gents. John Mathews, living at Borris, aged 60 P.P. of Clonegoose, ordained in 1674. Sureties, Morgan Kavanagh, Borris Esq., and Edmund Byrne of Corranellan, gent.

Denis Lyons is the next P.P. recorded. He was appointed before 1731, as he is mentioned in the parliamentary return of that year. He appears also in Dean Skelton's list of 1733. He died on 14 August 1741 aged 60 years and was buried at St. Mullins.

Terence Gormley probably succeeded. His grave is at Kiltennell where his epitaph gives the date of his death, 29 June 1758 aged 51 years.

Timothy O'Connor succeeded. In a parliamentary return of 1766 he is named as P.P. Kiltennel and Clonagoose. He died 29 May 1771 aged 45 and is buried at St. Mullins.

Edmond Doyle succeeded. He died 2 September 1795 aged 65 and is buried at Ballymurphy.

Patrick Keating appears to be the next P.P. He died prior to 1 September 1799, as that is the date of Fr. Moore's first entry in the parochial register.

Lewis Moore succeeded. He was transferred to Graignamanagh in July 1805.

John Walsh succeeded. He was born in 1767 at Low Grange. Co. Kilkenny. He was son of Richard Walsh and Margaret Blanchfield. He completed his classical studies at the Academy, Kilkenny. He was then ordained and with eight others, also priests, he entered Carlow College on its opening day 1 October 1793. They spent three years there studying theology. He was appointed C.C. Raheen and later was two years C.C. to his uncle Fr. John Blanchfield P.P. Hacketstown. In 1805 he became P.P. of Borris. He repaired the chapel at Ballymurphy, built the chapel at Rahanna this had been burned in 1798. He built the chapel and school with its tower at Borris. Cobden was the architect. On 20 July 1835 his nephew, curate and namesake Fr. John Walsh was murdered, according to a coroner's verdiet, by some person or persons unknown at Kilgreany Cross, This was at the beginning of the tithe War. Fr. Walsh P.P. died 6 September 1836. Uncle and nephew are buried side by side in the church at Borris.

Lower Grange is where Mrs. Richard Donohoe lived later. Fr. Walsh P.P. was great granduncle of Dr. Michael Donohoe, Rector, Knockbeg 1920-27. See Knockbeg Centenary Book p. 25. Also the Carlovian 1949 p. 113 which shows that the Donohoe families of Ballyellin, Clochristic, Donore and Rathvarron are related. The Donohoes of Ballyellin came from the Leighlin district: their tombstone in old Leighlin dates from 1720.

Fr. Christopher Doyle succeeded. A native of Borris parish he had been P.P. of Ballyfin where he built the church. He was V.G. from February 1855 to his death 30 November 1859.

Fr. Thomas Geoghegan succeeded. He was born in Graignamanagh, where Mr. James Hughes lives. In May 1862 he became P.P. Kilcock, and in July 1883 he became V.G. He died 26 December 1889.

Fr. Patrick Carey succeeded. He was a native of Curragh, Graigcullen parish. He was a relative of Cardinal Cullen and helped the cardinal with information in 1861 when he was giving evidence regarding the Poor Law System. He died 15 December 1889, He wished to be buried where the people would walk over his grave. The church was extended over his grave, so that his wish is fulfilled.

Fr. John Beauchamp succeeded. A student of Carlow college 1858-9 and 1864-7, he was ordained in 1867. He was a native of Rosenallis. He died 2 June 1909.

Fr. John Dunne succeeded. He was born at Rathangan, Co. Kildare, where his father was architect and builder. He was a student of Carlow College 1877-79 and was ordained in 1886; he joined the teaching staff there. He died 12 August 1931.

Fr. William Murphy succeeded. A native of Graignamanagh, his sister was married to Michael Foley, Old Leighlin, brother of Bishop Foley who died 24 July 1926. Fr. Murphy died 5 February 1943.

He was succeeded by Fr. Michael Doyle. A native of Ardoyne, Tullow parish he was a brother of Fr. Patrick, P.P., V.F., Baltinglass who died 5 March 1951. From 1902 to 1909 he was a student of Carlow College. He was ordained in 1909. He died 6 January 1950.

He was succeeded by Fr. Edward Carey. A nephew of Fr, Edward Brennan P.P. Mountrath 1884 to his death 5 September 1929, he was a native of Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. A student of Maynooth he was ordained 19 June 1921 at Carlow. He died 21 September 1956.

He was succeeded by Fr. Peter J. Boylan. A native of Portlaoise and a student of Maynooth he was ordained 14 June 1931 at Carlow. We join his parishioners in wishing him many happy and fruitful years.


Fr. Peter J. Boylan was Parish Priest 1956-1985.

Fr, Edward Brennan P.P. Mountrath is related to Michael Brennan.

Source: '98 in Carlow by Peadar Mac Suibhne Printed by The Nationalist, Carlow 1974 Page 266 - 268

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