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Carloviana Index of Articles

Compiled by Dermot Mulligan and Pat O'Neill

1947 - 1950

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In 1946 one of the founding aims of the Carlow Historical & Archaeological Society was to produce a yearly journal. This was quickly achieved with the first issue of Carloviana appearing in 1947 and every subsequent year since (bar two in 1950 and 1982) culminating in 52 impressive issues. Articles are about various aspects of county Carlow's history, archaeology, various events, its people, those that have contributed to the county and Carlovians who have distinguished themselves beyond not only the county boundaries but also in places beyond the shores of this country. There is no doubt that without Carloviana many articles would not have been written or researched and therefore definitely not published and so lost or forgotten. Through the yearly publication other aims of the Society are achieved in that many of the articles are written by Carlow people therefore encouraging research into our county's history and the publishing of these articles promotes a wider public interest in the heritage that surrounds us. There is no doubt that Carloviana has and is growing from strength to strength, from the slim A5 sized thirty seven page edition in 1947 to the near one hundred pages A4 size that we have become accustomed to since 1996. Over subsequent editions the remainder of the Index will be published. Compiled by Dermot Mulligan and Pat O'Neill.

Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society

Article Title Author/Compiler/Editor Page No. Volume
Illustration - Arms of Carlow Town Editor - Brophy, Rev. P. J. Front Cover Vol. I, No. 1
Our Objects Bergin, L.D. 5-6 Vol. l, No. 1
Parish of Killeshin in the 19th Century Brophy, Rev.P.J. 7-11 Vol. l, No. 1
Burrin Street of Long Ago Boake, Edwin C. 12-15 Vol. l, No. 1
Famine in Carlow O'Neill.Thomas P. 16-24 Vol. l, No. 1
Burton Hall 1788 Complete Irish Traveller, 1788 24 Vol. I, No. 1
Letters From America, part 1 Kelly. Miss T. Compiled 25 -28 Vol. l, No. 1
J.K.L. and Sugar Factory Parochial Library 28 Vol. l, No. 1
Local Historian Insert 28 Vol. l, No. 1
Carlow Town in 1824 Piggott's Directory, 1824 29-32 Vol. l, No. 1
Plea for things old, 1963 Capuchin Annual, 1943 32 Vol. 1, No. 1
Illustration - Arms of Carlow Town Editor - Brophy, Rev. P. J. Front Cover Vol 1, No.2
Progress Bergin, L.D. 51 Vol 1, No.2
Old Carlow Bridge - Engraving Cusack. M.F.,  1896 52 Vol 1, No.2
Old Assembly Rooms O'Neill, B 53-61 Vol 1, No.2
Water Supplies In Carlow Ellis, John 62-65 Vol 1, No.2
Staplestown Walshe, T.P. 66-69 Vol 1, No.2
Carlow Maces - Insert Gorstin, John Ribton,   1898 69 Vol 1, No.2
Graigue Ormond Club McCormack, Sean 70-71 Vol 1, No.2
Photo - Aerial view of Carlow Town - Irish Press 72-73 Vol 1, No.2
Social Life in Carlow 1800-1840 Brophy, Rev.P.J. 74-80 Vol 1, No.2
Kellistown Brophy, Rev.P.J. 81 -83 Vol 1, No.2
Photo - Carlow Castle & St. Mary's Irish Press 84 Vol 1, No.2
Why a Local Museum? Rowe, Helen A. 85 Vol 1, No.2
Letters from America, part II Kelly, T. Complied by 86-88 Vol 1, No.2
Town of Carlow in 1786 Post Chaise Companion 1786 88 Vol 1, No.2
Carlow 1788 Lucas General Directory 1788 89-90 Vol 1, No.2
Book Review - Old Limerick Society   90 Vol 1, No.2
Carlow in 1842 Unattributed 91 -96 Vol 1, No.2
Illustration - Arms of Carlow Town Unattributed Front Cover Vol. l, No.3
Our First Chairman   99 Vol. l, No.3
Editorial - Year of Progress Editors - Bergin, L.D. & Brophy. Rev. PJ. 100 Vol. l, No.3
St. Mary's Church Carlow Ridgeway, Archdeacon 101 - 103 Vol. l, No.3
Breviary of Diocesan History Swayne, Fr Peader 103 Vol. l, No.3
Castletown Yeomanry Hayes-McCoy, Dr . G.A. 104- 113 Vol. l, No.3
Sleibhteof St. Fiac MacSuibhne, Fr. Peader 114- 117 Vol. l, No.3
Wallace, Postmaster & Apothecary O'Neill, Bernard 118- 122 Vol. l, No.3
Book Review - Carlovian, The Carlow College Magazine, 1 948 Unattributed 122 Vol. l, No.3
Braganza, its Architect & First Owner Brophy, Rev.P.J. 123- 126 Vol. l, No.3
Arms of Carlow County Carlow Co. Council 126 Vol. l, No.3
Professor John Tyndall Tracey, Alice 127- 143 Vol.l, No.3
1950 - No Carloviana published      
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