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Pat Purcell Papers

Special Sessions at Carlow
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

Special Sessions at Carlow

At a Special Sessions held at Carlow on Thursday the 8th day of October 1829 the following persons were approved of as fit and proper to be entrusted with the Sale of Malt and Spiritous Liquors, Wine, Beers, Ale &c for the year ending the 10th day of October 1830.

  Name Residence Securities
  John Coffey Carlow  
  Thos Hughes Do Thos. Maher, Jn Dowling
  Walter Bogard Do Withdrawn
  James Lawler Do Richd Price, Thos Maher 
  James Cullen  Do Joseph Crawley, Richd Cranwell
  Thos Dunn Do Thos Tunstead, Larce Ponsonby
  Mathew Nowlan  Do Jn Doyle, Jn Kennedy
  Pat Byrne Do Robert Farrell, Jn Cuddihy
  Wm Maher Do Robert Farrell, Jn Coffey
  Catherine Hennesy Do Jn Dowling, Mhl Kirwan
  Wm Payne Do Jonas Henry, ?
  Michl Kelly Carlow Thos Haughton, Robert Farrell
  Pat Griffin Do Arth Kinsella, Wm Bedlow
  Pat Ferrall Do Wm Murray
  Richd Wright Do Wm Townsend, Mastin Mangan
  Mary Dawson Do Geo Burroughs, Danl Murphy
  Edwd Gaskin    
  Thos Corcoran Do Jn Curran, Robert Dillon
  Michl Pender Do Michl Foy, James Hickey
  Cathrn Lennon Do Jn Cuddihy, Chas Browne
  Thos Hanlon Do Jn Maher, Patrick Nowlan
  Sarah Reynolds Do Thos Lacey, Jn McGee
  Michl Byrne Do Robert Farrell, Jn Coffey
  Michl Norton Do Jn McGee, Henry Davin
  John Maher Do Jn Brennan, Hmln Gardiner
  Richd Dobbyn Do Thos Maher, Richd Price
Paid Mary Whelon Do Robert Farrell, Jn Coffey
  Wm McAboy Do James Bedlow, Pat Whelan
  Thos Fitzsimmons Do Jn Garret, Tim Brennan
  Thos Coyle Do Richd Price, Joseph Connor
  Robert Ivers Do Richd Cranwell, Jn Bacon
  Richd Paul Do Jn Bacon, Edwd Kehoe
  Edwd Keating Do Robert Farrell, Martha Coffey
  John Ryan Do Nicholas Furlong, Jn Headon
  John Cullen Carlow Richd Cranwell, Jn Bacon
  Edwd Bulger Do  
Paid Anw Redmond Do Robert Farrell, Jn Coffey
Paid James Mulloy Do Michl Lawlor, Stephen Walsh
  John Hickey Do Martin Bedlow, Arth Kinsella
  Arthur Cullen Do  
  Mke McDonnell Do Jn McDonnell, Wm Murphy
Paid Terence Byrne Do Edwd Byrne, James Byrne
  Thos McAssey Do Andrew Murphy, Jn McAssey
  Jas Comerford Do Robert Dagg, Edwd Dowling
  Jas Byrne Do Jn Brennan, Nichs Furlong
  Jas Coogan Do Ben Lahee, Jn Leonard
  Joseph Tynan Do Joseph Tynan, Jn Murphy
  May Nowlan Do Robert Farrell, James Bedlon
Paid Edward Curren Ballybannon Robert Farrell, Timothy Murphy
  Mathew Farrell Tinryland  
  Edward Brennan Tomard Jn McGee, Wm Treacy
Paid Mark Dunn Grangeforth Wm Carter, Edwd Conroy

In addition to the order of the Tullow Majistrates, we hereby enter into a Resolution not to Grant a licence to any publican in future unless six Majistrates are present, who are to get a week’s notice. The application of Edwd Huband and Pat MrQuirk and Lauce O’Neill postponed.

    Willm Browne   E. Batho ?
Jas ? ?   Arthur F. George   Will Fishbourne
Henry Faulkner       Henry Watters

Carlow, Oct 15th 1829

Resolved — That we grant certificates to those three persons whose case was postponed on the 8th instant, namely, sMaria McQuirk, Lauce Neill and Edward Huband. The application of Patrick Hickey refused. We order and direct that no certificate be granted in future to any person whether at General Quarter Session or Petty Sessions without first giving one weeks notice to the Majistrates.

    Willm Browne
    Arthur F. George
? ?   Will Fishbourne
Henry Watters    

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