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Slater's Directory of 1842

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Slater's Directory of 1842

Gentry & Clergy

Bannen Rev. Charles Cahedral St.
Brandon Rev. Wm. Pembroke Road
Browne Major Peter Barracks
Browne Robt. Clayton, Esq. Brownes Hill
Bruen Colonel Henry , M.P . Oak Park
Butler Mrs. Edward Burrin House
Butler Richard, Esq. Thornville
Campion Mr. John Leonard John Street
Carv Captain William Burrin Street
Coffey Mr. Anthony Church Street
Cooper Major Herring Shrule Castle Coper
Cooper Mr. Thomas Herring The Barn
Cuthbert Rev. George G. Dublin St.
Deacon Mrs. Sarah 21 Dublin St.
Donaghue Mr. Thomas Clocristick
Dowling Rev. Marcus Cathedral St.
Duckett D. I. Esq., J.P. Carlow
Elliott Samuel, Esq. Kilmeany
Faulkner Henry , Esq. Castletown
Fishbourne Mr. Joseph Dublin Road
Fishbourne Mr. William Tullow St.
Fishbourne Mr. William Athy Rd.
Haly Right Rev. Francis D.D.R.C., Baganza House
Bishop of Kildare
Hare Rev. Henry Evington
Haughton Thos., Esq. Kelvin Grove
Hetherington the Misses Burrin St.
Hoye Captain Richard Athy Road
Hughes Rev. James College
Jackson Rev. Joseph Pembroke Rd.
Macarthy Rev. Daniel Cathedral St.
M'Taggart Rev. David  Montgomery Street
Massy Rev. Dawson Graigue
Montgomery Mrs. Hannah Burrin Street
Moore Howard, Esq. Carlow
Morgan Mrs. Catherine Athy Road
Nolan John, Esq.  Kelbally Hue
O’Connor Rev. R.  Burrin Street
Pope Major Dublin Road
Rochford Horace, Esq. Clogrennan
Royse Abraham, Esq.  Kilkenny Road
(County Inspector of Police)
Shervington Mrs. Dublin Road
Smyth Mrs. Abigail  Montgomery St.
Stoyte Mr. Thomas  Dublin Street
Taylor Rev. James St. Patrick's College
Thompson Mr. John John Street
Thornton Major Thornville
Tracy Rev. Richard T. Brown St.
Tuckey Charles Henry, Esq., J.P. Borlem, Kilkenny Road
Tuomy John. Esq., M.D.J.P.  Dublin
Vigors Thomas Tench. Esq.  Erin Dale
Wallase William Esq.  Dublin Street
Walsh Rev. James College
Watson John Leckey, Esq. Finlay Park
Watters Henry, Esq. Staplestown
Whelan Thomas, Esq.  Athy Road
White Mathew Esmond, M.D.J.P. Cathedral Street
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
Church John  134 Tullow Street
Convent of the Presentation School Cathedral Street
Cosslett  Mrs. (Superioress)
Crosthwaite Margaret Burrin Street
Darcy  Henry Montgomery Street
Diocesan School Church Street
Scott David Henry (Headmaster)
Forbes  Mrs. Athy Road
Graigue & Killeshin Schools
Collins Charles (Master)
Collins Elizabeth (Mistress)
National School Chapel Lane.
Gorman Michael (Master)
Parochial School Tullow Street.
Curran P. (Master)
Martha Rose (Mistress)
Cullen James (to the transfer office)  12 Dublin Street.
Fitzmaurice Arthur (land) 122 Tullow Street.
Lahee John (general) 41 Dublin St.
Byrn Nicholas Dublin Street
Cullen Paul John 57 Dublin Street
Kavanagh Patrick Wm. 151 Tullow Street
Montgomery  Henry 4 Dublin Street
Burgess  John Hewitt Burrin Street, & 
2 Foster Place, Dublin.
Butler Thomas Crawford  Rose Villa, &
(seneschal of the manor of Carlow, master extra in chancery, commissioner for taking affidavits in all the courts, and for married women, proctor  for the diocese of Leighlin, and crown solicitor) 53 Upper Dorset St., Dublin.
Campion Job Leonard Montgomery Street & 
86 Marlborough St., Dublin.
Meagher  Joseph Athy Road
Barrington Michael 70 Burrin St.
Watson James 131 Tullow St.
Collins Martin Wellington Square
Collins Thomas 128 Tullow Street
Crotty Thomas 118 Tullow Street
Crowe John Tullow Street
Darcey James Tullow Street
Davies Robert 54 Dublin Street
Deighton Philip 15 Dublin Street
Fox John 126 Tullow Street
Hughes Henry 138 Tullow Street
Jackson John 143 Tullow Street
Johnson Stanley 10 Dublin Street
Kinsella  Mary  Maryborough Street
Lowrey Patrick 146 Tullow Street
M'Grath Thomas Tullow Street
Nolan  Philip  21 Tullow Street
O'Farrell George 34 Tullow Street
Power  Patrick  139 Tullow Street
Bank of Ireland  (Branch) (draws on the Bank of England, London; and all the Branch Banks of England in the country) Athy Road 
Whelan Thos. Esq., Agent.
Doyle Thomas  Tullow Street
Gaffney .John 52 Tullow Street
Lawlor  Michael Tullow Street
M'Derby Patrick Maryborougb St.
Crotty Daniel 52 Dublin Street
Kavanagh Fras. Xavier 137 Tullow Street
Lahee John 41 Dublin Street
M'Quaide John 42 Dublin Street
Nolan Francis & Co. 5 Tullow St.
Walker Francis 148 Tullow Street
Adams Rozen 6 Tullow Street
Bunbury Robert 20 Castle Street
Conway Thomas 115 Tullow St.
Fenlon Patrick Tullow Street
Graham William 20 Tullow Street
Griffin Robert Blackall 12 Dublin Street
Harkett Richard  John Street
Leonard  John 14 Tullow Street
M'Guiness Thomas 51 Tullow St.
Quinlan Michael Maryborugh St.
Smith George 141 Tullow Street
Spear Joseph Tullow Street
Treacy Patrick 11 Tullow Street
Walsh James 13 Tullow Street
Williams John 113 Tullow Street
Bourke Patrick 46 Dublin Street
Byrne Patrick 25 Tullow Street
Foley John Maryborough Street.
Herrings Edward Maryborough St.
Hughes Michael Tullow Street
Keating Michael 5 Dublin Street
Kenna Patrick Castle Street
Lacey Thomas 51 Dublin Street
Lennon Patrick Tullow Street
M'Donald Timothy Castle Street
Oliver Thomas 62 Dublin Street
Oliver Patrick 61 Dublin Street
Haughton Samuel Burrin Street
Jenkinson Matthew Cathedral St.
Kavanagh Jeremiah Graigue
Barrington Michael 70 Burrin St. 
Murphy Bernard Centaur Street.
Nolan Peter 32 Dublin Street
Pendred William 49 Dublin Street
Boardman Richard Burrin Street
Holden Patrick Browne Street
Tyndal William Church Street
Walsh John 54 Tullow Street
West John 59 Tullow Street
Whyte John 49 Tullow Street
Bready Thomas Tullow Street
Jackson William 2 Tullow Street
Mercier  John 44 Tullow Street
Waring Elizabeth  Tullow Street
Booth Thomas Graigue
Wall Edward 64 Tullow Street
Walshe  Michael (& Slate) Bachelor's Walk
Wilson Michael Maryborough St.
Crosby Ellen 11 Dublin Street
Curran Sarah  Dublin Street
Alexander  John The Quay, and at Milford.
Anderson George William  The Quay
Burroughs George Johr. Street
Clarke S. & Co. Burrin Bridge; residence Hanover
Croswaithe Samuel & Co. The Quay
Haughton Samuel Burrin Street
 Jenkinson Matthew Cathedral St.
Kavanagh Jeremiah Graigue
Kelly James (and boat owner) The Quay
Kelly Laurence (and boat owner)  Wellington Square
Kinsella Patrick The Quay
Wilson Michael Maryborugh Street
Watson James & Co. (and oil and colurmen) 131 Tul!ow Street
Dowling  E. Barrow Street
Graham James Burrin Street
Birkett Henry 55 Dublin Street
Byrne John 19 Tullow Street
Coffey  Murtha 59 Dublin Street
Corcoran Thomas Wellington Square
Coyle Thomas 149 Tullow Street
Dillon James Castle Street
Dowling Christopher Tullow St.
Doyle James 28 Tullow Street
Doyle William Tullow Street
Ellis George Tullow Street
Ellis Thomas 22 Dublin Street
Hammond Edward 8 Tullow Street
Hughes Thomas  2 Dublin Street
Kelly Hugh 37 Tullow Street
Kelly Laurence Wellington Square
Lawler & Co. 53 Dublin Street
M'Donald John Tullow Street
M'Donnell Michael 11 Tullow St.
Morris James 74 Burrin Street
Muldowny  Daniel 24 Tullow St.
O'Neill Brien Maryborugh St.
Tynan Christopher Castle Street
Tynan Joseph 33 Tullow Street
Tynan Thomas  73 Burrin Street
Waring Elizabeth Tullow Street
Watson James & Co. 131 Tullow Street
Wilson Michael Maryborough St.
Wright Mary 144 Tullow Street
(See also Linen Drapers, Etc.)
Budd Mary 26 Dublin Street
Byrne Ellen 145 Tullow Street
Gahan Bridget 116 Tullow Street
KeefIe Rose Mary 60 Dublin St
Murphy Eliza 129 Tullow Street
Ferguson William  62 Dublin St.
Murray John 18 Tullow Street
Walsh Sarah & Teresa 7 Dublin Street
(See also Public Houses)
Carpenter Rose  Burrin Street
(family and commercial)
Cullen John  67 Tullow Street.
Hanlon Thomas Bu?fin Street.
Cullen  James Royal Arms Hotel (family, posting and commercial), 
12 Dublin Street.
Whitmore Samuel  Dublin Street
(family and posting)
Delany  James Graigue
(and boiler and farming implement maker)
Graham  William  Burrin Street
(brass founder and plumber)
Kinsella  Patrick The Quay
Caulfield Andrew Castle Street
Coyle Thomas 149 Tullow Street
Crotty  Daniel 52 Dublin Street
Kelly Hugh  37 Tullow Street
(and iron and steel merchant)
Kinsella Patrick The Quay
Morris James 69 Burrin Street
O'Brien William 22 Tullow Street
Turner  Marian 7 Tullow Street
Dowling Edward Coalmarket
Haughton Joshau Tullow Street
Saunders  James 17 Tullow Street
Treacy Thomas 12 Tullow Street
Banks Henry 15 Tullow Street
Boake William 67 Burrin Street
Byrne  Matthew 19 Castle Street
Doyle  Alicia 142 Tullow Street
Henderson  John & Co. 25 Tullow Street
Hughes Thomas 2 Dublin Street
Humphreys Robert 47 Dublin St
Ivers John 9 Tullow Street
Ryan  Margaret 130 Tullow Street
Thompson Abel 150 Tullow Street
Waring Elizabeth Tullow Street
Alexander  John The Quay, and at Milford
Burroughs  George John Stree
Ferrall  John Centaur Street
Mangan Martin Coalmarket
Paun Richard 67 Tullow Street
Alexander John The Quay and at Milford Mills
Browne John Graigue Mills
Clarke S. and Co. Burrin Bridge; residence Hanover
Crosthwait Samuel and Co The Quay and at Bagenalstown
Haughton  Benjamin Barrow Mills, Graigue
Bennett  Eliza 13 Dublin Street
Connolly Mary 14 Dublin Street
Coulson Margaret Tullow Street
Murphy Eliza 129 Tullow Street
Carlow Sentinel (Saturday)  Office. 28 Dublin Street
Carroll Thomas H.
(proprietor and publisher)
Browne Robert 20 Dublin Street
(and secretary to the grand jury, deputy registrar to the diocese, and commissioner for taking affidavits from married women) 
Byrne  Richard Burrin Street
Coleman Patrick 17 Tullow Street,
Faircloth George   12 Tullow Street
(and glass merchant)
Lalor Patrick  2 Dublin Street
Comerford  James 11 Brown Street
Fitzgerald Edward Michael 14 Browne Street
Kirwan Matthew Welljngton Square
Tynan Patrick Castle Street
(See also Surgeons)
Bradley  John Burrin Street
Connor Shewbridge Athy Road
Porter James Athy Road
Rawson Thomas J. Kilkenny Road
Tuomy John Dublin Street
White Matthew Esmonde Cathedral Street
Graham, William  Burrin Street
(and brass founder , and manufacturer of apparatus for heating public, buildings), Smith Workers, 
Carroll Thomas H. 28 Dublin St.
Kavanagh Fras. Xavier 137 Tullow Street
Lahee John 41 Dublin Street
Price Richard Browne Street
Dignam Jno. (music) Montgomery Street
Magrath Robert (dancing) Athy Road
Abbott Luke Maryborough Street
Ausley Frederick 54 Tullow Street
Bolger William Castle Street
Brennan William 119 Tullow Street
Byrne Juliet 48 Dublin Street
Byrne William 68 Tullow Street
Cannon Joseph 26 Dublin Street
Coe William Dublin Road
Collins Ann Maryborough Street
HammeIl Matthew 19 Dublin Street
Kennedy John Dublin Road
McQuaide William  Dublin Street.
Muldowney James 40 TuIlow Street
Murphy James 10 Tullow Street
Plunkett Hannah 22 TuIlow Street
Rhedyx James 63 Tullow Street
Smyth James Cast!e Street
Byrne Bridget 56 Tullow Street
Byrne Denis 140 TuIlow Street
Byrne George Dublin Road
(and livery stable keeper)
Donohoe John Marytborough Street
FarreIl  William Burrin Street
Flood  Peter Wellington Square
Healy John Castle Street
Leech Michael Centaur Street
McDonald Michael  TuIlow Street
Mahaer John Burrin Street
Molloy James Tullow Street
Mullins John 123 TuIlow Street
Nolan Constantine Dublin Street
Nolan Margaret Dublin Road
Nolan James Tullow Street
Parke James Castle Street
Wall Michael Wellington Square
Maxwell Martin 71 Burrin Street
( and flax dresser and sack manufacturer)
Brennan John 1 Tullow Street
Chambers William Castle Street
Fletcher Joseph 6 Dublin Street
Furney James 50 Tullow Street
Rogers James Tullow Street
Nolan Francis and Co. 5 Tullow Street
Spong Frederick N. 1 Dublin Street
(and Florist)
Tynan  Joseph  33 Tullow Street
Tynan Thomas 73 Burrin Street
Connolly Edward 65 Tullow Street
Gormln Edward Tullow Street
McQuaide Thomas 47 Tullow Street
Murphy John  Tullow Street
(and engraver)
Dillon  James Castle Street
Nolan Nolan and Son Tullow Street
Bolger Thomas Tullow Street
McGrath  J. 53 Tullow Street
Walsh  Thomas Barrack Street
Donohoe M. Castle Street
Keogh Bridget Tullow Street
Nolan Catherine 60 Tullow Street
(See also Physicians)
Cullen Paul John 57 Dublin Street
Bradley  John, M.D. Burrin Street
O'Meara Thomas 53 Dublin Street
White Matthew Esmonde, M.D. Cathedral Street
Coalbeck Samuel 43 Tullow Street
Gay1e William Centaur Street
Cuddy Edward 45 Tullow Street
Lawler Patrick Maryborough Street
M'Casey Patrick Browne Street
M'Lelland Robert Dublin Street
Molloy Robert 34 Dublin Street
Nolan John 27 Dublin Street
Tunstead  John Centaur Street
Anderson George 22 Tullow Street
Anderson Robert Dublin Street
Cullen Michael Tullow Street
Kinsella Patrick Castle Street
McCarthy Patrick William Castle Street
Muldowney Daniel 24 Tullow Street
O'Brien William 22 Tullow Street
Rooney Michael 68 Burrin Street
Brennan John 1 Tullow Street
Byrne Edward Burrin Street
Edwards Thomas 9 Dublin Street
Fletcher  Joseph 7 Dublin Street 
Haughton Samuel  Burrin Street
(and general merchant)
Walshe Michael Bachelor's Walk
Dagg  James Joseph 8 Dublin Street
Dyer Henry 4 Tullow Street
May Deborah 50 Dublin Street
Rowe Matthew Wm. 48 Dublin St.
Birkett Henry 65 Dublin Street
Cary William Henderson Burrin Street
Coffey Murtha 59 Dublin Street
Lawler Robert Tullow Street
M'Mullen Richard 33 Dublin Street and 
Athy Road
Watson James & Co. 131 Tullow St.
(See Linen and Woollen Drapers)
Atkinson Jane Dyer 43 Tullow St.
Belton Margaret Tin-plate worker 147 Tullow Street
Campion David Inspector of Weights and Measures Athy Road
Cosker Francis Fruiterer 15 Dublin Street
Evans Thomas Gunsmith Tullow St.
Ferral Robert Brewer Centaur St.
Flood John Boat Builder Graigue
Glynn Daniel Whip Maker 46 Tullow Street
Johnson Stanley Commissioner for Affiidavits 10 Dublin Street
Kesberry Humphrey Wood Turner Tullow Street
Kesberry John Wood Turner Graigue
Lord Wm. C. Veterinary Surgeon Burrin Street
Lyng Wm. Circulating library Browne Street
M'Govan Andw. Hairdresser Dublin Road
O'Brien George Coach and car builder 38 Tullow Street
Smyth Richard Plasterer Dublin St.
Turner Marian Trimming and Fancy Warehouse 7 Tullow Street
Ward Michael Nail Maker 66 Tullow Street
Established Church - KiIleshin
Massey Rev. Dawson Curate Graigue
Established Church - Church Street
Jameson Rev. Joseph Rector Pembroke Road
Brandon Rev. William Curate Pembroke
Cuthbert Rev. George G Curate Dublin Street
Catholic Cathedral - Cathedral Street
M'Carthy Rev. Daniel Officiating Priest
Bannen  Rev. Charles Officiating Priest
Dowling Rev. Marcus Officiating Priest
Catholic Chapel - Graigue
Doyle Rev. Martin  Officiating Priest
Scotch Church - Athy Road
M'Talggart Rev. David Minister Montgomery Street
Society of Friends' Meeting House - Tullow Street
Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House - Charlotte Street
Treacy Rev. Richard T. Minister
St. Patrick's College - Cathedral Street 
Taylor Rev. James President
Walshe Rev. James Vice-President
Hughes Rev. James Dean
Doyle Rev. John Prefect of the Lay College
M'Gee Rev. John Professor of Theology
Hami1ton Rev. James Professor of Natural Philosophy
Dunne Rev. John Professor of Moral Philosophy
Doyle Rev. John Professor of Humanity
Convent of the Presentation - Cathedral Street
(Wherein 21 "Religious" educate and instruct morally and religiously between 300 and 400 children of the poor, giving instruction also to adults).
Cosslett Mrs. Superioress
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy -  Dublin Road
Maher Mrs. Mary Ceclia Superioress
Infirmary - Dublin Road 
Rawson Thomas, M.D. Physician
Byrn William  House Steward
Egan Ellen Head Nurse
Fever Hospital - Raneybush - Green Lane
Connor Shewbridge, M.D. Physician
Connor Margaret Matron
Lunatic Asylum - Athy Road
Jiameson Rev. Joseph Protestant Chaplain Pembroke Road
Walshe Rev. James Roman Catholic Chaplain
White Matthew Esmonde Physician Cathedral Street
Montgomery Henry Apothecary Dublin Street
Parsons William Governor
Parsons Lavinia Matron
Dispensary - Centaur Street
Porter James, M.D. Surgeon
Jessop Sarah Keeper
Offices in the Court House - Dublin Road
Whelan Thos., Esq Treasurer
Walker John, Esq County Surveyor
Humphrey Mr. Alexander John Clerk of the Peace
Richardson Mr. Thos Deputy
Browne Robert, Esq. Secretary to the Grand Jury
Dollard Messrs. A. & C. Clerks of the Crown
Gibbs Mr. George Clerks of the Crown - Deputy
Campion David Inspector of Weights and Measures
Cooper James Keeper of the Court House
Barracks: Military Barracks (Cavalry and Infantry) - Barrack Street
Browne Major Peter District Barrack Master  for Carlow, Athy and Baltinglass
Constabulary Barracks - Burrin St. 
Royse Abraham Inspector
Browne George Sub- Inspector Revenue Police Barracks
Bride- well Lane
Murray Lieut. John Reynell Inspector
Carlow Union Workhouse, Kilkenny Road
(14 electoral divisions, 30 elected and 10 ex-officio guardians)
Bruen Col., M.P. Chairman of the Board of Guardians
Butler Sir Thomas, Bart. Vice-Chairman
Davies Robert Clerk
Young Francis Master of the Workhouse
Rose Mary Ann Matron
County Gaol, Barrack Street 
M'Dowell Mr. Robert Governor
Jameson Rev. Jos. Protestant Chaplain
Walshe Rev. James Roman Catholic Chaplain
Rawson Thomas J., M.D. Surgeon
Montgomery Henry Apothecary
Barrow Navigation Company, Graigue
De la Touche Peter, Esq. Secretary
Cole Henry, Esq. Comp- troller and agent
Carlow and Graigue Protestant Orphan Asylum, Maryborough Street
Jackson Mr. Secretary
Excise Office: At the Royal Arms Hotel
Philip Edward Supervisor
Ladies' Association for Employing the Industrious Poor, Tullow St.
Jackson  Mrs. Manager
News Rooms (Subscription), Dublin Street
Carey Capt. William Secretary and Treasurer
Protestant House of Industry, Dublin Road
Locke Miss Superintendent
Religous Tract Society, 26 Dublin St
Henry Rev. Secretary
Stamp Office, 134 Tullow Street
Church John Sub-distributer
Calling at the Coach Office, Burrin Street and the Royal Arms Hotel, and Fishbourne's Office, Dublin Street.
To Dublin: The Royal Mail from Kilkenny, every morning at half past ten; and the Royal Mail from Cork, every night at eleven; both go through Castle Dermot, Baltinglass and Blessington.
A Coach from Waterford and Clonmel, every after-noon (Sunday excepted) at three goes through CastleDermot, Ballitore, Kilcullen and Naas - and a Caravan every morning at seven.
To Athy: A Car from Ross, calls at the Royal Arms, every morning at seven, and afternoon at three.
To Bagenalstown:   A Car from the Royal Arms, every morning at ten.
To Clonmel: by the conveyance to Cork and Waterford.
To Cork: the Royal Mail, from Dublin every morning at half-past one; goes through Leighlin Bridge, Royal Oak (one mile from Bagenalstown), Kilkenny, Callan, Nine-mile-house, Clonmel, Clogheen, Fermoy and Kilworth.
To Fermoy: by the Cork Mail. To Kilkenny, the Royal Mails from Dublin, every morning at half- past one, and afternoon at forty minutes past two.
Also by the Coach to Waterford. To Naas, by the Waterford Coach to Dublin.
To Ross: a Car, from the Royal Arms, every day, on the arrival of the Car from Athy, and another every afternoon at half-past two.
To Waterford, and Clonmel: a Coach every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at a quarter past two; goes through Leighlin Bridge, Royal Oak, Kilkenny and Stoneford.
To Dublin: and also to Ross: Boats depart, at uncertain periods, from the Wharfs of Lawrence and James Kelly, The Quay.

Source from Carloviana Vol 1 #2 Published in January 1948

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